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Documents Contributing to the Creation What We Now Know as the United States of America

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In 1781, the original constitution of the US was ratified. This helped the colonies declare independence from Britain which kicked off the Revolutionary War. The Second Continental Congress created the new government of the United States, which was written as the Articles of Confederation. Then 1789, The Constitution of the United States of America was made and this we were brought up and created to form a more perfect Union, also to help the people and defend them within the US. It took a while for all the sections and rules to be made. There ended up being seven articles that they thought would help build a better nation. These two lead into each other in many ways that makes these two documents huge. Two years before the Constitution there was a big thing that went on were Federalist 10 and Brutus 1 was created and this was a big problem between the Anti-Federalist and the Federalist which was huge because the federalist wanted a strong national government, but the Anti-Federalist wanted more states power, so they argued and this lead to both groups creating documents expressing why they should win and why the nation should have power or if the states should. All of these ties in because these documents were used when they were creating what we now know as the United States of America.

A first and most important event, also document was the Articles of Confederation that was a document that gave the colonies their freedom. This is a huge deal because before this happened we were under Great Britain control and with that being the case we did not like the type of government that was there and also how they did things; so our founding fathers got together and created this document that stated that we were declaring our freedom from them and also saying that we are going on our on to do our own thing that we thought would be more beneficial for the people that did not like the ways that Great Britain was running things. The reason why this is an important document and a big thing in the time that it was in is because if we never declared our independence then we would’ve never been put into the situation where the constitution was created and the big fight between the federalist and the anti-federalist that shaped the way our government is to this day. Another reason that this is a big deal is that this showed that we believed that we could do different and better than the way that Britain ran things and that we had power and will as humans to take and be granted our freedom. This is one of the most important times and documents that we will talk about in school and in general as a huge historic moment.

Second most important document and time of the United States of America is created and established was after we got our freedom and started to create a government that we believed would fit and be the most successful we ran into a problem that helped us create the perfect government, and the issue was that the federalist wanted the government to have the most power because that believed that with the government in power no smaller state or any state to take over and have more power than the others. They also believed that this was the most efficient type of government that would benefit and protect the people and the nation as a whole. On the other hand, the Anti-Federalist believed that the states should have the most power and be more in control over things, one reason was that they believed that the federal government wouldn’t allow people the rights that they deserve and also it would make people sacrifice their freedom and liberties. Another thing was that they thought that if they had more power than that could control things that they felt needed to be changed or fixed and also it would help the people and allow taxes to be adjusted and help promote the freedoms that they were granted when the amendments were made. These two disagreements between both the federalist and the anti-federalist caused a big commotion that ended up being solved by both groups writing documents and the major ones were Brutus 1 and Federalist 10 which basically described why the government should be running this way or that way and after the whole the commotion the Federalist group ended up winning, and we became a federal government.

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This ended leading into the Constitution which was created to which they believed would form a more perfect union and establish justice and allow states have power and also the government has power and the ability to control the states but also give them the right to control what they felt like they wanted or needed control of. Another thing that is big with the constitution is that he established laws and rules and the branches that we know of today and what each branch would do and who would be allowed to overturn and overrule who. There were seven articles that were created and each article stated a law or a rule that followed. The first three were rules and laws about the branches and their role as a key to the government and the terms that they have. The fourth and fifth article stated how laws will be passed and how the vetoes will work and how two-thirds have to agree for it to be passed and how branches can overrule. This is so important because this established what we call checks and balances which give certain branches more power than others and some be a little more important than others. This is also huge because the citizens put their trust and everything in the government hands and this allowed the government to control things that the states did not and also allowed the states to control things the government didn’t which was a huge needed thing because the states wanted some power and just not let the government have it all. All of these events are so important and lead into one of another in many ways.

All of these events tie in together in many ways, and they are very important, and they were needed for us to be where we are now. The way these events tie into each other because if we never declared for our independence then we would’ve never had to write the constitution and have the Brutus and Federalist documents and controversy between the Feds and Anti-Feds. Another way that these events tie into each other is because of the history and the reason that we decided to declare our freedom because we did not feel like Great Britain ran their government right, also they did not want to do things the way they did things so with that in mind the whole Brutus and Federalist and the Constitution was huge and major and helped the US in many ways. These documents and events helped, but on the other, these documents helped at the time that they were created but now till this day some of those documents were changed and flipped and now states have more power now than they did and some people feel like the government has more power than that deserve.

This led to the biggest debate that there is and that does the right document win between the feds and the anti-feds and did that battle solve problems all the way until today’s time. In my opinion, I believe that should have been an in the middle document because at this point in time in the world I believe that neither the states nor government as too much power I feel like it is evenly distributed. On the other hand, I can say that the government does control some things that should be left up to the states to decide and control for example the schools and education. I believe that the government should not give a general way that schools should teach kids in school and the type of information that they have to learn and be thought. Then also I feel like the states should not have the right to legalize weed but it is still illegal federally. Another thing that hasn’t been resolved is the power of the government and the states and how the states don’t have control over things, but they still take things into their own hands and also how the government takes things into their own hands and it causes commotions. This leads to say that both cases were wrong and right in the way which can be explained in many ways. The way that they were right is because they believed that either the feds needed power or the states which are right because they both need power and also they were right in the way of the anti-feds knew that the gov having power would cause people to sacrifice some of their liberties. Another way that they were right is the feds saying that if the states had the power that they would try to overpower the government and do their job when they shouldn’t have to. On the other hand, they were wrong in the way that they believed one should overpower the other and also they wrong in the way that thinking one was less important than the other and trying to make one stronger than the other.

As you can see these documents were and still till this day very important and was extremely needed back then. The Declaration of Independence helped us get our freedom and steer away from a type of government that we did not like and did not think was effective. This led to us being the US that had a few problems with deciding on if the states or gov should have all the power or most of the power. With this going on the Brutus and Federalist documents were created and used to fight on whether the states or fed government should rule and the federalists won. Finally, with that happening the Constitution was created and it helped balance out the power between states and the government and also it created checks and balances between the government branches. My look at all the things that happened is that I think that at the time it was good that the feds one but now I believe that if something like that happened that there would be a compromise and that would be very effective. To end this discussion in total I believe that all these events tie into each other and without one of them we wouldn’t be in the situation that we are in till this day and that we live, and we learn and now we try to make the best decision that we can, so we can strive as a nation and be the strongest and most successful nation.

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