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Dystopia Vs Utopia

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Utopia is a paradise, a heaven. Where everyone lives fairly, feels happy, free, give love for each other. Respecting others, listen to someone else’s words, moral, and good. On the other hand, dystopia is a gloomy, world with no dreams or hopes. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, has a different society from us. They can not see the colors, they do not even know how it feels to have sunburn, and They have a lot of rules to follow. Is this kind of world a Utopia? The society in the book The Giver is a dystopia because freedom and love are needed for utopia.

Having many laws and obeying them is not utopia, it is dystopia. Freedom and democracy are needed for utopia. Having specific laws can have a bad effect for people freedom. People need freedom in their lives because people has rights to have their own freedom, also if people has their own freedom to feel joy in living. Freedom is supposed to be free on the assumption that the people will be responsible for that freedom. For example, having a rule about flying over the community? People do not want to live in this kind of world where there is no freedom of where you want to go by your own plane. “it was against the rules for pilots to fly over the community. (Lowry,1)” therefore people will not want to live in The Giver society, also in this world if someone breaks the rules, they are released. Released means they die for a one mistake. Is it possible to make no mistake? Every people make mistake. It is wrong to kill them just because they made one mistake. In this world there are many specific rules and the citizens needs to obey them. The Father said “about the boy who did not obey the rules today. Do you think it is possible that he did not know about? (#8)” in this sentence the word ‘Obey’ do not seems to fit the word utopia. The word ‘Obey’ means commanding something to someone, directing, or request of a person, so it means that there is someone above the One’s station in life, making them to obey the rules. Utopia means everyone is equitable. Therefore, if there is someone above someone, it is not equitable also, it is not utopia.

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To be a utopia a society needs love, emotion, and also family. If they do not have any of those than it is too dry to live on. Feeling is the one of the most important in living. Some people also think that we live to love and love to live. Like this, if there is no true love, emotion, and no real family, then it really does not mean utopia. In the book The Giver there is no real family, as the government chooses the family members. Therefor families do not talk often. “you know the rules. Two children-one male, one female-to each family unit. It was written very clearly in the rules. (#11)” This refers to that the real family doesn’t exist. Government choose which person to marry, and gives them a baby who are not their biological child. this can tell there is no true love in this world and no real family. “He and other Nurturers were responsible for all the physical and emotional needs of every newchild during its earliest life. It was a very important job-(#9)” this supports that families are not the real family by saying “newchild”. this means they have someone birthing a baby and giving it to a family.

Choosing one’s own job is one of a person’s freedom. In this world in the book The Giver, the government choose a perfect fitting job for people even if they don’t want that job. “I hope I get assigned to be a Birthmother. Mother spoke very sharply. Do not say that. There’s very little honor in that Assignment. (#27)” This means that they have to get assigned to be something (job). If people can not choose what they want to do, then this kind of world is not a utopia. People has their own right to choose their own job. “You’ve been honored, Your father and I are very proud. it’s the most important job in the community (#84)’’ As you can see, the Jonas got a job. But he didn’t get a job he wanted. He wanted to get important job in the community. Or even he does not know if he want this job, if he would fit in this job. He is not sure that if he want this job. Each person has different values, different personality, different growth process, different color, body size is different, so each job that fits one’s personality is different. Because if other people choose one’s jobs, they can feel less satisfied with their job. It is also easy to blow away opportunities for self-development that you can get from choosing your own job, and if you do not decide to set up a career, it will mean that it will be harder for you to choose another job, so if this is a national system, when the citizens feels unfair to not be able to choose their job, the state also has an obligation to answer this question. But I do not think it is believable because I feel that I am unlikely to be satisfied with the answer. Therefor they need a freedom to choose jobs to reduce the people who doesn’t want their own jobs.

Is this kind of society a utopia? They have no freedom, no love, and no emotion. Utopia is a place where everyone is free and happy, but in the book The Giver doesn’t seems free and happy. The citizen of the book The Giver does not know what is going on them, but if they knew it than they will feel that their world was dystopia. Therefor the society in The Giver is a dystopia.

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