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Effect Of Mindfulness Practice On Human

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We will see the effects of mindfulness, as it is that an ancient activity used by different religions does our mind so well, with this practice the world is no longer seen in the same way, the details of nature are more appreciated The things that hurt you have left aside and above all, you know yourself, as well as how the structure of our brain changes to become more creative, more intelligent. Mindfulness is not reasoning or a theory or an idea. Nor is it the knowledge that must be learned with the brain; it is only practice. It is the recreation of oneself, the understanding of the true self. It is not austerity or mortification but true access to peace and freedom. The real revolution must be directed inward. It is a revolution of the spirit engendered by practice; it is profound philosophy, unattainable by the mere use of logical thought.

Practicing mindfulness changes the structure of the brain, many scientific studies have been done on people who practice this activity and the results are amazing. The studies were carried out over 9 months, but the significant changes began at 3 months. In order to do the studies, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was used to measure brain capacities, measure levels of electrical activity in the brain, and even the amount of cortisol in the blood.

The thickness of some areas of the cerebral cortex is increased and the thinning process of the cerebral cortex associated with aging is slowed down, this benefit is not the entire area of the brain but in specific areas, fundamentally in the area related to the concentration of the hemisphere right brain, in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), a structure located inside the forehead, behind the frontal lobe of the brain. ACC is associated with self-regulation, which means the ability to deliberately direct attention and behavior. In addition, they showed that those who practice meditation have a greater volume of gray matter in the right orbitofrontal cortex, which is the hippocampus, Gray matter is the point of coordination between nerves of the central nervous system, to expand the operational capacity of neurons by enabling the rapid and efficient transfer of information, which complements the processing of information from synapses and neuronal cellular somas.

This activity is an ancient practice, it is associated more than anything with Buddhists, they knew the great benefits that this practice brings, with meditation it is possible to take responsibility for our moods and change them for the better, is the only real antidote to our personal sorrows and to the anxiety, fears, hatreds and general confusions that plague the human condition.

With meditation, concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm vision of the true nature of things are fostered and developed, you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and practice offers a means to cultivate new ways of being more positive, with more practice you can delve into deeply peaceful and energized states of mind. These experiences can have a transformative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life.

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It is the means towards self-awareness, transformation, and spiritual vision. By applying continuous effort during short and regular practice periods we learn not to react habitually to our experiences but to respond creatively and consciously, by working directly with the mind we can effectively develop high states of consciousness that will have a direct effect on ourselves and the way we perceive the world. The person becomes aware of his experience of each moment, as a result of having a clear vision of the nature of reality that he is experiencing; It is often thought that it is about sitting down to reflect on life and thoughts, it is rather a way of observing your mind and your body, this leads us to free ourselves from the attachment and resentments that we have accumulated throughout the life and how much unhappiness they cause us

Vietnamese monk and Buddhist activist Thich Nhat Hanh promotes conscious living as the path to self-understanding and inner peace. From mundane activities to complex relationships, it encourages practitioners to view every moment that life provides us an opportunity to gain insight into themselves. Every activity, from washing dishes to drinking tea, can be used to develop an awareness of the present moment. Anything in life can be an object of meditation, and through constant practice, the practitioner learns to live a happier, clearer, and more honest life.

When you treat your mind and brain in a good way, the rest of your body improves as a consequence. When your attention is full you are able to savor the pleasures of life and you can give yourself completely to whatever you are doing. When you are focused on the present you will be less concerned with the events of the past and the concerns of the future. All of this helps reduce your stress levels. Scientists know that high levels of stress can have serious physical consequences.

So when your stress levels are lower you tend to suffer less from physical illnesses. These diseases are caused by inflammation in the body that is irritated by high levels of cortisol such as heart disease, chronic pain, even gastrointestinal diseases. Mindfulness has also been shown to help insomniacs regain their normal sleep patterns. When your spirit and body feel good, so does your mind. Being able to sleep better at night and being fully aware of what you are doing in the present moment helps with various mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders.

Mindfulness is an ancient technique that puts us in contact with ourselves and our immediate environment, helping to release that exaggerated load and pressure that our mind exerts with its habitual compulsive flow of thoughts. In other words, meditation attenuates mental noise for clearer awareness. This practice, fundamentally aimed at creating that inner silence through the conscious focus of attention, generates benefits at all levels, which will undoubtedly produce a grateful response from the entire organism. After you have achieved a full and monitoring state you can begin to connect with your higher self or channel different beings of light. This is the purpose of mindfulness; find peace and internal balance, completely transcending all movement.

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