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Domestic Politics as the Main Cause of the Cuban Revolution

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In the 19th century, other Spanish colonies in the Americas fought for independence, but Cuba’s independence movements failed; this was due to the many Spanish royalists that came to Cuba, adding a strong pro-Spanish sentiment to the island. The USA was really interested in buying Cuba in the 19th century, therefore, they increased sugar and transportation investments. In 1898, the US ended the Spanish rule by invading Cuba and then made it a protectorate with the Platt Amendment in 1901, which caused many internal political concerns.

Domestic politics caused the Cuban Revolution to a great extent due to corruption in the government, creation of new parties, and changes in the presidency. The corruption in Cuba was the first issue in domestic politics to start the sentiment of a revolution owing to the resentment of the situation that created many dissidents of the government. Cuba was ruled by corruption considering that, in order to defend the Platt amendment and their investments, the US, by the 1940s, started to support authoritarian politicians, like for instance, the infamous Fulgencio Batista; the Cuban governments under Batista’s patronage, when he still was not president, were considered ‘corrupt and notorious for theft of public funds’. Many protesters were imprisoned and tortured due to the brutal repression methods used by Batista; this caused people to want to take action.

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The creation of new parties, established by the revolutionaries who wanted to end corruption and be independent of the US, are a great cause of the Cuban Revolution. The first party that was formed was the Autentico Party, inspired by the intellectual Jose Marti’s ideas, but it revealed ineffectual; by 1947, the Ortodoxo Party was formed as a splinter of the Autentico Party, to which Fidel Castro would take part; another political party among industrial and manufacturing workers, especially Afro-Cubans, was the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC). These parties will contribute to the beginning of the Cuban Revolution as the goal of the Ortodoxo Party – former Autentico Party- was to establish a truly independent Cuba and to disclose corruption; while the PCC members were particularly active and successful in producing union leaders and pressuring businesses and the government to accept some labor demands.

The government started to get worse as a big change happened, the one that would trigger the revolution. Just before the 1952 elections, Batista ended the ‘presidency’ of Carlos Prio Socarras by conspiring with the army and staging a coup. Due to the loath the Ortodoxo party felt towards the government, and especially Batista, the revolution started.

Even if the social and economic causes contributed too to the beginning of the revolution in view of the fact that they evoked the M-26-7, without the situations in the domestic politics, the causes would not have taken place, therefore, the revolt would not have happened. The events that happened in domestic politics played a great role in the beginning of the revolution, as the anger that the corruption in the government and Batista’s brutality caused to the people, brought them to take action. They united in parties to achieve their goals in order to end these atrocities and the US control they had over Cuba. There have been other non-political causes for the revolt, but the domestic politics cause the Cuban Revolution to a great extent as without corruption, the creation of new parties, and scandalous changes in the presidency, it probably would have not have occurred.

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