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Materialism, Loneliness and the Problem with Capitalism

As a wise person once said, shopping is cheaper than a therapist. Is that statement actually truthful though? Every year thousands, maybe even millions, of Americans fall into the dangerous cycle of materialism due to loneliness. Buying unnecessary and trivial products hoping that they will make their life just a little bit better. Later on, they realize the purchase of those items only gives a short, fleeting feeling of satisfaction. As the high they experience from the purchase dies down,...
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Effects of Mercantilism on the Netherlands, France and Britain: Essay

The word ‘mercantilism’ is a term that most economists would define as a theory; this is based on the idea that the world’s total wealth was static and strongly supported government intervention in regulating trade through commercial (protectionist) policies to protect domestic firms and economic growth. If executed effectively, it should result in a country’s GDP increasing whilst producing a trade surplus. The Effects of Mercantilism on the Netherlands When looking back at history, the theory of ‘mercantilism’ was first...
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Mercantilist Beliefs among Sugar Plantations and the Slave Trade: Essay

Mercantilism is economic framework created amid the rot of feudalism to bring together and increase the influence and particularly the money related abundance of a country by strict administrative guideline of the whole national economy as a rule through policy strategy intended to verify accumulation of bullion, an ideal equalization of exchange, the improvement of agribusiness and manufactures, and the foundation of outside restraining infrastructures and monopolies. Around then, mercantilism thus assumed that potential of making their motherlands rich. It...
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Is Mercantilism an Effective Form of Growth in Modern Economies: Essay

To begin with, the key question for modern growth, however, is this: ‘Does mercantilism still exist?’. In many developing nations, under one-party rule or managed by huge bureaucracies guided by industrial policies, the answer is undoubtedly, yes. On the other hand, in the modern economies, where tax reporting and collection are fairly efficient, mercantilism is much less in evidence. However, this idea of mercantilism was at its peak during the 16th-18th centuries. This time period is also known as the...
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I Am a Materialistic

The concept of materialism involves predominantly focusing on tangible items over intellectual or spiritual values (‘Materialism’). The majority of today’s adolescents can be identified as the most materialistic generation in history, as many of us are extremely conscious of our social status and our self-worth is driven by our material possessions. However, the obsession of engaging in social comparison with others over material belongings can ultimately lead to consequences for the individual. I have a materialistic mindset because I believe...
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The Pros and Cons of Mercantilism

Mercantilism is one of classical theories in international political economy (IPE) along with economic liberalism and neo-Marxism. Mercantilism believes the world is in struggle of power and security between each national interest, in order to grow their economy, they need to limit the imported goods by using tariffs while at the same time increasing their export instead (List, 1841), and also without the existence of hegemonic power the liberal world economy will not exist (Gilpin, 1987). This theory is the...
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How Does Liberalism Compare with Mercantilism

International Political Economy The international political economy is the convergence of political and economic powers to produce a particular set of forces and dynamics in the world. The contemporary global system can be explained through three theoretical paradigms of Liberalism, Mercantilism, and Marxism. They are essential in understanding the characteristics of the economic system and the challenges it faces. This essay will explore the fundamental political and economic ideas or assumptions that underpin each of the key theoretical perspectives as...
5 Pages 2467 Words

Reflections on How Materialism Led to the Development of a Two-Dimensional Society

In ‘The Century of the Self’, Adam Curtis sketches a broad image on the insights of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, his daughter and child psychologist Anna and his cousin Edward Bernays, who can be called the founder of public relations. In 4 parts the documentary lays out the influence of the above-mentioned in governments and societies, which mostly happened through manipulation and consumerism. Edward Bernays is called the father of public relations because of his ability to get the mass to...
4 Pages 1791 Words

The Impact of Consumerism and Materialism on Modern American Society

For numerous amount of years, people have been compulsive consumers as the economy influenced materialism. Consumerism is the act of advertisements for getting people to buy what they don’t need even though they don’t have money. Materialism is considering materialistic possession for physical comfort instead of spiritual values. Usually, providing dishonest advertising, consumerism tricks shoppers into thinking they have to have that product to maintain their happiness. Sometimes people fall for the tricks and sneaky words of advertisements. Consumerism and...
3 Pages 1448 Words

An Essay of the Negative Effects of Materialism

According to Srikant Manchiraju and Zlatan Krizan, materialism can be defined as “the importance an individual attaches to worldly possessions” (Manchiraju and Krizan, 90). A materialistic individual tends to believe that their earthly possessions and physical comfort are more important than their spiritual values. Certain belongings that a person with a materialistic viewpoint could put emphasis on include how nice their house is, what kind of car they drive, which type of cell phone they own, and how nice or...
3 Pages 1416 Words

The Problem of the Materialistic Nature of American Society

As time goes by the American dream is becoming exceedingly materialistic. I believe that the Americans have always been materialistic to a greater or lesser extent, but I’m very sure when I say, that the world has never been as materialistic as these recent years. If we take a look back in time people aspired of having a job that paid well, so they could live in a house in the suburbs and own one or two nice cars. That...
2 Pages 875 Words

Materialism as an Essential Problem of Modern American Society

Materialism has become part of human nature. It has been spread throughout history and evolved into an issue that will never cease to exist. However, this is no new discovery, materialism is not a new thing. It is displayed all over the media, in magazines, and in commercials. From the dawn of time, there has been an innate competition between human beings. Whether we admit to it or not, we all have the urge to be better than those around...
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Theories Justifying International Trade

International trade emerged as a controversial concept that led to the creation of various theories to justify the adoption of the practice. International trade theories explain the exchange of goods and services between entities or people from two different nations. The trade between individuals and entities results from the belief in the possibilities of benefiting from exchanging goods and services (Viner, 2016). International trade constitutes a significant number of theories, business strategies, and policies. Comparative advantage is one of the...
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Reflection on Whether Promotion Encourages Materialism

At present, many questions arise, while the promotion of various products makes us become materialistic. Advertisements promote materialism in several ways. The first is by creating new needs and desires among people. Advertisements also encourage people to compete with each other by purchasing more and better objects. Finally, advertisements often encourage consumers to replace their old possessions by purchasing the newest and best model. This fosters a ‘throwaway society’. Your business can oppose this materialism by offering products that are...
2 Pages 724 Words

Increasing Materialism Increases the Depression in Society

Physical needs and comfort are more considerably than spiritual values in materialism. Materialism is a term of social behavior and interactions by which many materialistic people are unsatisfied and stressful by seeing others having the latest things which are useable in their daily life more the needs. Materialism is just a mind satisfaction of an individual which he or she sees other people having things more than survival. In daily life we see many materialistic people who wants the best...
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