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Diversity in Business Management: Benefits and Possible Reverse Effects

Diversity may come from many perspectives, it can be as observable as gender, age, nationality, religion, or have more complex definitions like personalities and characters of individuals, different backgrounds and cultures, and distinct mindsets. Conventional speaking, diversity is good for boards and businesses. But when it comes to reality, very few boards would see significant changes and positive returns when pursuing diversity. Instead, many even end up with a vicious circle that can’t self-correct. In my perspective, failure to adopt...
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What Is Blackness: Essay

Blackness is both a historical and critical position through which Whiteness is rewritten such as to encompass the world’s diversity There is no one way to define “Blackness”. Does Blackness identify with a particular character trait or does it solely have to do with having a ‘dark complexion? For a long time in America, being dark was equated to having African heritage or having a darker skin tone that was not white. In any case, not every person fits conveniently...
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The Critical Look at the Concept of Race and Racial Diversity

Race has become a controversial subject throughout the years, ideas and perceptions about race are constantly in motion as society develops. Even today racial minorities continue to face oppression. Race has been created to support racist ideas and create divisions within mankind. We are all fundamentally the same because race is an idea that has been malignified by politics, racism, and society. We should not be defined by our race but by our experiences and what people remember about us...
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Recruiting for Diversity in the District of Columbia at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

Introduction I am Sergeant Jermaine Denee Bowens with the District of Columbia National Guard located in the most important city in the Nation. The District of Columbia is the capitol of the United States and is located in the Mid-Atlantic region. The city has a total area of 68.34 square miles (177.0km2); 61.05 square miles (158.1 km2) is land and 7.29 square miles (18.9 km2) (10.67%) is water. The District of Columbia is one of the fastest growing cities in...
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Business Case for Diversity: Analytical Essay

In the past where diversity management has been viewed as merely a legal requirement, increasingly it is being adopted by organisations to play to a competitive advantage and to fully access the potential of employees. Recognition of patriarchal leadership in business has already proven valuable, and studies show closing the gender pay gap alone could add $12 trillion to global growth by 2025 (McKinsey & Company, 2015). Diversity in business no longer exists for moral or legal obligation, but as...
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Importance of Diversity within an Organization: Analytical Essay

In past times many businesses thought it to be beneficial to the company to have a homogenous workforce, as everyone thinks, responds and acts the same, however, in modern times title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act makes it illegal for organizations to engage in employment practices that discriminate against employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin ( Herring, 2009 ), also new evidence has suggested that a homogenous workforce may actually be somewhat...
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Diversity Problem Within the Company

Diversity is an everlasting factor of society. Diversity within a company is more than just hiring diverse people. Diversity raises important ethical and social responsibility issues that most individuals do not think about on a day to day basis. Diversity can be defined as: dissimilarities of differences among people due to age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, education, experience, physical appearance, capabilities/disabilities, and any other characteristic that is used to distinguish between people. Managers must learn to...
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Diversity of Cultural Roots as a Personal Advantage

As a student who is considered to have a mixed culture, I used to find myself in a circumstance where I had to identify myself as one culture or another. Growing up it was a mouth full when I explained what my ethnicity was to friends and coworkers. It was a struggle for me to figure out what and who I really am after I supposedly spoke about what I am. It made me stop in my tracks and profoundly...
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Gucci: An Example of a Successful Diversity Management Policy

One of the moderators of diversity effects on performance is the organizational strategy. Research reveals that racial diversity is linked to higher productivity in firms focused on growth and to lower productivity in organizations that are focused on downsizing (Jackson & Joshi 2004). According to Gucci’s chief Marco Bizzarri, the organisation is pursuing a growth strategy through engaging in risk taking and changing the image of Gucci (The Business of Fashion 2018b). Thus, diversity would aid Gucci in becoming more...
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Affirmative Action Alleviates Symptom, Not Kills the Disease

“Affirmative action alleviates symptom, not kills the disease”. Could JFK predict that two specific words from the order he signed would spur a social turmoil that would last for decades? The words are ‘affirmative action’, and their meaning depends on the current political regime as well as on the motivation of a person that juggles with them. The original intention behind the affirmative action was to provide qualified underrepresented minorities with government job positions and to ensure that they are...
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Religious Diversity in New York City

In the United States, especially in New York City, we have encountered a significant religious diversity throughout. There have been many positive and negative features that have led us to believe that we live in a society in which we can say connects to a metaphor called ‘melting pot’. This comparison connects back to the word diverse because in our society, it means that many types of people blend in together in the same place as one. The countries in...
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Cultural Diversity and Immigration in Los Angeles Local Politics

The demographic changes that have taken place over the past twenty years in Los Angeles have been extraordinary in scope and diversity. The area of Los Angeles has seen a literal boom in population growth from 7 million in 1970 to 8.8 million in 1990 (US Census Bureau). However, the dramatic change in population ethnic and racial diversity has attracted the attention of most observers. However, in terms of racial diversity, Los Angeles has taken on a new form, moving...
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Argumentative Essay on Lack of Diversity in Ballet

Since the first development of Ballet in the 1500s with the Italian renaissance or the first traveling company with Sergei Diaghilev the levels of diversity in ballet and well known dance companies/productions [modern day] have been extremely low and have completely lack in producing a more diverse ballet company. Misty Copeland is one of the very first African-American/Black ballet dancer at the American ballet dance company, said in her interview with CNN, “The ballet world doesn’t really celebrate or have...
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Abuse of Racial Diversity to Maintain White Supremacy

Racial diversity refers to the variety of different races that differ from one another based on their characteristics and ethnicity. It is prevalent when a group of different races occupy the same space or area. For example, a racially diverse community contains citizens who are of different races and have different values. Currently, Papa New Guinea, Tanzania and Uganda are the most racially diverse countries in the world, and communities within those countries pride themselves on having a variety of...
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Diversity Assessment: Analysis of Specific Areas of Diversity That the Organization Addresses

Diversity Assessment Notes – rephrase everything. Reference APA referencing Definition of diversity Diversity includes people with difference characteristics that include varying gender age, religion, race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, languages, education, abilities and etc. Diversity explanation for each section Identify specific areas of diversity that the organization addresses Gender, including transgender For ANZ, gender balancing in their organisation is a business imperative. ANZ ensures there is equal representation of women and men in our leadership teams this is...
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Responses to and Barriers to Workplace Diversity in Modern Organizations

The idea of diversity management started in the late 80s in North America and then extended to other parts of the world subsequently. This concept achieved popularity as a new management gain on the United Kingdom and then proceed with social and economic tendency. The advantage of diversity workforce is usually helpful for business demand but not restricted to combined profits and earnings. This variation to other description on diversity result to business prosperity, dangerous by producing conflict, undermining connection,...
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Positive Outcomes of Diversity: Argumentative Essay

If we have perspective on what others know, we can learn how to achieve things in a new way. When we try to do something that has worked many times in the past, but doesn’t work now, that is called a mental set. When we are set in doing something the way it has worked before, this causes complications and hinders our work. With the point of view of others, we can do things in new approaches. Perspective is what...
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Fostering Diversity in the Workplace

This report will focus on evaluating whether employing a diverse workforce is important and why, for businesses in today’s world. Also, to be discussed are the benefits and challenges experienced by companies after adopting diversity and the consequences they face if they do not and, how to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees. Diversity is a broad topic and will be examined thoroughly along with how it relates to the globalization and leadership concepts and how they...
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Benefits of Diversity in Organization to Lead the Success: Analytical essay

Diversity in organizations represent to the equality in employees and also opportunities are given without any kind of gender bias, culture, age, language, regional bias. In organizations diversity is really essential because while working with different kinds of people at one place it helps to improve the company’s name and fame by their various sort of modern and improvised thinking procedure. In every organization diversity is a most important factor for their success criteria. It has enormous benefits for every...
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Effects of Diversity on Organizational Outcomes: Literature Review

Differences between individuals of group of organizations in any characteristics like race, ethnicity, gender, and age refers to diversity (Olsen and Martins, 2012). diversity is any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups, workers, and people from the others. That means people should respect for and appreciation of differences in ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, education, and religion (GÖKÇEN, 2019). Some researchers found that diversity has both positive and negative effects of demographic diversity on organizational outcomes (see Milliken...
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Case Study of Diversity in ABC Company

Case Study Answers Question-1 Why should ABC analyse existing practices in relation to diversity? ABC should analyse existing practices in relation to diversity because neither company mission nor the current operational plan contains any detail for the implementation of the diversity which implies that all the benefits of the diversity that have been mentioned will not be reaped by the company so they should carefully examine their existing practices in accordance with diversity. Question-2 Explain the benefits of diversity in...
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Diversity and Inclusion Essay

1. Abstract Today’s rapidly changing world is able to totally restructure the workforce, and employers face severe challenges in workforce management. Diversity management has been a key issue among employers in reaching sustainable growth, employee satisfaction, and retention, talent acquisition. The importance of diversity management can be linked to long-term organizational strategies that will enhance positive corporate reputation and development. However, the term ‘diversity’ can be conceptualized differently and top executives today understand that an organization has to adapt. The...
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Analytical Essay on Diversity in College

Diversity in college is very important because our society is drastically changing, and our higher education organizations need to expand and reflect this diversity. According to Cambridge Dictionary, “Diversity is the mixture of races and religions that make up a group of people.” Moreover, we can infer that where we come from says a lot about ourselves and how we live day by day. Different cultures make us understand and learn about information we may not be aware off and...
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Diversity in the Workplace Essay

In recent years, workforce diversity has become a central role in organizational life because of improved globalization and developing technology (Williams and O‟ Reilly, 1998). Diversity could be connected to various factors including age, gender, culture, education, employee status, physical appearance, family status, regional origin, national origin, thinking style, religion, race, and more (Agrawal, 2012). On the other hand, low diversity teams are more likely to have decreasing performance not unlike teams with high diversity because the team members will...
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Critical Analysis of Diversity in Sports

“On the sports field or on the stage, there is no black or white, no gay or straight, no rich or poor, just the joy of being out there doing your best’. This statement present sport in a way with no lack of diversity and no negative sides with sports and the culture. I believe that this statement is false and that the sports industry needs to be more open for diversity and for it to be more multicultural. In...
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Concept of Diversity in Leadership: Analytical Essay

Diversity is key to the development of every human endeavor, technology has brought us closer together than ever, making the issue of diversity a compulsory challenge to confront. In this assignment I am going to focus on the improvements Google has made to leverage on diversity which has also contributed to the tremendous successes of the company. Racial diversity is barely improving for black and Latino staff, Google has changed their recruitment strategy by leveraging on diversity. In 2014 the...
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Benefits of Celebrating Racial Diversity for American Society

It is due to these matters that it is important to expand on how these various influences can take their part in creating a questionable environment, that is considered controversial and sensitive to discuss, which is also directed against those who have been seeking citizenship within such an environment. Profound issues exist in American society against its own citizens which in turn and application could also be extendable to those people of similar groups and social labeling who are progressively...
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Critical Analysis of Promotion of Racial, Class or Gender Diversity

Diversity in today’s world is one of the most exhausted words which has a relatively simple meaning yet it can be a world of a difference to implement it. The diversity of the legal profession has been the subject of debate for a while. Guardian (2015) states that ‘Despite recent initiatives, the legal profession remains a bastion of white, middle-class, privately educated males.’ This remains true even today, although they have been changes, compared to a decade ago when it...
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Reflective Essay on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in My Teaching and Studies

Concern with diversity, equity and inclusion have been central to my research, teaching, and advising during my Ph.D. studies and postdoctoral time. I have worked with diverse populations both as a Teaching Assistant at Michigan Technological University and as a Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University that prides itself on having a diverse population of students. I describe below my current and proposed efforts in advancing diversity. About six years ago, I was about to pursue my master’s degree in China....
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Workplace Diversity in Bahrain

Workplace diversity fosters soul mutual respect among all. It’s about the economic empowerment of marginalized workers. Also, diversity is about recognizing the creativity, ideas and professional experiences that people can bring to an organization. In effect diversity, it was always one of the important topics in the life of human, but in recent few years, it has become for many companies. How diversity is important in business: Higher innovation; Increase creativity; Better decision making; Faster problem-solving; Better company reputation; Reduce...
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