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Education In Kindergarten Enhances Learning Ability And Social Skills

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When all children reach a certain age, and they are no longer so dependent on their parents, it is normal to consider whether you want to send your child to a kindergarten or not. This is an option now widely available in many countries and has many benefits for both the child and the mother and father. Many parents choose to send their child to kindergarten for the supposed benefits it will bring in terms of enhanced learning ability and social skills. In fact, this is one of the main reasons that parents make this decision, believing often quite rightly that teachers who work in kindergarten often know effective ways of helping their child advance and develop more quickly. Having said all that, let’s now talk about magical kindergarten. There is a kindergarten for magical learning just as there is a kindergarten for public school. In every form of learning, you must master the basics before you can move on to more advanced techniques In kindergarten the most primary programs are designed to take children with a variety of social, emotional, and academic needs and work with them based on their strengths.

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However we also know that children who start kindergarten with a good grounding in six skill areas have a head start and a higher success rate than children lacking these basic skills. The skills that ease transition into kindergarten and help lead to a successful kindergarten year fall into these basic areas: cognitive skills, listening and sequencing, language skills, fine motor skills, social emotional skills, and gross motor skills. Listening and sequencing are also important skills and this includes the ability to follow simple directions, paying attention, retelling a simple story in sequence, repeating a sequence of sounds, and repeating a sequence of numbers. In addition to the emergent literacy skills connected with cognitive skills, there are also language skills connected to relationships such as big and little, short and tall, more and less, up and down, top and bottom, in and out, over and under, front and back, and slow and fast. If your child has all these skills mastered then they are well on the road to success in kindergarten. Don’t worry if your child has not yet achieved success with all these skills. You can continue to work on the skills right up until the start of school and certainly after school has started you can team with your child’s teacher.

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