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Do We Live In A Post Racial America?

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“Political correctness is ruining America. Racism is dead. All lives matter. Racism is over exaggerated by liberals. People just blame white supremacy for everything. Too many black people are playing the race card. Affirmative Action is unconstitutional and represents racism against white people. Talking about race makes you racist” are just a few of the statements an increasingly loud minority, dedicated to telling anyone and everyone that racism no longer exists in America. likes to use.

They have these phrases locked and loaded and ready to use anytime someone even insinuates something may be racist. They like to reason that “we had a black president, so black people aren’t being oppressed” and that “there are black people in high positions” or that because “I’ve never been a slave” racism is no longer a problem in America. Racism is often defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Many people believe that racism is only expressed by individual prejudice and that because we don’t often see such obvious displays of hate towards minorities, it must not be as prevalent as it used to be. Despite this belief though, racism continues to persist in a quieter but more sinister and insidious form.

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Racism is systemic to our government. It exists “in the advantages and disadvantages imprinted in cultural artifacts, ideological discourse, and institutional realities that work together with individual biases”. The fact of the matter is that despite what you may hear, racism is alive and well in America. Nothing will improve or change until we acknowledge its existence, our biases, and our privileges and make a concerted effort to minimize inequalities in our daily lives.

Often we hear uninformed bigot spouting nonsensical statements like “Racism, in all advanced societies, and certainly in North America, is now as rare and unrigorous as the flat-earth society” but the fact of the matter is that racism is as much of a problem as it’s ever been. Black people and other minorities have historically been discriminated again in various areas of our society. They’ve struggled to “own property, serve on juries, and obtain the same jobs and privileges afforded to whites and the impacts of such are generational, and are still observable today”. We see these problems with income and college admissions disparity, housing discrimination, rates of incarceration, and rates of violent crime.

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