Does Monsieur Deserves His Fate In The Short Story The Necklace?

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In the story, ”The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, it follows a couple whose names are Monsieur and Madame Loisel. Monsieur Loisel tries to make his wife happy but fails to fully understand her feelings. Madame Loisel aspires to feel rich and have fancy items like jewelry, expensive tapestries and fine furniture, but she feels that her items that she already has are undesirable. Her husband later brings her an invitation to a dance and is surprised when she said that she was unhappy at the site of this news. Monsieur suggests she goes to Madame Forestier, Madame’s friend, and ask to borrow a piece of jewelry and Monsieur gives money he was saving up for a gun to Madame in order to pay for her dress. After the party, Madame loses the necklace she borrowed from Madame Forestier and Monsieur goes to look for it. Monsieur later convinces Madame to lie to Madame Forestier and buy one that looks almost exactly like it, this makes the two go into debt and waste 10 years of their life struggling to pay off this expensive diamond necklace. Monsieur deserves his fate because he spoiled his wife by trying to blindly make her happy, told Madame to go to Madame Forestier to get a piece of jewelry, and giving the idea to Madame to tell Madame Forestier about the necklace and buying another identical looking one instead.

Monsieur spoiled his wife in order to make her happy which made him deserve his fate. Monsieur does not fully understand his wife and blindly tries to make her happy with various surprises such as the invitation to the dance and money for the dress. Of course, the motive of wanting to make her happy results in him inviting to the dance. His misunderstanding and obliviousness is shown when the story states,”Instead of being delighted, as her husband had hoped, she scornfully tossed the invitation on the table...(p.191)̈ This quote shows how he is deserving of his fate because of the words ¨as her husband had hoped..̈ show how he was oblivious to what he was doing to make Madamde happy. Monsieur deserves his fate because he is oblivious to the things he does for Madame in order to make her happy.

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In addition to blindly trying to make Madame happy, Monsieur also proposed to Madame to get a piece of jewelry from Madame Forestier. At first he suggested that she wore flowers on her dress and she declined that idea, saying that she did not want to look poor. When he suggests the idea of getting a piece of jewelry, he has no realization of the consequences that could upbring from this as well as, telling her that should just wear flowers or not go. This is shown in the quote “ My but you're silly! Go see your friend Madame Forestier and ask her to lend you some jewelry. You and she know each other well enough for you to do that.¨ This shows how Monsieur is unaware of the possible consequences of his actions because of the words ̈My but your silly!̈ ̈ These words show this because it illustrates his attitude toward the idea which, in turn, tells us he is not thinking ahead. Monsieur is deserving of his fate.

Finally, Monsieur is deserving of his fate because he advised Madame to not tell the truth about the necklace to Madame Forestier and insisted on buying another one in place for the necklace they lost. Due to this decision Monsieur made, both Madame and Monsieur lived in poverty and debt as they had to pay the necklace off. Monsieur, in doing this, had protected his wife from her consequences instead by not telling the truth to Madame Forestier, and this did not allow his wife to learn from her actions. If Monsieur had simply told the truth, him and Madame would not have been in debt and forced to pay of the necklace. This detail can be supported with the words ̈We ́ll have to write to your friend, he said, to tell her you have broken the catch and are having it prepared ̈ These words support the claim because they show how Monsieur gave the idea to Madame and made them both live incredibly poor lives. This is why MOnsieur is deserving of his fate.

Many people could say that Monsieur wasn ́t deserving of his fate, people think that he was just trying to be a good husband. A quote to support to counterclaim is ̈Look, I ́ve got something for you ...But my dear, I thought you´d be thrilled to death.̈ People think this can prove their claim because they think that he was just trying to make her wife happy. This can be rebutted because a good husband would think ahead and help make his wife happy by understanding her feelings. This is not the case with Monsieur because he doesn't do any of this and instead blindly tries to make his wife happy and does not attempt to fully understand his wife so he is deserving of his fate. Hence, Monsieur is deserving of his fate because he blindly tries to make his wife happy, told Madame to go to Madame Forestier, and he gave to idea to lie to Madame Forestier.

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