Effect and Consequences of Drunk Driving: Analytical Essay

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction to the Tragedy of Drunk Driving
  2. The Physical Impairments Caused by Alcohol
  3. Legal Consequences: A Focus on Wisconsin
  4. Personal and Societal Impacts of Drunk Driving
  5. Preventative Measures and Solutions
  6. A Personal Tragedy: A Victim’s Perspective
  7. Works Cited

Introduction to the Tragedy of Drunk Driving

There are red and blue lights flashing on every caution tape in sight. The traffic is gradually moving, as everybody gazes at the two crushed up vehicles. There's glass and broken bits of the vehicle everywhere throughout the street to uncover a guiltless body brimming with blood. Families racing to keep an eye on their loved one. Individuals who drink and drive put everyone in jeopardy including themselves. Driving while at the same time being inebriated is viewed as a dangerous and irresponsible in many states. It is wrong, unreliable and have an effect on numerous lives. There is nothing positive that can come from drunk driving, however, individuals still do it. The greatest percentage of car accidents happened due to alcoholic drivers and the numbers always continue developing and this is a significant issue that each injury and demise caused by an alcoholic driver can be preventable.

The Physical Impairments Caused by Alcohol

Drunk driving can have such a tremendous effect on only one individual. Safe driving requires the capacity to focus, make great decisions and rapidly respond to any circumstances. However, when the liquor is in your system only a tiny bit all these abilities are influenced, for example, slow response time, diminish focus, decline in vision, and hinder judgment. For instance, the drinking eases back your reaction time, which can expand the probability of a mishap happening. Therefore, 'If the vehicle before you abruptly slams on their brakes or a pedestrian on foot goes across the road, it will take more time for your mind to process the entire circumstance' (Drinking and Driving). Another example that the article makes reference to us, 'Decreased vision regardless of how much or how little an individual has been drinking it can affect their focus' (Alcohol Rehab Guide). With driving, there are numerous things that require your full focus, for example, remaining in your path, your speed, different vehicles on the road and traffic signal lights. When drinking individuals will in general daydream which makes your ability to focus more averse to be cautioned, which essentially expands the odds of causing a mishap. Ultimately the article infers that, 'Decrease in your vision is exceptionally misrepresented' (Alcohol Rehab Guide). If you cannot see you are in all probability ensured to commit straightforward errors, for example, not seeing the traffic signs unmistakably or not even noticing when another vehicle is going to turn.

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Legal Consequences: A Focus on Wisconsin

Drunk driving isn't just unlawful, yet it additionally has numerous serious consequences. In Wisconsin, the laws of alcoholic driving vary from those in different states. For the main reference in the territory of Wisconsin, the driver gets an OWI offense and a fine between $150 to $350 (Wisconsin DUI Laws). He or she has to attend liquor appraisal and guiding counselor. First time wrongdoers do not face any prison time, but if convicted again, there is a chance that they are sentenced for another OWI within 10 years, they can most likely go to jail. For the first offense, depending upon the circumstance, the driver's permit can be suspended from 6 to 9 months. After the first offense, the suspensions are held longer, for example, 12 for a year and a half or even 2 to 3 years. If there’s chance that somebody is found drunk driving for their second or third time, the costs and permit suspensions are a lot of more awful. Over the most recent ten years the laws of drinking and driving have been all the more emphatically authorized. The blood liquor limit has been brought down from. 10.08 and the results of getting captured the first run through have been expanded oftentimes (Penalties for Drunk Driving). A few results of alcoholic driving are more regrettable than others, for example, death. Every forty minutes someone dies in a car accident that involves someone under the influence of alcohol (The Alcohol Alert Breath Testing System) and every two minutes, somebody is harmed by an alcoholic driver. Numbers of individuals are slaughtered every year from alcohol driving. Over portion of the auto crashes that happen incorporate somebody that has been drinking. At the point when an individual drives alcoholic, the person in question is not just putting other individuals' lives in threat, they are additionally placing their life at risk. Drivers are less inclined to utilize safety belts when they have been drinking. Insets show that in 2007 around 74% of drivers engaged with lethal accidents who had been drinking were unreasonable (SADD). It's illegal to not wear your safety belt and it's much increasingly risky to not wear one when you're driving affected by liquor. A driver who has been drinking is more vulnerable to injury someone just by having the tiniest bit of alcohol in their system.

Personal and Societal Impacts of Drunk Driving

The first thing anyone can do is settle on the decision themselves, not to drink and drive. With this being said, there are numerous different ways you can end drinking and driving. In the article 'All You Ever Wanted to Know About Drunk Drivers', DWI Offenders under Correctional Supervision 'shows in excess of 513,200 individuals were detained or on post trial supervision in 1997 for alcoholic driving offenses; that is almost double the quantity of alcoholic driving offenders under criminal supervision in 1986.' Also as indicated by Nationwide, ' Drunk drivers represented 14 percent all probationers considered, 7 percent of local prison detainees and 2 percent of state detainees, of alcoholic driving guilty parties, most 89 percent were on post trial supervision; just 11 percent were condemned to prison time' ('All You Ever Wanted to Know About Drunk Drivers'). The normal length of detainment of the individuals who served time was 11 months, and about half were condemned to in any event a half year in prison. Teaching the young can be a decent method to avert alcoholic driving at this age. Your own relatives just as the individuals inside your locale could allow each person to know the consequences. They should know the risks of drinking and driving just as the lawful repercussions of this activity. Another approach to help is volunteer with an association embarked to end drinking and driving for all time, this will assist you with reaching out to more people and get the word crosswise over about the risks of drinking and driving. The law even tried to have policemen stand outside the buildings with breathalyzers to make sure no one was driving while being intoxicated. In the article “ Impact of Ontario's Remedial Program for Drivers Convicted of Drinking and Driving on Substance Use and Problems.”, “Ontario passed legislation requiring that all drivers convicted of drinking and driving have to complete a remedial program, called Back on Track (BOT), before their driver's licenses could be reinstated” (Stoduto, Gina, et al.) These are a couple of arrangements that individuals had attempted in the past to constrain the measure of alcoholic driving.

Preventative Measures and Solutions

I strongly don't believe that only one arrangement is going to prevent drivers from driving while at the same time being inebriated. I believe it takes a variety of steps to diminish the measure of drivers getting On the road while being inebriated. The laws can be harder with the goal that it's reasonable. For instance 'A Newtownbutler lady has called for stiffer disciplines, after the alcoholic driver who executed her child served only 18 weeks in jail' ('Drunk Driver Who Killed My Son Served Just Eighteen Weeks'.') There was no equity, it resembled slap on the wrist. A couple of other solutions should be harder punishments, raise the costs of liquor accessibility, and have instructive campaigns. With that being said it will make the driver think over their choices before they step foot in a vehicle after they have been drinking.

A Personal Tragedy: A Victim’s Perspective

From my personal experiences this problem cuts deep because my father was killed by a person who decided to drive while intoxicated. Due to that incident, I never had the chance to meet my father. It can be a tough topic to talk about because I do not know what it feels like when other children my age would start a conservation about their fathers. I never had the chance to participate in any dances, special days, or even picnics with my father. He never had the chance to see any of my accomplishments. So not only does this affect the person's life that was taken, it affected those around them.

Drunk driving probably won't appear as such a major issue for certain individuals, yet the realities show that it is risky and destructive to individuals and their lives. There are numerous realities, outcomes and dangers about alcoholic driving. Drunk driving is illegal, and numerous individuals violate the law. Once in a while people figure they will never get discovered drinking and driving yet results show that a number of individuals are getting pulled over more each time. In the last couple years drinking and driving has gone up drastically and more individuals are doing it. Everybody has a wrongdoing, however, nobody needs beyond words one slip-up. Hopefully in years to come the dangers, results and measurements of alcoholic driving will diminish and it will barely exist anymore if the laws start being stricter.

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