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Educational System Essays

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All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy Essay

Making Sports and Games Compulsory for Students It is a tragic fact that our education system is heavily loaded with academics. It is theoretical and bookish. Sports and games have not become an indispensable part of our curriculum. Even at home, the students remain glued to television and electronic gadgets. They watch TV programs for hours taxing their time and straining their eyes. The complete lack of activity and mobility is playing havoc on their physical fitness and health. The...
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Argumentative Essay about Education

Is digital education the right way for teaching new generations? Will the world be the same after the coronavirus pandemic? Most people would probably answer: “No”; especially parents who have been wondering how to keep their kids engaged during the lockdown, teachers who have been struggling to adapt to online teaching, and government officials who have been trying to come up with adequate solutions. The pandemic has revealed the inconsistency of the current educational practices and shed light on the...
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Essay on Online Education

Advantages of online education There are several advantages of getting online education for the students of the modern era. These days, students are choosing to receive their formal education through online medium and taking into consideration more regularly. Above all, online education presents a variety of benefits to students who have inadequate funds to pursue their education. The affordable costs, the flexibility of time, and easy access to educational resources make online education the most attractive medium for students. Online...
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Why Is Education Important Essay

What is Education? The term education is derived from the two Latin words Educare and Educere. Educare means to nourish or to bring up, while Educere means to lead out. It is a systematic process of gaining knowledge and skills and applying it to real life. You can read Educare and Educere: Is a Balance Possible in the Educational System?, by Randall V. Bass and J. W. Good. It cannot only be obtained from bookish knowledge but it can be...
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Ethics and Academic Integrity: Analysis of Academic Life in the Light of Academic Freedom

The ethics of collaborative research: co-authoring, disseminating of research outcomes, the ethics of research teams. I strongly believe that the ethics of collaborative research in regards to co-authoring, disseminating of research outcomes, and ethics of research teams should be carefully explored and scrutinized in the context in which research in the field of sociology is mostly done in teams of experts of different background. A good ethical collaboration among the team members is thus of upmost importance for the purpose...
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Free Speech As an Absolute Right in the United States within the Context of Academic Freedom: Analytical Essay

The main topic of this refers analysis regards how David Horowitz, a widely recognized conservative political analyst, aims to make free speech an absolute right in the United States by situation this First Amendment protection within the context of academic freedom. When Horowitz founded The David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC) as the Center for the Study of Popular Culture (CSPs) in 1988, he originally intended to establish a constructive dialogue between liberals and conservatives whose divisive political views prompted questions...
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Desirable Features and Problems Faced by the Students Undergoing Distance Education Mode: Analytical Essay

Challenges faced by students of PULC twinning program Abstract Over a decade, Pondicherry University and Loyola College are conducting a twinning Distance Education for the benefit of working people in Chennai. Despite the induction of knowledge through quality faculties and teaching aids, there is a significant difference in effort and result in most distance education programme. Proper and effective Distance Education Programmes demands strategic planning in preparation of course materials and teaching aids. Such planning could be done well if...
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Analytical Essay on Success of E-learning and Distance Learning Centers

Computer science is the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers. Studying computer science and several other courses away from the study center and universities has become easier because of the use of computer itself. The number of students enrolled in universities has increased with the success of e-learning and distance learning centers. Teaching students may differ across universities due to the different approach to development, as well as...
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Argumentative Essay on Minority’s Needs with Regards to Academic Freedom

Throughout time, the United States has continuously failed to meet the minority’s needs. For this reason, there’s a set of government policies called affirmative action, implemented across 41 states, used to redress historic injustices. Affirmative action helps specific groups, minorities, by making special efforts to provide members of these groups with hiring and learning advancement. Affirmative action is an important and necessary policy to make the employment and educational field fair for minorities due to their lack of representation in...
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Analysis of Motivation and Faculty Participation in Distance Education

Introduction Distance education is a medium of teaching and learning that has grown significantly in the past 10 years as indicated by the number of higher education institutions that offer courses and/or full degree programs via distance learning. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) (1999), the number of degree-granting higher education institutions offering distance education courses increased from 33 percent in 1995 to 44 percent in 1997-98. More specifically, the use of computer-based technologies has increased from...
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Research Study on Confucius Institute about Cultural Invasion: Issues of Academic Freedom

Research study on Confucius Institute about Cultural Invasion Abstract According to Merriam- Webster Dictionary, definition of culture is “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group also: the characteristic features of everyday existence (such as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time.” Definition of invasion is “ the incoming or spread of something usually hurtful”. Combine the two definitions together, what cultural invasion means the incoming...
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Argumentative Essay on Academic Freedom: Is the Autonomy of Science Under Threat

In this essay I argue that the autonomy of science is under threat, both at the individual and institutional level, but that the landscape of science has changed, and accordingly, the concept should be updated to reflect contemporary society. I will argue this claim based on assessment of autonomy of science over time, incorporating arguments and counterarguments. The essay will firstly define autonomy of science in the general sense, followed by a brief section outlining its philosophical justifications. Next, I...
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Analytical Essay on Origin and Challenges of Open and Distance Education System

1.3.2 Learning under ODL System To cross over any barrier between members all the while, ODL offers self-organized learning in which the educator and understudies are isolated by reality, utilizing instructional materials, for example, print materials, sound and video tapes, CD ROMs, TV and radio communication, just as sight and sound segments, for example, PCs and satellites transmission. The examination focus encourages the student to explain questions on academic and authoritative quarries. Counseling given by the Academic guides who are...
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Attitude of Higher Education Faculty towards Teaching via Distance Education: Literature Review

Literature review The pervasive technology and significant social and economic development have forever changed our society. Economic development brings the different way to do anything in life to make easier and give different options to do because economic development means development of technologies. Distance education is the emergence of a new way of doing education that responded to the industrial age in society. Technology in the industrial era enabled new ways of designing education and teaching and learning reconceptualized in...
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Impacts of Distance Education in Comparison with On-campus Learning: Analytical Essay

Research methods Participants The participants for my study will be the students of Sherubtse College and the reason behind choosing them is because students did and experience distance education because of worst situations (COVID 19). The education provided by the schools through distance learning is considered a continuation of school’s educational program in the same manner as if the program was being provided on-campus. My research is mainly to collect the information about the experience and opinion of students on...
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Essay about Online Learning

Effectiveness of Online Learning The concept of online learning has already existed since 1999 when the phrase was first used in a lecture on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs. Subhashi (2008) further defined that “Online learning is any learning experience or environment that depends on the Internet or World Wide Web (WWW) as the main medium in communication and presentation”. E-learning has developed mostly due to the advent of the internet throughout the mid-20th century. Many researchers believe that the...
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Poverty, Illiteracy and Unemployment, or Why Does Education Matter? Essay

Education is the hope for the development and success of most third world countries and the world dominates the country. Compulsory education creates a space for better growth and development. Education has the potential to completely change the course of a country: to train trained and educated young people. A country achieves its goal of economic growth at a higher rate and joins the list of alliances known as developed countries. A well-educated country will discard any obstacles that hinder...
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The Importance of Physical Education in Schools

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong”, written by John F. Kennedy. In case the school administration wants to eliminate the physical education session in order to save some for other subjects such as science, math, and English this will be unfair because the physical education session is very necessary and must be compulsory in school. School should provide this session, because this is the period where the...
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The Importance of Physical Education in Childhood

Physical education is a general education course of study from kindergarten through grade 12 in which students participate in physical activities. The purpose of physical education is to introduce children to the basic elements of exercise and to help them develop a healthy lifestyle. Children can exercise their bodies and improve their mental sports ability by playing basketball, football and other traditional sports, and taking part in weight-lifting, calisthenics and other physical exercise activities. Physical education is the teaching and...
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New Education Policy as a Boost To The Indian Education System

Education is a very essential and crucial asset for a country’s development by attaining full human potential, developing an equitable and fair society. The fourth agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals also concerns about the quality education. The Government of India had endeavoured to enhance and ensure inclusive and equitable quality of education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. This has brought a revolutionary change in the Indian Education System. The world has undergone many rapid and dramatic changes...
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Prospects for Management Education in India

Management education is increasingly becoming important and playing a central role in the success of managers and organizations worldwide. The importance of the education sector, particularly a professional discipline like management studies, is increasing day by day in our country. In India, Management education has seen a remarkable growth in recent years as reflected in the steep rise in the number of higher learning institutes offering programmes in management at various levels but it is a complex one. Management Education...
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Limitations of Standardized Testing in Assessing Students' Intelligence and Potential Academic Success

I woke up one friday and noticed that the SAT was the next day. I crammed a bunch of information into my head with the fear that if I managed to fail the test, it would be impossible for me to ever get into a college, but as I was studying all these different types of subjects that I haven’t reviewed for years, I asked myself if this simple test taken by majority of Americans is really a good indicator...
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Negative Effects of Standardized Tests on Teachers

As early as 2001, with the implementation of accountability policies such as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), and Race to the Top (RttT), there has been an increased emphasis on students standardized test scores. These policies use student’s performance on such tests as a means of funding schools, such that higher scoring schools receive more funds, and lower scoring schools receive less funds. Teachers are now being held accountable for students test scores (Valli and Buese), with negative consequences affecting...
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The Issue of Discrimination in Standardized Testing

This all started from the beginning of the 19th Century when the United States began taking in immigrants fleeing from Europe due to the devastation of World War I. During this time Carl C. Brigham—a professor of psychology at Princeton University— published A Study of American Intelligence (1923) “in which he emphasized that the decline in America’s intelligence was attributable to the influx of low IQ immigrants” (Strout and Stuart, 133). Brigham came to this conclusion by creating puzzles for...
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Merits and Demerits of Distance Learning

The meaning of distance learning is a manner or way of learning remotely or we can say that learning from a long or far distance without being in regular face to face contact or not in touch with a teacher in the classroom. More than the number of 2,70,000 students who are just only undergraduates are taking or having their 1st degrees via or by using the facility or by taking the opportunity of distance learning together with some number...
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Gender Gap in Math Achievement

While a wide range of sociocultural forces contribute to the gender gap in mathematics, it is interesting to examine the brain composition of both males and females and the effects it has on overall performance. However, experience alters brain structures and functioning (Benbow, Geary, Gernsbacher, Gur, Halpern, & Hyde, 2014), so explanations regarding cognitive ability and its effects on females’ and males’ math ability are circular. Research shows that the gender differences in mathematics and science achievement are smaller for...
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Reflections on What Makes America Great

America is a society like no other. A free and brave country. President John F. Kennedy once mentioned to us that America is a wonderful place because we are all here as one nation and we all stand together. He said “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty”. America is...
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The Barrier Between the Deaf Community and the Hearing Community

When the concept of being deaf is brought into the light, many people turn their heads at the situation. Hearing loss has affected about 48 million people in the United States. Hearing loss can occur at birth or can develop later in life. Some congenital causes might lead to hearing loss which can be present at birth or soon after. Loss of hearing can be caused by hereditary factors that play into the development of a child or unknown complications...
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Qualities of an Excellent Open Distance Learner

Open distance learner is the method that can give or improve learning through telecommunication around the world via the Internet and teleconferencing. There are few qualities required to be an open distance learner. Responsible is one of the qualities required to be an open distance learner. The open distance learner needs to have their self-motivation to advance. To have the quality of responses, all tasks or assignments given by the lecturer will be done before the deadline to all my...
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Disadvantages of Standardized Testing and Effective Alternatives to It

Michelle Obama, most would describe her as a very successful and intelligent individual with all of her accomplishments including graduating from Princeton University as Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and continuing her education at Harvard University law school. Mrs. Obama once stated “if my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn’t be here. I can guarantee that”. Mrs. Obama, one of the most influential and intelligent women in the world, did...
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