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Do Dominican Baseball Academies Provide Young Players A Path Out Of Poverty?

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The importance of baseball academies is to help athletes a way out of poverty and fulfill their dreams. The help of the MLB organization, can change their constitution towards international players to let them come over and pursue their dream then keeping them away from their dreams. The Dominican Republic is a place known for vacation and its beaches, located on Hispaniola island, but the athletes can’t afford to live in that area, the athletes cannot practice in that area, so most of the athletes the scouts pick from mainly come from slum houses and neighborhoods.

Before baseball academies there were hand taking notes from professional scouts, there was no technology to tell what the players abilities were but, with the help of the MLB organization, they donated baseball academies to other countries. The living conditions of the athletes it makes it harder for them to practice in 100-degree weather when they could be put into an indoor facility with the help of Bouchet and Troilo (2012). Team members they stated “we can send our people out to different locations within that area to make sure the athletes are in a good stabilize condition and can feel more comfortable,” ((p. 234). The donations of the MLB organization make it easier for the athletes coming from other countries to attend the facility and get noticed. Baseball academies can play a major role in the players life such as increasing strength, reading analytics from the player, and meals throughout the practice. The team would investigate in different corporations that had to do with the economy and try to fit the best players with the right people on the right land (Bouchet A, & Troilo A, 2012, p. 237). With The help of Bouchet (2012) team members going from place to place to figure out the perfect and safe environment for the athletes, the athletes stated “it puts a big risk on us to leave our family” (p. 239). The MLB organization only supplies the athletes with technology and somewhat help on coming into the states.

There are some players that come illegally from different countries but the organization likes to keep their players with a clean background and have everything situated. With the increase of academies, it can analyze the player and hopefully the MLB can change their constitution. A man born in Cuba, who goes by Jose Fernandez, is a professional pitcher for the Miami Marlins. Jose went through the same process as the other athletes. Jose risked his life to provide a better life for his family to come to the U.S and play professional baseball. Jose Fernandez whose life was taken away at an early age in 2016 in a boating accident, (Justice J, 2017, p. 30). Baseball academies can do so much for the athlete to get the players noticed but the decision making is up to them.

The fans and city of Florida were very heartbroken to lose someone part of the Marlin family. Senator Marco Rubio was supposed to give a eulogy for Jose’s family, but the speech turned out to be for his debate. Rubio speech was a political topic that did not end well, he talked about his achievements, he could have included the eulogy Rubio had said next campaign ideas and the athletes that go downhill from fame (Justice J, 2017, p. 32).

The next year, Marco Rubio ran for senator again and lost to another candidate. The highest rate for athletes coming out of their own country to play baseball and pursue their dreams are from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. According to both authors they have done research that Latino and Puerto Rican who lie to their parents to achieve a risky task (Villalobos M & Smetana G, 2011, p. 0158). There are some employees from the MLB organization that decreased players in 2014 by lying to their agents for money, the scouts would see what kind of a player the athlete is and his background but the scouts don’t care as long as they do their job and get paid. In 2014, there was 47% of athletes who came from other countries without the MLB organization knowing and died on the way to the states but with the help of baseball academies it can help reduce the players from planning a risky task and stop them from crossing dangerously, in order for the athlete to achieve their dreams it helps that they lie because they feel like they need to and will not get in trouble.

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Most of the MLB athletes come from Puerto Rico which is located off of the Caribbean island. Trusted parents and non-trusted parents, teens and kids would lie more from a Puerto Rican family to the trusted parents because the feel more suffocated and really can’t do anything compared to a kid that never lies and hardly lies to a non-trusted parent (Villalobos M & Smetana G, 2011, p. 0163). The island next to the United States and by Puerto Rico there is easy access for the athlete to cross without the parent finding out, but having a parent witness the tragic moments in the past of course doesn’t want their son to get injured but all the kid is trying to do is pursue his dreams and help his family out. According to both authors, there is a high rate of teens that are Latino and Puerto Rican who lie to their parents to achieve a risky task (Villalobos M & Smetana G, 2011, p. 0172).

There are some families in the Dominican Republic that agree with their own son to go ahead and leave by himself to get away from the suffocated place. Other countries, not only the United States, are taking control of free press and not using it to its needs, the main purpose is to find out a solution why other countries are suffering if they have free press (Lessmann C & Markwardt G, 2009, p. 642). Till this day both of the authors still don’t know why are countries tend to suffer if they have free press Some believe that their own government over there is doing something behind closed doors from their own people posting on social media. A player who is very skilled is hard to get noticed on social media, website and magazines. Some families can hardly buy electronics and afford newspaper due to being in poverty, having the academy in different locations can help the athlete get seen with no cost and provide for them.

The government may give them a free press for protection and to meet the requirements of their needs (Lessmann C & Markwardt 2009, p. 638). It is very difficult for the Dominican Republic to fulfill its needs, it requires a clean background, making a certain amount of money and work hours efficient. The Dominican Republic is big but not for everyone, sending money from the MLB organization helps that city or area to build an academy for the players, it is what keeps the Dominican Republic together. If a big organization moves local to bay or onto another country, it may corrupt that area (Lessmann C & Markwardt G, 2009, p. 632). Due to being a poverty country, the area is suffocated and there has been an increase of pollution to harms people from the factories and building keeping the air in a tight space.

Some athletes agree that the government policies and the laws from the MLB is not fair to bring other players from around the world into the United States legally through a process but ignore a player that has potential, which increases the players thinking to cross illegally. There are athletes in the Dominican Republic and other countries that cross illegally for a healthier living style, benefits and access to numerous things in the world. But some athletes that cross illegally it may hurt the player or his family in the future, if a player is caught they may be sent back or jail time in the United States. If an immigrant behaves and is respectful, the government may be obligated to that person to give him or her some freedom in the United States (Lamey A, 2016, p. 592). Depending on the player that comes illegally their behavior lets the government know what to do either jail, freedom or a slight given punishment. Immigrants obviously create felonies, not everyone is perfect according to Mr. Lamey, they shall be sentence with consequences and their freedom may be reduced (Lamey A, 2016, p. 600).

Out of all different diversities in the world, baseball is the number two to have the most Latinos and foreign players in sports history. Doing research and breaking down the fundamentals where baseball came from can bring an increase of players and academies to the United States. Mr. Klein has seen the game of baseball increase all over the world starting in the United States as a regular sport to one of the popular sports to be ever played in sports history. Mr. Klein agreed with the culture from state to state to country to country that it is very different in other places (Klein M, 2012, p. 106). Learning the different lifestyles, Mr. Klein has studied that the Dominican Republic takes it very serious about the heritage of baseball. Seeing the potential of the players that are Dominican brings an easy scouting report the MLB scouts.

The more academies to develop and help a player’s attributes, the more they can get recognition and find a way out of poverty. Having professional scouts and historians that understand the game of baseball and studying it for so long, can greatly encourage and push the Dominican league out of poverty to the pros and show the players step by step on how to develop from Dominican league to the American league.


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