Does Police Brutality Exist Everywhere?

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The world is always talking about police brutality and if police have used excessive force to capture a subject. Police brutality has always been around, but as media grew so did the talk about police brutality. There are people who are affected the most from the media fueling the fire on police brutality. Minorities like teenagers are being exposed to media every day, which makes them believe that all law enforcement officers are bad, but that isn’t true. It’s agreeable that brutality is a concerning issue in today’s economy. There are harmful and brutal times that police officers have killed a suspect. Media is what spreads the truths and lies. If we could fine smarter and better ways to detect police brutality, we can prevent situations that can further hurt another in the future.

The media can use these disadvantages for their own personal gain. Not all law enforcement agencies have corrupt officers. Most of them have honest and hardworking officers. From the internship offered by the Carlsbad Police Department, interns are firsthand working with officers every day. After contacting my instructor Corporal Josh Calder, he believes that “Anger makes officers go way too far. It can also be the case, that those officers feel they have the power to do whatever they please.” Some people forget that police are human too, which doesn’t make every single official in law enforcement is abusing their power. Is police brutality increasing in the United States? Definitely. According to Britannica, “Whereas racism is thought to be a major cause of police brutality directed at African Americans and other ethnic groups, it is far from the only one. Other factors concern the unique institutional culture of urban police departments, which stresses group solidarity, loyalty, and a “show of force” approach to any perceived challenge to an officer’s authority.”

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Police brutality doesn’t seem to be slowing down. There are many times that officers have to make split-second decisions every minute they are out on the streets. These decisions effect the lives of the policemen, the defendants, and civilians. Officers have to decide if it is the right time to use hostile or deadly force to subdue the suspect. When researching police brutality, a lot of news stories show. One website is It has many coverages on this topic. Especially when police fatally shoot black security guard who detained shooting suspect. Another one is when Arizona police officers on leave after a video showed them punching an unarmed man. Throughout the year police brutality has always been abuse of authority. In truth the people who are affected by this are people of color. They’re subjected to racial inequality the justice system and sometimes law enforcement officers itself. This is a continuous thing that never seems to end.

According to Pacific Standard, “The F.B.I. is finally taking action against police brutality.” and “Director James Comey declared that the agency would start collecting more complete data on shootings involving police officers.” This shows that it’s happening way to frequent that now the FBI has to get involved. The justice system isn’t always in favor of innocent people. People have started to make riots and are trying to stand up for their right. This police brutality has changed the way everyone views officers. There are many that appreciate law enforcement officers for risking their lives but there are also many people who don’t respect officers because police brutality has made them look like they can’t be taken seriously.

Police brutality has made a big impact on society from the media. There are many reports that police killings and brutality id damaging mental health of the African American community. Kids are afraid to go out now due to this happening in big cities. In the end, there will always be law enforcement officers who submit to their oath taken in the academy on protecting and serving their community with honor and diligence. There will always be some officers who are corrupt, and they blend in by being someone they’re not.

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