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Do Extraterrestrials Exist?

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The most intelligent thing we find in space is our own astronauts.

Do extraterrestrials exist? The answer is no they do not. After years of research, theories, and hope, no conclusive evidence has been found. What we have discovered so far, the fact that space is so deadly, and there are no radio transmissions from space, leads us to believe that they don’t exist, so why do we still hold out hope? There truly is no intelligent life outside our atmosphere.

The article from SETI is extremely crushing to itself. SETI, which stands for Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, was founded in 1984 by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake. The title of SETI’s article is, “Search for aliens comes up empty, but extraterrestrial life could still be out there” (Shostak). It comes up empty, no life was found, or even a trace of a possibility of life was detected. The author is grasping at air to support the notion that life exists beyond earth. 1984 to 2019 is a long time to be searching with no results. This doesn’t help their case for extraterrestrial life.

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When you think about all we know about our galaxy and space, in general, it doesn’t seem plausible for life to exist in such a harsh environment. Even for a human protected by a spacecraft can face challenges. NASA says, “Space is a dangerous, unfriendly place. Isolated from family and friends, exposed to radiation that could increase your lifetime risk for cancer, a diet high in freeze-dried food, required daily exercise to keep your muscles and bones from deteriorating, a carefully scripted high-tempo work schedule, and confinement with three co-workers picked to travel with you by your boss” (Perez). How much more dangerous is space for anything living out there with no protection? We live on earth where warmth, oxygen, and food exist. They say space isn’t cold because it isn’t anything, but it definitely isn’t ideal for life. The space around earth is about 50.3 degrees, in interstellar space, it is closer to absolute zero, which is what happens when atoms and molecules stop moving altogether. There is also barely any oxygen in space or on most planets. Food is necessary for all life in order to function. There isn’t a Mcdonalds providing food up there. There is no way life could exist. We exist and thrive because we have all that is necessary, but anything possibly living in space would die. Life simply cannot sustain itself in space because it is without these essentials.

We use radio signals to attempt to find intelligent life in space every day. SETI says, “The bottom line of the new observations? No extraterrestrial radio emissions were detected. Sure, there were plenty of signals, but all could be ascribed to human activity — either transmitters here on Earth or orbiting satellites” (Shostak). There are responses from us, not aliens. Transmitting radio signals is a futile act and SETI, or anyone for that matter, can’t prove signals have or will ever come from extraterrestrials.

So, does extraterrestrial life exist? No, it does not and you can see why. Alien life cannot exist because nothing has been found that would suggest they’re out there, space is so inhospitable that it’s impossible for life to survive, and even when people try to intercept radio signals from space, there is nothing to intercept. The most intelligent thing we find in space is our own astronauts.

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