Drug Addiction As One of the Most Important and Serious Problems of Society: Opinion Essay

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Drug addiction which is also known as substance use disorder is a chronic disease in which a person cannot stop or control the consumption of illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroine, crack, etc. Drug addiction has terrible consequences socially and economically plus it severely affects your mental and physical health and in the worst cases this can lead to death. People who become addicted to drugs will be unable to control the consumption of drugs and their desire for them, they will stop doing certain activities plus their daily lives will be severely affected, they will experience drug withdrawal symptoms if they stop consuming drugs plus some of them will begin to behave in abnormal such as being violent or aggressive and it is also important to mention that drug addicts will spend huge amounts of money just to obtain drugs and when they are short of money some may even begin to steal or to do other actions in order to obtain money. In other words if a person becomes addicted to drugs his life will revolve around them plus it is also important to mention that different drugs may cause different symptoms and effects on the individual who consumes them.

Whilst we all know that drugs have a devastating effect on those who consume them and on those who are close to them now we shall discuss what happens in the first place that causes people to consume drugs and who are the ones who have a higher risk of becoming drug addicts. First of all some of the factors that may lead to drug addiction are living in poverty, peer pressure especially at school, consuming drugs from an early age, facing a difficult situation, having parents that are not usually present, experiencing mental health problems, having relatives that have consumed drugs in the past and having consumed certain prescribed medicines such as painkillers can also increase the risk of for an individual to become a drug addict. Whilst these factors may increase the risk for drug addiction also some people become drug addicts as they see drugs as a way to escape reality, to increase their performance whether at school or at work, to feel pleasure or some just simply begin to consume drugs as they are curious about them. So as a result of this many people have become addicted to drugs and this can have terrible consequences as this can cause certain health complications, it deteriorates mental health, it can cause you to get certain diseases such as HIV/AIDS for example in the case of shared needles plus drug addiction can also lead to economic and legal problems as in some places you may end up in jail for consuming drugs and in the worst cases drug addiction can lead to death either as a result of health complications, disease or suicide.

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Drug addiction not only affects the individual that consumes them but it also affects those who are close to him and the community itself. That's why it is very important to offer help to those that are vulnerable to drug addiction and to those who display symptoms of drug consumption such as abnormal behavior or economic problems plus in order to prevent drug addiction spreading awareness is also of great importance. Drug addiction can cause many difficulties to a family as in many cases despite the efforts made by families such as offering rehabilitation some drug addicts return to drugs and for a family seeing their loved one in such as state can be very helpful and heart breaking and the fact that they must deal with their behavior under the influence of drugs and the fact that some of them steal from their own family in order to get drugs makes things even worse. Also despite the fact that some drug addicts may live completely separated from their family and never meet with them just the fact of knowing that a relative or a loved one has become a drug addict is terrible and despite the fact that the family may not interact or socialize with him they still constantly worry about him and what he must be going trough.

Drug addiction also has a devastating toll on the community and on a country itself as this can lead to increased crime and violence and this can also have negative effects on the economy. Also drug addiction helps to fuel violence in certain countries such as Mexico and Colombia. Drug addiction has devastating effects on an individual, their family and on society itself that's why this is considered as a public health issue in most countries around the world and this is why various efforts such as campaigns are taking place in order to try to prevent people from developing drug addictions. Drugs deteriorate the health of the community both mentally and physically plus it diminishes the quality of life for both the community and for the individual that consumes them. Drug addiction can cause diseases to spread, it damages the health of the individuals that consume them and in turn this may also damage the mental health of the community as increased violence and crime may lead to stress and anxiety amongst the community and the fact that many people end up in the hospital as a result of drug addiction results in the healthcare system being unable to prioritize or offer a better service to members of the community that are experiencing other health problems that are not related to drug consumption. Drugs have a devastating effect on society and on the community as they deteriorate their health and the quality of overall and the fact that in a community people are exposed from an early age to drugs can make things even worse in the future. In my opinion drug addiction is one of the most important and serious problematics that society is facing as this fuels violence, corruption and narcotrafficking in various countries plus this has devastating effects on society that's why we as a society as well as the government must take action, help those who are vulnerable and spread awareness in order to prevent drug addiction and to ensure the wellbeing of our communities and society itself.

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