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Does Voting Matter: Essay

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Freedom to vote is one of the most important and most hard-earned political rights outside the bill of rights. We began as a nation where rights were restricted to only white men. It’s only because of perpetual hard work and the firm beliefs of people like Sojourner Truth, Alice Paul, Martin Luther King Jr, and many more that the franchise of voting rights was expanded to include people of color and women. Democracy cannot be taken for granted. It involves participation and commitment to work in an ideal manner. The right to vote is essentially one of the most important freedoms we have as Americans. It gives the people a determining voice and ensures that policies and plans that will affect our communities and lives are implemented in a fair and equitable manner. The importance of voting can be realized by answering a simple yet important question, what can be achieved by voting?

Voting highlights what matters and appeals to the people the most. It’s not who stands at the center of the stage and attracts the most attention towards themselves who will decide what steps to take or what not to, what to prioritize or what not to. It’s the audience that becomes the actor through voting. The success of democratic norms and values is not defined by the candidate who wins the election, but by the people who show up at the polling booth for voting. For me, voting has always been important. Since I was young, I carried a deep respect for the legacy of not only the activists and politicians but also the many everyday citizens who quietly died in pursuit of voting rights. Too many others gave their lives for those who look like me to be able to vote. As both a woman and a minority I feel a heightened sense of importance in expressing my right. I deeply believe that citizens need to have an active role in the nomination of the people who are making decisions on both a local, state and federal level and should be engaged in the types of policies being passed. It is important that citizens are involved in decisions that affect the lives of every American for both equity and oversight purposes.

In a democratic system, voting lies at the heart of its values. It’s undoubtedly the most essential step in moving towards a better and brighter future. Voting has the power to dilute the influence imposed by big industrial enterprises, donors, and narrow interest groups. Instead, voting highlights people’s interests. Voting helps to build civic muscles that are necessary for serving the communities and the people. Voting tends to surprise the people who are busy predicting the possible outcome of the elections, presenting it as a mere formality. Showcasing the fact that in a true democracy, in essence, everything can happen.

The vote gives the people the right to raise their voice against the leaders who don’t represent their interests and allow us to empower people who will advocate for what the people want to hear from them. Who understands what’s expected of them? It’s voting that tends to establish a relationship between the leadership and the people. Giving the people the right and ability to elect the people who they deem worthy and fit to lead them, someone who shares the prioritize with the voter. Such outcomes can only be achieved through voting, it’s the input that changes and drastically influences the outcomes that often determine the fate of a nation. Failing to provide input based upon your priorities makes you unheard and unconsidered, like the wind that passes through a leafless branch, with no effect at all.

Democracy has an inherited nature of entertaining conflicts of opinions and priorities, but voting allows us to promote what we believe in with the action. One should vote even if he believes that his side might lose. Because even the size of the losing side makes the politicians understand and consider the cause they stood for. Because, if the support for that cause increases it might put the politicians out of their job. Even a vote for a loser encourages people who tend to share the same set of ideas to band together and collectively work and push for what they collectively believe in.

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It’s easy to get tired and frustrated by the political talk, pundits, predictions, and social media campaigns. I’ve personally seen how attempts by political leaders with no connection to their community can attempt to take away our rights and make it easy to be jaded. However, the essence of the American experiment lies in voting where the voter attempts to resolve disputes and differences of priorities through ballots, not a brawl. It’s the numerical strength of the people that decide what’s best for them instead of physical or financial strength in a voting system.

Today, people’s main concerns are not democratic, instead, they are focused on specific issues like gun laws, health services, or the changing climate. Such an approach can change when people start to focus on the health of the national institutions. Democracy gets weakened the most because of the lowered turnout rate of the turnout, tribes attacking each other directly instead of calmly listening to each other’s needs and demands. All of these things may look small individually, however when these issues keep on rising due to the failure of practicing the democratic right to vote or believing in the necessity of voting. Eventually, the democratic structure may get so weak that it may fall apart, so another thing we can achieve by voting is holding together the fundamentals of our foundation and moving it in a more positive direction.

Whether we like the results or not, must can all acknowledge that elections have consequences that affect even the day-to-day politics around us. It’s the election that determines what matters the most to us and how safe the environments we live in are really. From public transit, and infrastructure, to the schools where the kids go so many daily parts of our lives are all affected by a vote. So we cannot underestimate what a vote can do, If one vote in accordance with your conscience the difference is what is best for the people then we gain so much by making sure it is someone who shares our values. It pushes our candidates aspiring to take office to format policies and work plans that meet our expected outcomes.

We live in a technologically overwhelmed world, where the excuse of ignorance about the vote is certainly not an acceptable one. Voting is often preceded by extensive media promotion campaigns, so everyone with a bit of exposure to technology or social media, tv, or newspapers would be able to see the standing points of the political leaders and their basic agenda. Becoming an educated voter has never been easier than today, the online world allows the voter to develop a picture of the candidates from their region hence making it relatively far much easier to opt for the right person whose policies match one’s ideals.

In conclusion, voting is right that is given to everyone irrespective of their skin color, social class, or occupation. The right to vote is representative of uniformity and equality before the constitution of the state. The right to vote promotes social awareness and motivates the notion of political cooperation. Voting acts as an expression of the opinion of the people about the proposed policies of a political leader. The vote doesn’t only decide who is going to be the representative of the government, instead, it serves the broader purpose of decisions the people have taken on the security issues to education as well as various developmental projects as a whole. It gives the voters the right to question the representative upon failing to deliver what has been promised by them. Get engaged in your community and make sure you are registered to vote. Websites such as can help you check your registration status or get registered to vote. Voting is a right as well as a civic obligation of every citizen of a nation, don’t lose your voice, think of all the things that can be achieved when we take part in this powerful process together.

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