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Earth is on the Edge of Extinction

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The Earth is falling from the rim of a waterfall. The sun leaving the Earth’s skin a sunburnt mess. The rain falling like shattered glass, drowning and washing away the Earth’s soul. The electric wind which howls and threatens human life. An abnormal sight today, one that will be normal to future. Sleeping flowers, wake up! Don’t you see we’re beyond our reality? Little do you know that nature is so beautiful and precious. Food that fuels us, water that energises us, medicine that heals us. For now, it is on the edge of extinction. For it may not move us, but it will dismantle future generations. As I grew up to witness a community of magical creatures within the Great Barrier Reef, I was reminded of the many opportunities we are given with nature (a sight future generations may never see). Creatures beneath the breaking waves, so diverse and colourful in all shapes and sizes. Creatures camouflaging within the corals and hiding from predators. Creatures soft as jelly, some sharp as thorns and others tough as bones. A beautiful sight. Nature will not forgive! A residential reef ripped and now clinging from the rim of the waterfall. Ships which scar the buoyant of the reef with oil. Permanent ports established to hunt. Creatures choked in oil. Creatures camouflaging in the dark. Creatures weak as smoke.

Thunder! Rain! Nothing will wash it away. An eagle who soars across the sky will see buildings ascending and piled upon areas of nature. The most advanced species to ever exist, forcing ourselves into a new lifestyle like an innocent inmate placed in a cell. Species who have all decided to target that one prey rather than scatter across the land. With boundless space, a lifestyle wouldn’t be so demanding. Money is our biggest enemy, forcing ourselves into the victim of our own ambition. Scientists of the world all in compliance that the Earth is slowly sliding from the rim of the waterfall, yet the sleeping flowers choose to cover their ears in disregard. Mother Earth. Forgive us. I ought to thank the assassins of the Earth. Humanity’s once dull lives, energised and illuminated by the assassins. The assassins who make us dance, smile and laugh. Our lives would not be the same. I came to a realisation of how far we “advanced species” have come. The ability to travel to anywhere on planet Earth under 24 hours because of planes, an experience past generations would never encounter. Jobs, economic growth, improved quality of life and excitement. Would we be living the same without them? Mother Earth. Forgive us. We were the ones who pumped toxic fumes into your air and turned it into filthy, smoky clouds. Assassins who tore apart the natural resources that belonged to you.

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Assassins that used your ocean as a wasteland to dump our unwanted chemicals, sewage and waste. Assassins who killed the homes of animals so that they all become extinct. Future generations won’t be able to breathe the same air we did, swim in the ocean or see the same animals we did and for that – we’re sorry! A witch’s bloody tear which forces its way across the cheeks of the Earth. A scream of murder heard from the other side with the taste of salty tears. Mother nature will have her revenge. The smell of air full of toxic pollutants that we all live and depend on cannot be refurbished. It’s only a matter of time before billions of us choke upon our own mistakes. Growing up, I was taught to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Aboriginal people.

Have we simply drove past them on a stretch of the concrete highway? A lifestyle which preserved the delicate beauty of Mother Earth for centuries cannot be ignored. One which recognised that they are the awake flowers within nature, apart of their identity. One with an inextricable connection beyond explainable. Forever ingrained in who they are with spiritual ancestors who dwell amongst them. A bond to nature like having a soulmate with unconditional affection and someone that you’d enshrine. Have we failed to recall that our very first soulmate was Mother Earth? Mother Earth’s beauty is forever maintained and persisted, but our beauty will one day end. We are a species who endeavour to fix our own mistakes. An essential human resource, food processed to the hands of consumer. Original apples so sweet, shiny and natural experienced by Adam and Eve no longer exist. A dilemma for mankind, but a crack in a wall, a builder must repair. Genetically modified apples, processed and modified in a pursuit with Mother Earth. We have failed to comprehend however, that Mother Earth will destroy us before we destroy her.

The Earth is a frozen waterfall. The dark sun laughing at the sunburnt, parched land. The rain, an extraordinary sight leaving places in an arid state. The silent wind. A lifeless, barren land is all that remains. No animals, no trees but decomposed leaves with mankind. The only source of life is Earth – our only home. If the environment perishes, we will be extinct. Regardless of fame, intelligence or wealth, it will be worthless like a pen without ink. We must beat the clock, before it beats us.

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