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Earth, Making A Life On A Tough New Planet Review

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The novel “Eaarth, making a life on a tough new planet” focuses on the topics involving global warming written by Bill McKibben. It looks in depth of global warming causes, solutions and ideas to stop or slow down global warming. The novel was published by Henry holt and company on the April 13th of 2010 and the book itself contains 276 pages. My reason for choosing this book was mainly the title of the book. The way he spelled earth “Eaarth” followed by “Making a life on a tough new planet” was an eye-catching title for me. Just from the title, I could tell it had something to do with global warming or how the earth was changing. The author Bill McKibben is an American environmentalist, author and journalist. Bill graduated Harvard university in 1982 and released his first novel in 1989. Since then he has written a considerable amount of novel on global warming. Some of his famous works include “Fight global warming now”, “Hope, Human and Wind and “The end of nature”.

In the book “ Eaarth, making a life on a tough new planet”, Bill addressed the importance of global warming and how it is impacting our lives and the future generation. He offers some studies on the effects of global warming and describes the steps we must take to stop global warming. Many of us are lucky and privileged to be able to do normal daily things such as go shopping, driving a car, going to the gym or even playing video games. Not many of us notice but everything that we do requires energy and the source of that energy comes from fossil fuels. He

furthermore, talks about the solution to global warming and explains that we need to act fast to be able to live a comfortable life in the future and have a sustainable life for the future generations. Bill focuses lots on how can we stop or slow down rather than when is global warming going to happen? The truth is that global warming is already affecting our life’s. Such as nature, wild animals’ extinctions, environmental disasters and millions of people’s lives are already being affected by the effect of global warming already right under our own feet. We just have to pay close to attention to it.

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The safe carbon dioxide level for this planet is 350 parts per million and currently our planet is at 390 ppm and if we continue burning more fossil fuels and release carbon to the atmosphere, the numbers could increase to 500 ppm by 2050. Imagine just at 390ppm, we’re already seeing the effects of global warming. Ice glaciers are melting, stronger hurricanes, sea waters are rising, and droughts are causing a major reduction in food supplies. Obviously, it is bit too late to completely fix global warming, but we must act before it totally becomes irreversible. The author gives us few solutions to global warming. Development of nuclear power plants to supplement our energy system was the primary and perhaps the most critical solution. Nuclear power plants wont use fossil fuels to generate energy which benefit us greatly, but there are many problems involved. The cost of building one plant is around 7 billion dollars and can be quite difficult to build. To minimize at least the tenth of the pollution, Bill said that for the next 40 years we would need to build two nuclear power plants every week and the total cost of that could be around 8 trillion dollars or more. I mean, it sounds great, it could dramatically improve the earth but getting the capital for the project is hard. There aren’t many investors who are willing to invest in such a huge expensive project. Beside many of us are faced with uncertain future, we can’t tell what’s going to happen to us. One of my biggest question concerning my future is “am I going to be able to find the job that I want?” or is global warming going to be the reason my dream job may not exist anymore. It was quite complicated as I tried to connect global warming with the future of work, since global warming will inevitable impact everyone on this planet, it’s a global disaster. Yes, the world will eventually switch to more sustainable energy but its not going to happen over night. Yes, it is going to be expensive to switch and not everyone is going to able to do it and does that mean the government will shut down certain jobs or companies that can’t switch to more sustainable energy? This leads to my second point, which is that many people living in areas impacted by global warming will lose their jobs, which will increase the poverty rate world wide.

I honestly saw no flaws in his books, every assertion was backed up by a research study and most assertions are backed up by facts. Personally, I consider the book to be very compelling, a lot of details are tossed at the reader. Reading this book was like speaking to a time traveler who saw the consequences of global warming and now he’s back to our timeline trying to persuade us to change our way of life as soon as possible. He’s really trying to make you realize that before its late, we need to act against global warming. We can’t stop it, as he points it out, but we can slow it down and make the current world more sustainable. He also provides us what we should do to help stop climate changes us individually and as a community. The storms will be even worse sooner or later, towns will flood and there will be a huge food and water crisis. Due to natural disasters and loss of lands, many will lose their jobs and wont be able to find a different job as easy. Most businesses will have to turn to more renewable energy sources but not all of them are going to be able to handle the switch or can afford it. Shut down of businesses will directly increase the unemployment rate which will increase the poverty rate as well. After reading the book, I realized I myself have to help with the process of change. I will try to use less energy, be more organic and contribute to stopping global warming. I hope you the reader will also do the same.

Sooner or later, the hurricanes are going to be even stronger, cities are going to flood and there will be a major shortage of food and water. As we lose lands to natural disasters, many people are going to lose their job and won’t be able to find any new jobs. Many companies will have to switch to more renewable energy source as some might not be able to handle the change or the ones who can’t afford it, will close, resulting in worse unemployment rates which will lead to increased poverty rate.


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