Diversity and Opportunity in Graphic Design Team: Analytical Essay

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1. Executive Summary:

Is diversity increasing innovation opportunities in the graphic design team? Since innovation is an important scale of modern organizations, all teams are searching for ways to improve their innovation. Innovation is the winners of today’s market competition. If a business wants to be successful, they had to add innovation to their products and services. One way of increasing innovation is inclusion and diversity. In other words, innovation could bring opportunities for business. In this report, firstly the graphic design roles and teams will be discussed. Then the impact of this role in the Information Technology industry will be viewed.

Although the importance of innovation is clear to all industries and teams, in this report we will have a glance at its importance again. Then we will specify to its importance in a graphic design role. We will understand why should graphic designers be innovative? Next, the role of diversity in this innovation will be proved. Diversity has many kinds. Some of the are common these days. On the other hand, some kinds are rare and unfamiliar. This report will provide a lot of examples of all kinds of diversity in graphic design roles. Also, it will reveal some aspects of diversity and opportunities in the near and far future. At the end of the report, we will discuss the importance of controlling diversity in teams to increasing innovation, especially in graphic design roles.

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2. What is the graphic design role?

2.1 description of graphic design role:

Graphic designers combine technology and communication ideas. They create visual concepts mostly by using the software. Knowing this software is necessary but it is not adequate. The thing that makes a graphic designer remarkable, is creativity. Graphic designers develop websites layout, logos, animations, brochures, books, and magazines, etc. Except than designing graphics, some important parts of their jobs include: Advice clients regarding their projects, try to understand clients’ tastes, do not apply their taste to the designs, determine what message should display, coordinating their designs with programmers. Graphic designers should be able to select the right colour tone, theme, font, size, and text. They also decide how images and text will go together on a page or screen, including how much space each will have. The core responsibility of the designers’ job is to present information in a way that is both accessible and memorable. They had to deliver the messages through graphic designs. As all know, a picture is worth more than one thousand words. So, the design had to be precise in the massage that carries. Otherwise, using that one thousand words would be worth it.

2.2 graphic designers’ skills:

As mentioned above, graphic designers had to communicate closely with many people in projects, such as clients, programmers, writers, marketing team and so on. If they want to have a great outcome, they had to communicate very well. So, besides software abilities, graphic designers should be good communicators and team members. Furthermore, being a graphic designer need analytical skills. They had to understand clients' needs and meet these needs by an acceptable illustration. A good graphic design needs to follow design principles. For instance, designers could not use two irrelevant colours with each other. For example, in any designs, there is no pink and green colour beside each other. So, when a design is finished, they had to analyze it from a client perspective and a professional graphic designer view to find out its deficits. The most important skill of graphic designers is creativity. They must be able to think of new approaches to communicating ideas to consumers. They had to think out of the box and can leave influences on customers and non-customers. They can inspire from other designs but never they could not copy other designs. So creativity is an integral part of a designer role. Lastly, deadline-driven skill, which is mostly mutual between teamwork roles. It is so important to know time management in a graphic design position. As most graphic designers should handle many projects parallel, they had to know how to manage their time.

Graphic designers have distinct personalities. They tend to be artistic individuals, which means they’re creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate, and expressive. They are unstructured, original, nonconforming, and innovative.

2.3 how do graphic designers show their abilities?

All graphic designers archive their artistic designs in their portfolio. Their portfolio shows their style and taste in design. For example, some graphic designers use natural objects in their designs such as flowers or trees, or some group more interested in 3d designs. In total, graphic designers show the level of their selves in design software and their style by their portfolio.

Mostly, graphic designers play a role in a team. The size of the team is based on the size of the organization. Even for small startups, mostly their hire one graphic designer per project. By contrast, a design company can hire hundreds of graphic designers. Mainly, graphic designers are hired by advertising agencies, studios, large print houses, brand agencies, software service providers, and multimedia companies. Graphic designers' positions are mainly in the information technology industry. The next section is going to provide some information regarding this industry.

3. Which industry does hire graphic designers?

3.1 what is the information technology industry?

The information technology industry, the same as most other industries, is knowledge-based. According to the “Information Technology Association of America” definition, the information technology industry is encompassing all possible aspects of information systems based on computers. IT industry consists of software development and hardware. In other words, computer systems are used in the IT industry to the design, implementation, study, and development of it and management systems. Plus, the IT industry helps other industries such as manufacturers and services to improve. It means, a shift from system integration to services integration, and from a people-led and technology-assisted approach to one that is technology-led and people-assisted. In other words, most standard tasks and processes will be executed by increasingly autonomic systems that are data-driven, cognitive, and automated.

3.2 information technology services:

  • Software development, integration, and maintenance
  • Hardware
  • Networking integration, management, and maintenance
  • Information security (IS)
  • It management consultants
  • Mobile services
  • Web applications
  • Systems architecture
  • Database design and development
  • Testing
  • Documentation

4. What is the relationship between innovation and graphic designers?

4.1 Why is innovation important for all businesses?

In this part, we will prove that why innovations are essential for each business. The key step in improving a business is innovation. Businesses can increase their profitability by using adding innovation. Hence, they can get more marketplace share rather than their competitors (Hamel, Tennant, 2015). So, being innovative is the requirement of growth in businesses. Till now we understand why innovation is essential to business life. Now the question is what is innovation and how can businesses use it?

Fundamentally, innovation means introducing something new to your business. Innovation can mean a single breakthrough – e.g. A new product or service. However, it can also be a series of small, incremental changes. The ideas may come from:

Inside the business, for example: from employees, managers or in-house research and development work.

Outside the business, for example: suppliers, customers, media reports, market research published by another organization, or universities and other sources of new technologies

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