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What Is DNA Repair Defect?

DNA represents deoxyribonucleic acid. It’s the hereditary code that decides all the qualities of a living thing. DNA in the living cell is exposed to numerous concoction changes, the hereditary coding in DNA needs to stay uncorrupted or unaltered. An inability to fix DNA delivers...
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Affects Of UV Light On DNA Of Skin

Introduction Radiation is the emission of energy from any thing. There are many varieties of radiation, starting from very high energy radiation like x-rays and gamma rays to very low energy radiation – like radio waves. UV rays are within the middle of this spectrum....
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Development Of DNA Models

Introduction Over the years, rapidly advancing technology and new scientific theories have resulted in growth in many areas of scientific thought. Scientists of the past who had endless questions about the human anatomy and the interesting nature of genes have discovered that most of the...
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DNA In Modern Science

The DNA otherwise known as genetic coding is permeated throughout your body used to create the characteristics that make living things themselves. Genetic fingerprints can be used to identify a person at a crime scene or if there is a missing person looking at unique...
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DNA, Inheritance And Continuity Of Life

Rationale Regarding the claim made that ‘Sex linked genetic diseases affect more males than females’, many queries and investigations were raised. These then led to questions such as ‘What is a sex-linked genetic disease?’ and ‘What are inheritance patterns?’. The claim did not specify what...
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Extraction Of DNA From Strawberries

Introduction Deoxyribonucleic acid, often abbreviated to DNA, is found in the nucleus of the cells of almost all living organisms on earth. DNA contains the genetic instructions for making proteins and how an organism will develop, live and reproduce, and is often referred to the...
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Identifying An Unknown Tissue Sample Via DNA Extraction

Introduction DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic acid, contains vital coding that makes up the entirety of an organism (Lesk, 2005). These long, double helix structures contain four nucleotides which sequentially create nucleic acids, then consequently combine in different ways to form specific proteins that perform various tasks...
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The Significance Of DNA Database

DNA database plays an important role in the world, specifically the criminal and forensic world. DNA database, in this case forensic DNA database. The term DNA database refers to a collection of DNA samples and any other evidence stored as DNA profiles. DNA database could...
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