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Donald Trump as a Successful Business Leader

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According to the latest Forbes’ world ranking of billionaires, Trump has an estimated fortune of $3.1 billion, mostly earned on the back of property, making him the 766th richest person in the world. He also had a successful carrier in the reality TV, the show is called ‘The Apprentice’, and he surprised the world when he won the U.S. presidential election in 2016. When we think about it, Trump is the only man having such a specific and successful carrier. Of course, he had the advantage of being born into a wealthy American family a precious help for his life achievements. Trump is an authentic leader, he means what he says, and he will say, what he means, even if it is completely unacceptable for the people who are listening. He is one of the few politicians who is so authentic in an inauthentic world. Companies spend a lot of money for advertising, marketing to be on the spotlight and individuals use social media to impress the world with their incredible and nice-looking life. And we all know how difficult it is to get authentic answer out of (most) politicians. In fact, before the presidential election, he said that we need someone like him to take the lead of the country because his carrier is successful, “the kind of thinking we need for this country”. But when he goes on Twitter with his account @realDonaldTrump, he doesn’t hold back in any way. He lets us know exactly what he thinks about information, that makes polemic, whether we like it or not. Think about it, the most powerful person in the world sharing his thoughts directly with the world with no shame and no scare of the consequence it could have on the political world. Trump also signed more executive orders in his first 100 days, than any president since World War II. Since the beginning of his incredible career, Trump showed incredible business skills.

Following his father into the important estate development business, Donald joined the family firm, Elizabeth Trump & Son, and he graduated from Wharton college of Business in 1968.

He immediately began to make important decisions, guided by firm goals. Managing a company like that is something that only the true entrepreneurs can do. As an example, he makes his father to be more adventurous when he borrows his money in order to finance expansions of the Trump business. In 1971, he became the chief of the family business which he renamed ‘The Trump Organization’. What’s make Donald trump a successful businessman is the fact that his mind is set, he knows what he wants to do and he apply it with confidence Donald Trump is not a simple worker, he has the passion of leading and he got the skills to be one of the best at doing it, he quoted: “You have to think anyway, so why not think big”.

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And because of his passion, he invests into a lot different activities like hotels, housing, leisure complexes, casinos, football or even board game! In order to develop such a diverse portfolio and operate in a large number of business areas, Trump has had to use considerable leadership qualities like the capacity to choose who to trust or not, to delegate decisive tasks and the most important, to inspire people and making decisions with confidence even if the business gets hard to deal with.

Actually, he is one among the foremost noted individuals on the world.

With all his qualities and achievements, it make him, for sure someone with a lot to tell to every future leaders and entrepreneurs.

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