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Education Through the Internet: Essay

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Formerly, around ten years ago or maybe even less, we were not familiar with the notorious term ‘Internet’, but ironically, in many ways now it has become very difficult for us to discuss or imagine any aspect of the contemporary society without considering ‘Internet’. As a result of which at this instant education through the Internet has transpired as one of the major contrivance or concepts.

The Internet has immense potential to improve the quality of education, which now is also becoming one of the pillars of sustainable development. As a result, the educational paradigm brings us a transformational era.

Probably the thriving facilitation provided by the Internet doesn’t only help in connecting with people, but it also prospers our lives by its contribution done predominantly through aiding not just in our ‘regular routine lives’ (as a source of entertainment or relaxation), but also in our ‘professional lives’ such as transferring files, communication for work purpose, edification and etc. Taken as a whole, the Internet opens doorways to a wealth of information, knowledge and educational resources and etc., which consequently increases the opportunities for learning in and beyond the perimeter of the classrooms.

The traditional method of education is done within the boundary of four walls known as ‘classrooms’, supported by a text-book full of jargons, historical dates, facts and figures and etc., which will make education more ‘theoretical based’. Whereas educations amalgamation with the Internet will ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. It will enable individuals to build more prosperous and successful lives at their own pace, which will help the society in achieving their economic and social objectives.

Henceforth, in the age of the modern times we see a significant and impactful change in education system. Such as to make learning more effective, we have applications like BYJU’S, iTunes U, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, Codecademy, Big Think, Lynda, Alison, Brightstorm, Academic Earth, edX and etc. We all are aware about the following apps, and its again because of the Internet. In the phase of still being a developing country and exploring the Internet, the owners or developers of such app personally went through a point of time in their life wherein they understood the power of education and the Internet both, and the outcome are the following applications.

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Accordingly, these applications are still being used and it makes the youth highly dependent on it. It denotes a reason why the power of the Internet it increasing majorly on youngsters. One of its advantages is that it got a boom for educational usage on this platform because the following applications show us the real world through a virtual world, better known as reel world. It also doesn’t discriminate anyone on the basis of age and copes up according to the pace power of the student. In short, the following applications have created a virtual comfort zone of education for students, as a consequence of which this amalgamation is known as a footstep towards the ‘transformative era’.

In view of that, the concept of ‘education dynamics’ will have new strategies, because it’s not the relation between books and students changing, but also ‘teaching learning shifts’ from more than teachers and books. Obviously, these shifts cannot completely replace the other but can make: teaching learning shifts and the educational dynamics possible.

Subsequent to knowing how important and significant can the above method of education is, it is also valid to question: ‘Can this approach towards education be practically implemented or no?’. Accordingly, we can see that life before the Internet made education challenging from several aspects. Whereas, today we are living that phase of our lives wherein we can experience how efficiently and in a stipulating manner education is taking us towards a transformative era. Thus, it is being implemented!

Consequently, because of the Internet we can also make methods of admission, fee payment, information/ program of study (syllabus) available at the tip of our fingers. In general, the Internet and education together is helping us shape the society in a civilized manner. Propping up by the following quote, “The Internet isn’t just a powerful tool for communication. It’s arguably the most potent force for learning and innovation since the printing press. How to re-imagine education for a transformative era”, shows how e-learning and instructional designing can make students prepared for the ‘real world’.

As this moment, more than ever, we need to equip our students to be independent/self-developing learners. To do so effectively, we have the advancement of the Internet, an information technology which proposes the educational paradigm through online means and methods. As a final point, by being aware of such techniques we should focus on the various key players: teachers, educational institutes, students, parents who are under this system in order to lead the world towards reimagining education for a transformative era.

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