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The common law theory is based on ‘what the law is’ in a certain situation that is followed as a rule in later decisions by the court involving similar material facts through the doctrine of precedent also known as stare decisis. The first point of discussion I would like to point out is whether judges make law through interpretation. In the common law system, the judge’s task is to discover and find the law, meaning judges should verify facts, locate...
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The Lincoln Douglas Debate was a very short two months of debating. Although this debate was very short a lot of factors have been mentioned in this debate from the past and have made it quite interesting for historians to argue about. This has been a debate in the books for a very long time and it’s all clear that Stephen Douglas, who actually won the debate, is the real winner in the debate and everything that he said from...
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In 1858, as the country drew ever nearer to disunion, two politicians from Illinois pulled in the consideration and attracted the attention of a nation. From August 21 up until October 15, Stephen Douglas battled Abraham Lincoln in a series of face to face debates around the state. The Lincoln-Douglas debates were a series and progression of formal political debates between the challenger, Abraham Lincoln, and the incumbent, Stephen A. Douglas, in a campaign for one of Illinois' two United...
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The history of African Americans in the United States did no start out in a way that many might have believed. While many of those that had come or arrived from European countries and had many successes in the new world, those that did not were facing hardships that involved who they were as a people, race, religion, or even the way they looked. African Americans in our own country did not start out with many privileges that they did....
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Race is an aspect that impacts our lives on a daily basis, whether it be negatively or positively. This is largely due to the hierarchy of the races that exists in the United states. In the 19th century, scientists and scholars began attempts to scientifically justify the existence of races and the inferiority of non-white races compared to their white counterparts. Dr. Samuel Morton, for example, used craniometry to provide biological evidence of the inferiority of non-whites. Through measuring the...
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The term withdrawal or secession had been utilized earlier in 1776. South Carolina startled partition after the Continental Congress tried to tax each and every colony based on the number of the entire residents that would comprise slaves. Approved by the U.S. Congress, the Kansas-Nebraska Act permitted people in the provinces of Kansas and Nebraska with their consent to permit bondage or slavery inside their frontiers. The Act dropped the Missouri Compromise of 1820 which precluded subjugation or human servitude....
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Society today has been changing over the years, and in this day and age, we can equally stand together as a nation. Although racism and types of discrmination still occur, society has become more developed and socially aware unlike the times of the civil war. The civil war was a pivotal point in history regarding slavery. It was constantly kicked under the rug until tensions increased. One of the most popular and important politicians that played a huge role is...
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The rise of partisan politics in the Early Republic was due to a difference in opinion on how the country should be run. There were both people who supported the constitution (Federalists) and those who did not support the constitution (Anti-Federalists or Democratic-Republicans).The Federalists wanted a strong government; “They argued that the separation of powers … and the division of powers between states and nation, would preclude tyranny” (Norton 7-2). Whereas the antifederalists believed that states would help citizens have...
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What led us to the Civil War of 1861? Was it all about slavery? To understand this, we need to go back when the United States of America was created. Throughout all of American history, there has been great division in our political parties, which Ironically is the very thing George Washington warned us about in his farwell address. George Washington warned of “the baneful effects of the spirit of party” in his farewell address. Washington feared the unity will...
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As citizens of the United States, we have the right to be given “fair procedures” without discrimination under the protection of the 14th amendment. Due process insures every citizen’s right to a fair trial, hearing, and any other procedure needed when convicted of a crime. However, for as long as the 14th amendment has been in existence, there have been countless deaths and cases of racial injustice that have not ensured due process. Today, too many Americans, especially minorities seem...
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One of the most pressing issues in the twenty-first Century is economic security along with the oppression of people. To understand just how much economic security impacts people it is crucial to understand just how problematic it is. Since the beginning of time oppression and economic instability have always gone hand in hand. Throughout history and culture, I was able to see how national and economic security along with inequality has changed and improved over time. The theme of the...
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