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Essay on Rogue Waves and Tsunamis

On 3rd March 2011, a rogue wave forged ahead of the coastline of Fukushima an hour after the magnitude 9 earthquake shuddered east Japan. This monumental tsunami brought over 40 meters of waves, caused the failure of three reactors in the local nuclear power plant, the devastation of property, and an estimated 14,000 dead bodies were found (Japanese National Police Agency, n.d.). This precipitous sea bore initiated attention worldwide to natural disasters and led to the investigation of the tragedy...
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2010 Haiti Earthquake Overview

On the 12th of January 2010 at precisely 4:53 pm, a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Léogâne which led to colossal impacts that would forever scar Haiti. An earthquake so destructive and lethal that it is classified as 5th deadliest natural disaster in the world! If you can’t picture how dangerous this was, the Hiroshima Atomic bomb was equal to 13 kilotons of TNT which is the same as a 6-magnitude earthquake. It was Léogâne where the earthquake chose to...
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The Nepal Earthquake Overview

The Nepal earthquake happened in 2015 on the 25th of April. It destroyed many homes, health facilities and took about 9000 lives away. The intensity of the earthquake had a maximum Mercalli Intensity of VIII (Severe) and magnitude of 7.8. How it Happened Since Nepal is in between two large tectonic plates, it is particularly prone to earthquakes. The Nepal earthquake occurred because of two intersecting tectonic plates; the U.S. Geological Survey said the India plate was overriding the Eurasia...
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The Importantce of Establishing Awareness of Earthquakes and the EWS as a Precaution

An earthquake is the sudden vibration of the ground caused by movements of the Earth’s crust. These disasters originate from a focus point commonly located underground in a fault zone. A fault is the fracture found inside a tectonic plate where pressure builds up and exceeds causing a release of energy (Seismic Waves) that cause the tremble of an earthquake. Two plates may collide and create friction against each other, the rocks in between push together until they rupture from...
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Comparison of the Loma Prieta California Earthquake and Armenia

Introduction An earthquake is a tremor in the earth’s crust that results in seismic waves as a result of the sudden energy realized from the bowels of the earth. Earthquakes are most likely to occur in regions where the earth’s crust is experiencing any form of strain. The areas which are normally prone to earthquakes are normally the Faulty areas and also along the boundaries. Earthquakes that occur in the faulty areas can result from normal faults, reverse or strike...
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Destructive Force: Earthquake in Aquila, Italy

Introduction There are a few natural processes that can be as scary as an earthquake. A human can brace for typhoons by staying indoors. A well-constructed house can withstand normal typhoons. Flooding can be defeated by planning and create mechanisms that will limit the rapid collection of water in cities and other populated areas. Forest fires can be overcome with a well-trained crew of firefighters. But the best system in the world and the best organization on the planet could...
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The Importance of Sustainable Earthquake Resistant Building Design in The Philippines

The Philippines is known to be one of the most earthquake prone countries in the world. It is in the list of the ’10 Earthquake Prone Countries in The World’ (10 Earthquake Prone Countries In The World 2019) and is located within the area known as the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’, which comprises of a string of sites of seismic activities around the Pacific Ocean. (Society 2019) Therefore, it is very much susceptible to earthquakes. The country has experienced numerous...
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Importance of Earthquake Preparedness Essay

Think about how life would be if there is no earthquake build an imagery of what Earth will look like. You will probably say that there would be lessdestruction, loss of lives and earth would be a safer place to live in. But earthquake is more than what you expect. We are all aware of all the damages but we never acknowledge what are the advantages. I am Nicole Muñez and today I am here in front of you presenting...
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Effects of Earthquakes: Differences in the Magnitude of Damage Caused by Earthquakes

An earthquake is a sudden tremor of the earth’s surface or below and occurs naturally due to various factors (Cari 4). Earthquakes start either underneath or on the exterior of the earth’s crust depending on the basis that led to the tremble or tremor. The magnitude of an earthquake measures the amount of energy released by an earthquake when tectonic plates shift against each other causing sudden tremors (Cari 8). There are various types of earthquakes depending on the cause...
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Earthquakes’ Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts

The Nepal Earthquake occurred on the 25th of April and 11:56 AM, there was nearly 9,000 casualties and nearly 22,000 injuries with the main injures occurring in the capital Kathmandu. Earthquakes such as this one are quite common in the Nepalese area because the country is on top of the of two huge tectonic plates in the world the Indo-Australian plate and the Asian plate. While this was caused by the fault line along the gap between the Indian/Asian Plate...
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Earthquakes: History and Studies

Damages in Earthquake Several types of earthquake damages may occur, and the extent of damage caused will be influenced by the severity of the earthquake, location of site from epicenter, and several other factors. Damage can be minimized by proper design analysis according to the parameters of earthquake engineering. Basics of Earthquake The shaking of the earth, because of the movements of plates beneath the crust of the earth, is called an earthquake. Before we study the damages due to...
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Earthquakes as the Natural Disaster Posing the Greatest Danger to Societies

Natural disasters have always been a significant threat to human life and safety due to the uncontrolled and commonly unpreventable features. Despite the scope of dangers and adverse outcomes associated with various natural disasters, earthquakes might be claimed to be the most dangerous to societies and people. Due to high economic costs associated with rescuing efforts and living after the earthquake, this disaster is perceived as the most severe. Numerous instances of extreme earthquakes in humanity’s history indicate the scope...
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An Essay on Natural Disasters and Their Impact on Economic Growth, Using the Example of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

Natural disasters have always been one of mankind’s major fears and fascinations, due to their associated human and economic losses. Natural disasters such as the Kobe Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the Haitian Earthquake, and the Japanese Tsunami have been able to grab the attention of man towards the act of examining the impact and consequences of these events, as they have instilled fear in him that such large-scale devastating events are becoming more frequent and severe. The...
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The 2011 Tsunami in Japan: An Essay

In this essay, I am going to talk about the tsunami that happened in Japan in 2011. This work will provide information about where the disaster occurred, why and what consequences it had. Finally, it will be discussed what conclusions were drawn and how we can now reduce the impact of these types of events. Where Did It Occur? A very destructive earthquake occurred 500 kilometers away from the north-eastern shore of Japan. Sendai, Honshu was 130 kilometers from the...
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The 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The three tectonic boundaries are divergent, convergent, and transform. A divergent boundary is when two tectonic plates move away from each other. If the plates moving away are oceanic, this may cause sea-floor spreading, which is the creation of new sea floor. As a result of how likely this occurs, continental plates tend to be older. Transform boundaries have the ability to create earthquakes. These are when plates slide past each other. Unlike divergent boundaries, convergent plates move towards each...
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Earthquake Magnitude Prediction Using Machine Learning

A sudden release of energy into the outermost shell of the earth that creates waves of energy that results in shaking of earth’s surface is called an earthquake or tremor. Earthquake prediction is a branch of seismology science concerned with defining the date, location, and magnitude of potential earthquakes within specified limits, and in particular determining the conditions for the next strong earthquake to occur in a area. Predictions are considered meaningful if progress can be demonstrated beyond random chance....
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