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Does Astrology Characterize Serial Killers?

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Have you ever wondered makes a serial killer? Why do they act the way they do and what do they have in common? In this paper, I start with explaining what astrology is and how some signs characteristics are different than others. I used an article by Aaron Azucena in which he describes what a zodiac sign is and how they present themselves in people. I also look into monoamine oxidase which is also known as “the serial killer gene”. I use Neurosci article explaining the gene and how many scientists profile people who carry the gene.


Not many people think about astrology and serial killers being linked together, but some studies and research shows that many serial killers share the same zodiac signs and personality traits. Although this has not been found as concreate evidence there are various articles showing the comparisons between the two concepts. In my opinion I do think there is a good chance that one’s zodiac sign can determine if they will be a serial killer or not. However I do not think this is the only indicator that we should go off of I do think people should look more into astrology to help better understand how serial killers are made.

Zodiac signs

Many people wonder how they form the personality they have and most argue the debate between nature vs nurture. Many astrologists argue that your zodiac sign and birth chart form your personality. They believe that the month and time that you were born forms how someone will act as they grow up. This is how horoscopes came into action, many believe that your horoscope will depict your day, week, or month because of your Star sign. We categorize the zodiac signs by month, so let’s say that you were born on July sixth that would make you a cancer. There are twelve zodiac signs for all the months and each have their own personality traits. For example, cancers are known to be very emotional and sensitive but Geminis are known to be very sneaky and untrustworthy. The question Azucena asks in his article is, are horoscopes the one defining us or are we the ones defining horoscopes? Many people rely too heavily on their own sign but is that just because it really is a personality trait or we just want to make sense of when bad people do bad things?

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What is a serial murder?

The American public seems to be infatuated with horror and serial murders but do we really even know anything about them? Zeigler the author of “inside the mind of a serial killer” wrote that potential killers think that their murders will fulfil them both psychologically and internally. They do not understand how their murders will affect others involved, the friends and family that will endure trauma and grieving, they only understand their urge to do bad things to random people. So, why do these serial murders occur? Many of collected data that shows serial killers are typically sociopaths or psychopaths and during their childhood they were subjected to fire starting, elongated bedwetting, or animal abusers. what many people do not understand is the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath. Many people use these words as if they are interchangeable, however there are various differences between these two disorders. A psychopath is someone who cannot feel empathy or be in a loving relationship but they can mimic human emotions and are very precise and plan out their crimes very carefully. However, a sociopath displays an antisocial behavior but can form normal relationships and can even have close friends and significant others. Yet they also have impulsive behaviors and their crimes are normally unplanned and leave a lot of clues.

“The Serial Killer Gene”

Monoamine oxidase (MAO) is a gene from the X-chromosome and is now referred to as the serial killer gene because of the vast majority of serial killers having this gene. This gene is located in the outer membrane of the mitochondria and shows different behavioral patterns in carriers. Monoamine oxidase is rare disorder that mostly show up in males but can present itself in women. Neurosci shares that there are two forms of MAO, MAO A and MAO B, he goes on and says that MAO A presents abnormal aggression whereas MAO B’s activity shares a link with Parkinson’s disease. Therefore people mainly focus on MAO A as that is the one that is causes the brain to want to cause hard and have aggressive thoughts. MAO A shows signs at birth and MAO B’s activity increases with age, it is believed that since MAO A is shown at adult levels even at birth that this is an easy indicator of a serial killers but this gene makes children more aggressive and more likely to act out in harmful ways. Although this does not mean that every carrier will grow up to be a serial killer but there is a higher likelihood that the people who have MAO will act out or be more aggressive or “hot headed” and impulsive.

Gender differences and serial killers

If somewhere were to search up ‘serial killers’ on the web they would see mostly males, but why is that? Harrison, Hughes, and Gott did a study on why there is a gender difference in serial killers and how they commit crimes differently. They made a strong claiming referring back to old times saying males are more of the ‘hunters’ type of serial killer where they stalk their victims and kill at random whereas women are more of the ‘gathers’ for their victims and kill people they know or resemble the looks or personality traits of people they know. They go on to talk about how male serial killers tend to stalk their victims for sexual pleasure and for a power dynamic. This is called “predatory behavior” and most male serial killers tend to use this for a sort of thrill seeking play before eventually killing their victims. In their head this is a way to get their dominance across and feeling as if they have an upper hand on their prey. They see themselves as a hunter about to kill a deer but instead of it being for survival it is simply just for sport. They will spend days or even weeks stalking their victims waiting for the right time to attack and force them into submission.

Most male serial killers preform sexual and humiliating actions on their victim before they kill them. Women, however, tend to kill quietly and do not have sexual relations with their victim. Women serial killers are often rare and because of this most people disbelieve that a women could have committed a serial murder and are often over looked when there is an investigation. Hughes researched that 80% of female serial killers knew their victim personally and the rest of the 20% of their victims were acquaintances, ex’s, significant others, or strangers. Studies show that men tend to be more violent and feel the need to assert their dominance over others, this could be the reason why most serial killers are men who feel as though they need to kill in order to keep their power and why women tend to be the prey and not the predators.

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