Does Wind Energy can Help Australia and Global Warming? Essay

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Wind energy is the use of wind to make power through wind turbine and forms electricity. Wind energy is renewable and sustainable energy which is good for the environment. It also has the least impact on the environment and the cheapest source compare to other renewable energy.

Wind turbine captures wind energy within the area swept by its blade. Then, the spinning blade drive an electric generator that produces the electricity that we need to use daily. Technology is better now which means that wind turbines are bigger and better, also more efficient. Rotor diameter and hub height had increase to collect more energy per turbine. Which means that now fewer wind turbines can collect more energy than before.

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What is the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy?

the advantages of wind turbines are more than its disadvantage which is good. The main advantages for this energy producer is that it is unlimited, free, renewable resource, economic value, maintenance cost, and placement of wind harvesting facilities. Firstly, wind turbine is unlimited because the earth itself have wind and air that moves around the world and it is free and unlimited because the wind won’t finish. Next, harvesting wind power is clean and won’t pollute the earth to get electricity to use because of the technology that engineers used in this big fan machine. The wind turbine harmlessly generates power for us from the wind that is passing by it. wind energy is way more ecofriendly than the burning of fossil fuel for electricity current. Currently the US is struggling with their economic system but if they used wind energy it can give positive advantages for their country and it is way cheaper. Once the wind turbines and energy is installed it won’t cost much for maintaining turbines and generating wind power like nothing for the government. The other advantage for wind energy is that it can be installed anywhere that have an open space for the wind to pass the wind turbine. [image: Image result for wind turbine on sea] After performing research and finding the best are to provide more energy by getting more wind is offshore because it is usually unpolluted and it is windier in that area.

Disadvantages for wind turbines are lesser than its advantages but it still can affect some area or society of the earth. The two major disadvantage for wind energy includes initial cost and technology immaturity. Firstly, to construct a wind turbine can cost a lot of money due to the material that it is needed to build. Next, technology immaturity high cost of energy can be address directly with technology innovations that increases reliable and energy output and lower system capital expenses. Offshore is definitely more wind than onshore which will also cost more to build one offshore than onshore. New technology is needed to lower the costs, increase reliability and energy production, solve regional deployment issues, expand the resource area, develop infrastructure and manufacturing facilities, and mitigate known environmental impacts. Therefore, one may argue that implementation of wind energy must be delayed until technological advancements are made. Other disadvantages that can affect this such energy producer is that it can affect the wildlife, aesthetic, remoteness of location and noise. It can be harmful for flying living things and noises can be unpleasant. Also it can cause the aesthetic of scenery that we use to see and it can be dangerous or wasting to fix it.

Wind energy helps global warming by decreasing carbon dioxide and it does not release greenhouse gases which won’t affect global warming. Wind is unlimited which is produce by a sun so we won’t have to worry about loss of electricity when wind energy is installed. It uses wind to produce electricity which won’t have greenhouse gases and the cost is not a problem to build one. By installing wind turbines, it can help human society to manufacture electric cars because they have more electricity that won’t affect the earth. Also it helps decrease carbon dioxide because it produces more electricity for us to use which people don’t have to worry about ran out of electricity for their cars.

In conclusion, I think that it is good to have wind energy because it helps decrease that chances of global warming and due to its advantages that we get from it but there are also some problems that can cause this power resource to not work as good as it should be like the disadvantages for it. if engineers could improve better technology and find better place to put these large machine it can surely help global warming.

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