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What Was an Economic Result of the Columbian Exchange: Evaluation Essay

The Columbian Exchange, a watershed moment in human history triggered by Christopher Columbus's voyages to the Americas, had far-reaching economic consequences that reshaped the course of global trade, wealth distribution, and economic systems. This evaluation essay delves into the economic results of the Columbian Exchange, exploring both the positive advancements and the nuanced implications that emerged as a result. Thesis Statement The economic result of the Columbian Exchange was a complex interplay of opportunities and challenges, as it led to...
1 Page 647 Words

What Was One Economic Effect of the Renaissance: Essay

Introduction The Renaissance, a period of cultural and intellectual rebirth in Europe during the 14th to 17th centuries, brought about significant changes in various aspects of society. One area profoundly impacted by this era was the economy. As the Renaissance unfolded, a notable economic effect emerged—a transformation in trade and commerce. This essay explores the economic shifts that occurred during the Renaissance and highlights one key effect: the expansion of trade routes and the growth of commercial activities. The Commercial...
1 Page 510 Words

Why I Want to Be an Economist Essay

Economics, often perceived as a complex interplay of numbers and theories, is fundamentally about people, their choices, and the ripple effects of those choices in society. My journey towards embracing economics was not rooted in textbooks or lectures but in a lively family dinner conversation about the 2008 financial crisis. This discussion, rich with diverse perspectives and heated debates, unveiled the profound impact of economic principles on everyday life. I discovered my passion for economics at that moment of clarity...
2 Pages 683 Words

Essay on Inflation and Unemployment

1.1 Executive Summary The main objective of this report is to determine the factors that led to the issue of unemployment and disturbed the economy of Pakistan from 1999 to 2010. Unemployment is a very serious problem that causes the decline in the economic growth of a country and that also affects the international status of that country. To study the determinants of unemployment in Pakistan ordinary least square model is used. This report focuses on foreign direct investment, inflation...
4 Pages 1851 Words

Global Unemployment Essay

Youth is the best to be understood as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence. In Western societies, ‘youth’ is defined as “life stages between childhood and adulthood” and becoming independent from dependent (Kehily 2007). ‘Youth’ is often used to refer to those between the ages of leaving compulsory education and finding their first job. The United Nations (1981) defines ‘youth’ as those between the ages of 15 and 24 years old, without prejudice to...
1 Page 486 Words

Essay on Artificial Intelligence Economy

In recent years, society has witnessed robots and machines replacing many jobs that were once conducted by humans. The questions on everyone’s minds are when will the development and advancement of artificial intelligence stop, will robots have the potential to replace every aspect of humans' lives, and what jobs will be left? Artificial intelligence is making its way into numerous industries and as a result, disrupting the workplace environment. Industries are currently realizing the economic benefits of Artificial intelligence such...
5 Pages 2194 Words

Thesis Statement about Inflation

1 Background of the study Macroeconomic stability is a fundamental macroeconomic policy objective of every country, whether developed or developing (Frimpong & Oteng-Abayie, 2010; Agalega & Acheampong, 2013). This has made the study of the relationship between inflation and economic growth of interest to economists for a long period of time (Khan, 2014). The primary objective of such studies has been to identify robust evidence of the sign of this relationship and its stability over time (Khan, 2014). Nonetheless, such...
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Life-Span Perspective of Human Development: Essay

The study of how people change and develop can be defined as human development. Many researchers explain that human development has a strong theoretical foundation and research background. In my opinion, one theory cannot fully explain the development of an adult, so we need to look at it from the life-span perspective. According to Kail and Cavanaugh (2017), development can only be fully understood when viewed as a life-long process and all factors are considered holistically. Louw and Louw (2019)...
2 Pages 947 Words

Essay about Economic Development and Environmental Problems

Environment or Development? One of the most controversial ethical issues in the modern business area is the conflict between environmental protection and economic development. Economic development demands that a large number of products be produced in a time as short as possible. Mass production, therefore, requires the involvement of factory work that would generate a lot of wastewater and air pollution, which would not only influence the condition of the lands but also the health of human beings. However, economists...
1 Page 529 Words

Poverty in Malaysia: Essay

With a population of 32.7 million, Malaysia is a multi-ethnic religious nation, distinguished primarily by three major ethnic groups: Malay and indigenous people, Chinese, and Indians. Malaysia has been effectively converting itself from a poor nation into a middle-income country since its independence in 1957. Despite difficult external factors, the economy of Malaysia has shown periodic expansion. It may also certainly assert its fighting success against poverty. Despite its progress in decreasing poverty, for certain geographical and societal factors, a...
1 Page 598 Words

Which Economic System Is the Best and Why: Argumentative Essay

Theoretically, economic systems are imperative for the efficient allocation of scarce resources across society and the protection of its citizens on a national and globular scale. One of the most renowned of these systems is capitalism, in which autonomy is granted to its members, allowing them to trade in a free market, less encumbered by regulation to achieve greater efficiency. Recognising that capitalism may go against the utilitarian views on morality doesn’t mean it’s an immoral way to organise an...
5 Pages 2049 Words

Essay about Max Weber's Theory of Bureaucracy

A society is composed of people who live interactively in the same territory and share a similar culture. In most cases, individuals in a society share a common culture and have a common origin. The type of society determines the social practices practiced in society, that is, different communities exhibit different ways of survival. For example, different communities have different economic, religious, and political systems. Over the past years, societies have evolved from primitive forms of life to advanced lifestyles....
2 Pages 716 Words

Quality Education and Why It Is Important: Essay

Shockingly, 57 million children across the world don't have a school to go to. This is atrocious for the kids as well as the country they are in because without formal education it is hard for a country to develop. This information arises the question of how access to quality education positively impacts children as they become older. Access to quality education positively impacts children as they get older by providing them with new opportunities and improving a country’s economy....
1 Page 417 Words

Essay on Inclusive Economic Growth from Judith Teichman's Perspective

Judith Teichman in her book 'The Politics of Inclusive Development' explores the politics of inclusive development through an in-depth analysis of four case studies, Mexico, Indonesia, Chile, and South Korea, each with clear-cut development paths and different social welfare and distributive outcomes, and places these cases in the context of international development thinking and practice. The book tries to tackle two main concerns: what policies are necessary for the reduction of poverty, its related deprivations, and continued improvements in social...
3 Pages 1542 Words

Significance of Digital Economy, Its Promises and Dangers: Critical Essay

The digital economy in world creates efficiency and is beneficial to connect the whole world within a single framework. It is also termed a new economy. The digital economy was first coined by a Japanese professor at the end of 1990. The digital economy is termed because digital technologies help the economy by providing several inclusive opportunities. The broad scope of the digital economy includes sustainable growth for economics and it provides several facilities like e-commerce platforms, industry procurement, implementation...
3 Pages 1261 Words

Milton Friedman's Speech 'There Is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch' and Its Key Messages: Analytical Essay

Milton Friedman, former presidential advisor, Nobel prize winner, and coauthor of Income from Independent Professional Practice, was a world-renowned economist, well known and respected throughout the economic community for prominent advocation of free markets in society. In Friedman’s video ‘There Is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch’, Friedman discusses many popular political aphorisms, as well as one particular aphorism that he helped popularize with the title of his book, published in 1975, ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Free...
4 Pages 1662 Words

Essay on Small Business and Its Value

The value of small businesses is often underestimated because they are small. But in fact, this absolutely does not mean that they have little influence. Small businesses have a huge impact not only on the national economy but also on the economy of their communities. Small businesses are as unique and individual as their owners and span a variety of industries. They fuel the American dream and allow people to pursue their passion. Small businesses also enable people to achieve...
1 Page 663 Words

Narrative Essay on Free Enterprise and Its Importance for Me

I thoroughly believe I encompass a strong, representative example of the free enterprise spirit. The free enterprise economy adequately provides me with opportunities for involvement in work and the community. Free enterprise is private resources owned, and competitiveness will thrive economically with minimal government intervention. In many respects, I value my personal freedom from the choices I make in the economy to the choices I make in the election. The possible rewards of a free enterprise in many respects provide...
1 Page 482 Words

Why the Reformation Did Not Bring Disenchantment?

In Max Weber’s article ‘Disenchantment, Enchantment, and Re-Enchantment’ he talks about the link between Protestantism and the elimination of magical and supernatural forces in the world. He believed that, along with Enlightenment, the Reformation was a powerful catalyst of a great historic process, he called ‘the disenchantment of the world’, where the magic withers away, leaving only a disenchanted nature or feeling behind. Weber argues that the world became more rationalized, as there was a decline in magic and ritual....
2 Pages 1072 Words

Australia's Gross Domestic Product: Development and Diversity

Gross domestic product (GDP) gauges a nation's financial exhibition over a given period, commonly one year or one quarter. Thus, estimating the economy of the nation is the most significant monetary measure. This paper investigates the development and diversity of Australia's gross domestic product. Australia’s Growth Decade As indicated by the report by Aslani et al. (2017), the growth rate of Australia's gross domestic product was 2.8%, with a gross domestic product of US$734.283 million. In 2005, it was predicted...
6 Pages 2609 Words

Analysis on GDP and Its Effectiveness as a Standard of Well-Being and the Effects on the Focus on Economic Growth

Economic growth around the world has meant countries has been able to develop at an exponential rate, particularly those economies in third world countries. Gross domestic product or GDP gives an indication of the country’s economic situation. Many economists would use gross domestic product to provide figures to help determine the rate of growth and the size of an economy for various countries. GDP can be calculated by taking the total value of products and services that are manufactured by...
5 Pages 2058 Words

Industrialization after the Civil War: Thesis and Outline

Changes in the U.S. from 1865-1901 April 9, 1865, signifies the abolishment of Slavery and the end of the Civil War, beginning a new period in American history. This period saw a rapid rise in American industrialization and opportunities available to middle-class people, alongside a big surge in job openings for working-class people. While industrialization changed the country for the better, there was a violent counter-revolution of white supremacists in the South, oppressing and attacking black people across the Southern...
3 Pages 1154 Words

John D Rockefeller Captain of Industry or Robber Baron: Biography Essay

Early into the nineteenth century, the railroad business started flourishing. With that came steel, wood, coal, and other industries. A few who were successful in these businesses were called entrepreneurs and robber Barons. ‘Robber Baron’ is a specific term that was given to business tycoons in the nineteenth century. All of them were entrepreneurs, but some were called robber barons due to their selfish and pitiful practices. Entrepreneurs were and still are those who had an innovative idea and organized...
1 Page 493 Words

Essay on Economics

Economics is a social science that studies how individuals, businesses, governments, and societies decide how to allocate resources to meet their needs and wants. It is a fundamental part of our daily lives and affects every aspect of society, from our personal finances to the policies and decisions made by governments and businesses. Basic Concepts in Economics In economics, the concept of scarcity is essential because resources are limited, and choices must be made about how to allocate them. In...
2 Pages 852 Words

Will Apple Maintain Its Dominance in the UK Market?

Since the launch of its first phone called iPhone, Apple has dominated the mobile market. It has been a trend setter and has attracted a large number of loyal customers who buy every product they launch. Some new companies such as Huawei is rising to the occasion and has started to give a competition to other small firms. In this essay it will be argued whether a trillion-dollar company, Apple will remain the dominating force and maintain its monopoly on...
3 Pages 1305 Words

Role of Transport in Economic Development

Since ancient times, there was interdependence between shipping activity and the degree of economic development. Civilizations who managed to exploit natural advantages like waterways have managed to develop economically. Thus, in ancient times, countries such as Egypt, China, Greece and the Roman Empire grew economically by developing river and maritime transportation routes. Since the eighteenth century, the importance of transport was highlighted by Adam Smith. In Smith’s concept, transport was a productive branch that creates value, but not the use-value....
3 Pages 1526 Words

Effects of Monopolies of Large Tech Firms in the Digital Platform Markets

Over the last decade, the influence of digital platforms has generated great progress. Large tech firms (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google) have changed people’s lifestyles by providing services. These services, often free of charge, have changed the way people communicate and interact with others, shop, and find information. There are many advantages to such large digital platforms, however, they have also gained considerable control of consumer information, which reinforces their market power. This has caused concern not only in terms...
4 Pages 1982 Words

Essay on Oligopoly, Perfect Competition, Cournot's and Bertrand's Models

Oligopoly is one of the four market structures in the world and the other three are perfect competition, monopoly, and monopolistic competition. All these market structures have different features and characteristics that set them apart, but among them is a perfect competition that often serves as a benchmark for others. Indeed, perfect competition, in addition to promoting economic efficiency, provides a good basis for the comparison of different types of markets in the real world. Oligopolistic markets have two main...
3 Pages 1471 Words

Free Market Competition and Monopoly

Businesses in the modern market are required to continuously adapt and adjust to the changes in the market in order to stay competitive. Competition is an important aspect of a market and is widely known to be the process of operating in a market concurrently with other competitors in order to gain profit (Riggs, 2015). In order for competitors to stay competitive, they complete through various means which will be discusses in this paper. However, if a monopoly is introduced...
2 Pages 1098 Words

Analysis of Oligopoly Market

This report is based on analysis of oligopoly market, where the definition of oligopoly is discussed to identify the features and structure of the market. The main determinants of oligopoly market will also be discussed. The main element of this report focuses to find out how firms make their price and output decision in the oligopoly market, where Saudi Arabia based telecommunication service provider ‘STC’ is selected as an example of the firm operating in oligopoly market in the Kingdom...
4 Pages 1652 Words
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