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Dominant Nonverbal Communication

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Nonverbal communication is the process of sending and receiving messages without using words, either spoken or written. Also called manual language. Similar to the way that italicizing emphasizes written language, a nonverbal behavior may emphasize parts of a verbal message. For this movie, the most dominant nonverbal communication is gestures. Deliberate movements and signals are an important way to communicate meaning without words. Common gestures include waving, pointing, and using fingers to indicate numeric amounts. Other gestures are arbitrary and related to culture. In the movie, Wade which is known as Parzival in the OASIS, uses gestures in one of the scene in the OASIS where he was waving repeatedly to Art3mis to stop her bike and bail out because he know that she could not make it to the finish line in the race. Repetition often strengthens the message you are making.

Another example of gestures that are used in this movie is when Sorrento brought Parzival to IOI to propose to him about the offer for him to join the IOI. Sorrento used a couple of hand gestures to emphasize his point to Parzival which he was lying about to Parzival to make him join the IOI team so that Sorrento can make Parzival get off the list of the players that have succeeded in the Halliday Challenge and beat him.

For many decades, the United States of America has been the most globally powerful and influential country. Its economy, technology, media and popular culture have reached all parts of the world like no other. In this respect, America has set the example of what the world perceives a typical ‘Western’ society to be; most foreigners have a rough familiarity with American values and culture. In this movie, the nonverbal gestures that are influenced by cultural elements are by physical contact such as touching. For instant, when Parzival and Art3mis went to ‘The Distracted Globe’ which was the first club Halliday created in the OASIS which both of them were holding hands and dancing there until the IOI came to search for them. For the Western culture, it might be a normal thing for friends of different genders to hold hands but not for the Asian culture as it might send the wrong message to the people.

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There are quite a number of nonverbal communication that are used in this movie. The most dominant nonverbal communication that are used in this movie is facial expression which can subtitudes for a verbal communication. Besides, facial expressions are universal and same across cultures. In the movie, as Kim Ja-Hong faces seven trials and each of them reflect what he has done in his life which brought him in despair as he looked back at all the things he has done. From there we can see that his facial expression shows sadness and regret even without him saying anything especially in the last trials where he reflected back when he once wanted to kill his mother and brother and that brought him in tears.

The human face is extremely expressive, able to convey countless emotions without saying a word. Furthermore, his mother also shows a lot of facial expression when she found out that Ja-Hong and his brother, Kim Soo-Hong died. We can see his mother’s pain by her crying. Another example in the movie is when Kim Ja-Hong and his three grim reapers shows happy and relieved facial expression when Kim Ja-Hong was found not guilty in all of the trials

The nonverbal gestures in this movie that are influenced by the cultural elements are the bows which is commonly used by the Asian cultures. In Asian countries, particularly in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea, bowing the head is the more traditional form of greeting. It is a form of greeting, a sign of respect and used to express deference, sincerity, humility and remorse. It is said that the deeper the bow, the deeper is the respect or gratitude shown by a person. In this movie, there are a few scene which shows the characters bowing to the Gods in the Afterlife to show respect to them. For example, when the three grim reapers bow down to the God of Murder during Kim Ja-Hong first trial after he was found not guilty.

Moreover, another nonverbal gestures that are influenced by the cultural elements are also kneeling down to seek forgiveness. In the final trials, Kim Ja-Hong kneeled down to beg to the God to let him see his mother to beg for her forgiveness.

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