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Down syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder that occurs when there is an extra copy of chromosome 21. Normally, humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. However, individuals with Down syndrome have an additional copy of the 21st chromosome. This brings their ...

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Introduction When Paula had her son, Keaton, they didn’t know that there was a little something special about him. When Keaton was born, he looked a bit different from the normal baby, but Paula’s family physician dismissed her family’s concerns and insisted that he was a healthy, normal child. When Keaton was seven months old, Paula decided to submit him to a blood test to curb her concerns. As it turns out, Paula’s suspicions were right- Keaton had Down Syndrome....
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Deletion syndrome (monosomy 1p36): It is known to be one of the most widespread deletion mutations (structural mutation) and it is the most common terminal deletion syndrome observed in humans , occurs in one in every 5000 to 10000 live births , it is considered to be congenital genetic disorder caused by a genetic heterozygous deletion of the outermost band on the short arm (p) of chromosome (Heilstedt et al., 2008; Wiley ‐ Liss, 2007). Clinical features: The child with...
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Utilitarianism means that you do anything to get the most amount of happiness. No matter what it takes in utilitarianism the bigger factor and, really the only factor that matters is being happy and receiving pleasure. If it means killing someone because it brings pleasure and for the greater good to you and others than that is okay. Utilitarianism also uses humans as always having to do good for others. You will always have to volunteer o always try to...
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Down syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs at conception. It occurs due to the division of chromosome 21, which is why Down syndrome is referred to as trisomy 21. Which means it is an extra copy of a chromosome. Down syndrome is not an illness and cannot be cured, and each person who has Down syndrome is different in physical features, health and intellectually. There is no known cause for Down syndrome and can happen to anyone world wide....
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To this day scientists are applying scientific knowledge, understanding, and inquiry to enable the development of solutions, discoveries, design action for sustainability, evaluate economic, social, and environmental impacts, offer valid explanations, and make reliable predictions. Resulting in both beneficial and unexpected consequences; all of which require monitoring, assessment, and evaluation of risk, and provide opportunities for innovation. Scientists have applied knowledge and found ways to identify if an infant has Down Syndrome before the mother gives birth through Screening and...
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Is Down syndrome in cats possible? This is one of the common questions animal health professionals are constantly faced with. Though the answer to this question comes in the negative, it is quite true that members of the feline population do posses some down syndrome-like symptoms from quirky physical appearances to unusual behavioral traits For this write-up, we will be looking at the possible genetic mutations in kitties that can engender those down syndrome-like qualities including how to know when...
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INTRODUCTION The study aims at taking a holistic view of the issues, problems, effect, and solutions of Down syndrome in Ireland. In plain English language, Down syndrome is a congenital disorder arising from a chromosome defect, causing intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities; including short stature and a broad facial profile in humans. Down syndrome is a type of genetic disorder when a baby is being formed, during conception there is an error in cell division. In every individual, there are...
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Abstract This paper explores seven published articles that report on the psychological and sociological impact of Down syndrome for the individual and their family. Parents discuss the many familial effects of having a child born with Down syndrome. Most parents report having a child with Down syndrome as a positive experience while other parents report having a negative experience. Included in this paper are two studies, one conducted by Janet Carr of St George’s Hospital in London, UK, and the...
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Down syndrome (DS) is a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in an extra full or partial copy of chromosome 21. This extra genetic material is the cause of the developmental changes and physical features associated with DS (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2018). There are 3 different types of DS; Trisomy 21 accounts for 95% of people who have DS and is a result of three copies of chromosome 21, instead of two. The other two rare types are...
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Abstract Background: Down syndrome is an extensively studied chromosomal disorder characterized by mental retardation and distinct physical manifestations, and it is the second most common cause of mental retardation in Iraqi children after idiopathic mental retardation. However, the chronic cutaneous conditions associated with the syndrome have received relatively inadequate attention. The aim of this paper is to determine chronic cutaneous disorders persisting more than six months or reoccurring over six months in Down syndrome patients Introduction Down syndrome (Trisomy 21)...
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Imagine having someone treat you different because you have a disorder. Imagine being criticized for understanding and viewing the world differently. Having a genetic disorder can greatly affect someone’s life in both positive and negative ways. According to Kumin and Schoenbrodt (2015), the commonness of Down syndrome is said to be about 8 per 10,000 people in the United States (pg. 330). In the article it states that “Down Syndrome is a genetic condition affecting memory, cognition, sensory and motor...
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