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Dyslexia Challenges In Education And Social Life

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Is the world ready for you if you have a disability? Dyslexia is one of the learning challenges that are categorized within the disabilities. Learning challenges are not taken seriously the way it should be. In fact, it is a struggle for a dyslexic person to enroll in one of the schools. Furthermore, Diagnosing dyslexia in its early stages is quite challenging. There are enormous difficulties facing the dyslexic person and the people around him/her such as understanding the situation from the beginning, developing skills, and communicating socially.

People with and around dyslexia are challenged all the time. “The essence feature of dyslexia is a problem with word decoding, which in turn impacts spelling performance and the development of reading fluency.” (Snowling, 2012). Parents see a blurry picture before getting a better picture or knowledge about dyslexia in order to diagnose the status of their child. It could take years before the final identification to the problem. In an interview of a short documentary film about dyslexic, a young boy Charlie and how his family members are dealing with this situation at home. Mary, the mother of the young boy states that “The first clue was after watching an Indian film about a dyslexic boy, who had very similar symptoms to our son.” (Charlie, 2015). The family had a better comprehension only after observing up normal behavior in their son’s way of behaving. Only after comparing the behavior of the young boy’s character in the movie, they have come to a better conclusion. Furthermore, Mary continues “Charlie started school at the age of five, he showed the normal challenges. By the time he was six, he was definitely struggling and by the time he was seven he was falling behind.” (Charlie, 2015). This left Charlie’s family anxious, wondering about the future of their son. However, with the family’s support, the learning journey continues and develops all the way. These challenges started to make sense once they are solved or easen on the education level for the young boy. Meanwhile, their priority was to find a suitable school with specialized teachers. This showed a new level of challenges for the boy and his family.

The dyslexic person is facing many challenges in different forms; one that could show up is education. Not every school is ready and prepared to welcome students with ‘Specific Learning Difficulties’. “Research conducted in UK… interviews with tutors found that over a third of all participants said that they had not received the training they needed to support the students…” (Bell, 2001) This rests a great responsibility on the international education system to provide what is needed for a better education and also to raise awareness on the issue. On the other hand, individuals remain short-handed without education support at schools. Their duties at home toward their children remain incomplete. Furthermore, special learning methods cost more than regular education. For instance, the support which is needed in these situations requires trained teachers, utilities and special tools to present useful learning environments and assessments. Moreover, these tools also need to be done along with special practices and activities to enhance the skills level. “Music practices improved categorical perception, a cornerstone of speech perception that has been largely investigated in children with dyslexia.” (Chobert Julie et al, 2019). In other words, students with dyslexia should practice creative activities in order to develop their skills. As a result the bigger responsibility remains with the families in their continuous in support and development of their children’s learning skills. When asking Charlie’s family in this regard about the possible ways to continue providing the supportive activities to their child with a lower cost, they said: The least we can do is start from home “reading every night, visual clue’s around the house, to help him identify the words…” (Charlie, 2015). For Charlie’s family and perhaps for many others with disabled child; this remains nonstop responsibility with a lot of obstacles along the way.

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Perspectives differ in how the dyslexic person sees himself and how others see him. “Self-concept is the complex image an individual holds of themselves which fulfils a number of significant functions: it grants the individuals to interpret and find meaning in life experiences, and to maintain a coherent image of themselves in relation to the external world…” (FRAZIER, 2016). On self-perspective, the dyslexic person could lack self-confidence; however this may differ from one person to another. Furthermore, when raising a disabled child, the way he or she is brought up plays a big role in shaping the child’s personality. On the other hand, how the disabled (dyslexic) child views himself within the disability and the world around him/her; all depend on coping and reacting to different situations. Secondly, the dyslexic person might face problems/challenges when socializing. Communicating with others at an early age, whether at home or at school is very important for children. Moreover, the dyslexic child is more highly to be bullied, isolated at school.

“Pupils with dyslexia and a control group of typically developing children. They found that students with ASD experienced more social rejection and fewer acceptances than both other groups. In addition, the students with ASD reported higher rates of bullying and lower levels of social support from classmates. Students with ASD tend to have more isolated environment connections to peers…” (Locke, Ishijima, Kasari, & London, 2010). (Whitney B. Griffin, 2019).

On the other hand, these obstacles could be reduced through bringing awareness via education on the matter in all education platforms. Media plays a vital role in raising awareness and engaging children in sports activities and is one key element in dealing with the matter. This will enhance the chance for a better understanding and tolerance on the case. This will also decrease isolation and perhaps prevent violence among children.

In conclusion, diagnosing the status and dealing with the case from the beginning, moving on with the long education journey and reflection of the self and society are all conflicts that could stand in face of the dyslexia as well as other disabilities. Continuing learning and developing the skills, along with greater comprehension will eventually the path of the these children.

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