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How much power can a teenage girl have? Enough to make her friends turn on someone? Enough for her parents to turn on someone? Or can a teenage girl have enough power to impact a whole town? This very idea was explored in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. In Miller’s play, the character Abigail Williams, convinces people to confess to witchcraft. Most of the main characters confessed because they were doubtful that no one would believe them and lost hope or...
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Philosopher René Descartes was a rationalist who sought to refute the scepticism of his time – this was due to the people losing trust in the authority of the church thanks to the Scientific Revolution. He wanted to create a new foundation for knowledge and so embarked upon the Meditations, his 6-day diarised quest to find something “firm and lasting in the sciences”. Since he was a rationalist, Descartes wanted to prove the superiority of reason over empirical truth. In...
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Fear doubt and guilt are prevalent results of any type of abuse from a partner and form unhealthy relationships.The Long Term Effects of Abuse and Stress Ruins not only the relationships but Lives as well. It is easy to get wrapped up in the ups and downs of emotionally abusive on and off relationship. Victims too often miss the signs of emotional abuse, even though they are most likely there from the beginning. Narcissists are the most common perpetrators of...
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Discoveries by scientists are made out of their curiosity about the natural world. In order to fulfill their goals, they tend to doubt on things and question themselves to find and understand the truth and have answers to the phenomenon. Skepticism is a theory of doubting and questioning knowledge claims to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of speculations. Based on the article entitled Descartes and the method of doubt by Michael lacewing (n.d.), according to Descartes doubt is the foundation...
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I chose to write my paper on Descartes Cartesian Project. I thought his thinking process was very interesting and also very confusing at the same time. Although he left a mess behind, he is known as the “father of modern philosophy.” One of those reasons is of course because of his Cartesian method. Descartes Cartesian method had four steps: (1) accept as true only what is undoubtable, (2) divide every question into manageable parts, (3) begin with the simplest issues...
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In the Meditation I, doubting plays a huge role in the project, the whole project is based on skeptical doubts and those doubts lead him to the conclusion that he exists. He wants to be completely sure of what is real, so the best way to prove it is to test everything he believes and learnt that is real with doubt. In this essay, I would highlight the significant role of doubt in Descartes’ project by examining his dream and...
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In Shakespeare’s didactic play the themes of ‘doubt’ and ‘guilt’ play a central role in the presentation of the tragic hero: Macbeth. Macbeth has to make many decisions throughout the play that revolve around his guilty conscience.Whether it be him doubting himself about whether to kill Duncan or him feeling guilty and regretful after his act of regicide. However, Macbeth’s guilt at his actions ultimately leads him down the brutal path of murder and betrayal. By the end of the...
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In this essay, I will be exploring each stage of Descartes’ Method of Doubt and their aims in depth. Descartes’ uses the Method of Doubt more as a method of certainty with the aim of 1 building a certain and indubitable basis for knowledge . He ultimately aims to generalise all 2 human knowledge to certainty by running commonplace opinions through three stages of 3 doubt - retreat from the senses, madness and dreaming and the imperfect creator hypothesis, in...
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As we say, we live once. This means that the opportunities provided by life should be used as much as possible. But how do you know that the chosen path is correct? So often we have to make decisions, think about it, or is it what I want? Already from elementary school, we have a choice - what to do next? Join a high school, gymnasium, go straight to the profession or do nothing? The choice is in your hands,...
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