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Effect Of Using Papain Enzymes With Different Concentrations On Chemical Characteristics Of Tutu Soy Sauce

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Research held on month July 2012 in laboratory Technology Results Fisheries Industry Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Food Microbiology Laboratory, Faculty of Agricultural Industrial Engineering and analyzed at the Nutrition Laboratory of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Padjadjaran University. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of papain enzyme against chemical characteristics of the resulting soy Tutut. The treatment used is the administration of papain enzymes with a percentage, namely: A = 0%, B = 5%, C = 7%, D = 9% and E = 11% with an incubation period of 6 days. The results of this study indicate that the average protein content of various treatments respectively that is A = 2.35%, B = 2.70%, C = 2.45%, D = 2.51%, E = 2.39%. Average Level Acidity (pH) is A = 6.7, B = 6.5 C = 6.2 D = 6.3 E = 6.5. The average salt content is A = 18.07%, B = 17.45%, C = 2.16.62%, D = 16.48%, E = 16.53%. The conclusion of the study was the administration of papain enzymes with a concentration of 5%, 7%, 9%, and 11%, tutut soy sauce with the addition of papain 5% enzyme produced soy sauce with the highest protein amount of 2.698% including number 3 quality fish sauce in SII determination the salt content is 17.45% and pH is equal to 6.5


Tutut or besusul ( Bellamya javanica van den Bush) is a type of freshwater snail. The shape of the cone is tapered to the rear winding. Blackish green, the size of a nutmeg, and has meat weighing 4-5 grams. Tutut lives in fresh water, paddy fields, mud, swamps, lakes and ping the creeks of small rivers .

In the past Tutut was only processed into simple food, but lately, a lot of research has been carried out on processed foods tutut. Tutut began to be processed into a mixture of nuggets, a mixture of meatballs and various kinds of snacks ( Gafar , 2009) .

Tutut contains 11.8% protein in the meat (Rivicia 1996). Tutut can be a good source of protein for the body. In addition to its high protein, the price of tutut which is relatively cheap when compared to fish and meat and its abundant presence is a plus in the use of tutut as a source of protein for humans. But tutut which is rich in protein is not very popular in the community because its shape for some people looks disgusting and its processing is mostly only processed in a simple and uninteresting manner.

Tutut is included in the filu m mollusca. According to Astuti (2009 ) mollusc meat contains many glands and soft. Thing this different with fish muscle tissue. M express the muscles of the fish generally formed from fiber bundles so that they are more easily torn apart, for example when chewed or described chemically. In addition, fish do not really need connective tissue cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and so on. So that the whole body of the fish composed on muscle, without clay tissues that are difficult to decipher. The characteristics of the meat are more tangled resembling shellfish compared to fish meat in general. This will cause tutut meat to be more difficult to describe in the process hydrolysis.

Processing tutut into soy sauce is an alternative processing of tutut into processed food that is no longer the same as its initial form. If the tutut is processed into soy sauce, then soy sauce the resulting soy sauce is the one that resembles fish sauce. The form of utterances which for some people is ridiculous, of course not anymore problem in introducing tutut soy sauce products. Fish sauce itself is well known to the public large ( Deman , 2010) .

Fish sauce is one of the traditional fishery products which is processed by fermentation and has been known for a long time. Fish sauce is very popular with the community, because in addition to its savory taste, it is also easy and inexpensive. The long time to make soy sauce is a negative aspect of the soy sauce making business (Afrianto and Liviawaty 2015 ).

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Traditionally, fish sauce is made by fermentation using salt as a microbial controlling compound. The fermentation process requires a salt content of 20% -30% and requires a fermentation time of 6 to 12 months. Processing time old is a weakness, because it is necessary to find a way out to speed up the process. One of the processes used is to use an enzyme to accelerate the fermentation process .Fermented fish that take a long time can be accelerated by using enzymes, such as bromelain, papain, and some other enzymes (Adawyah, R., 2009.).

Therefore making soy sauce by hydrolyzing tutut meat uses the help of protease enzyme namely the enzyme papain in the form of a commercial papain enzyme, expected could produce soy sauce tutut with chemical characteristics that are in accordance with the standards, so as to increase the utilization of tutut will use a lot of references from making soy sauce fish. Soy sauce fish is soy sauce which are made from ingredients raw meat fish through the enzymatic hydrolysis process, which is the separation of proteins by relying on the activity of enzymes. Fish sauce is used as a seasoning. Yellowish fish sauce to light brown clear and has a taste rather salty. Quality soy sauce fish has been determined through the Indonesian Industry Standard (SII), which is based on the amount of protein contained in it. In succession are soy sauce numbers 1, 2 and 3 with the standard provisions for the amount of protein each of 6%, 4-6%, and 2-4% (Suprapti 2008). Amino acid composition of fish sauce produced by hydrolysis of the enzyme papain, in quality has a better quality than fish sauce in the market, but it is necessary to add certain components to produce the preferred soy sauce .

Papain is a proteolytic enzyme derived from sap papaya. The papain enzyme has the ability to break protein molecules. Today papain is a product that is very beneficial for human life, both in the household and industry . Some of the uses of the enzyme papain have been investigated, among others, functions in meat deflation, the manufacture of protein concentrates, the process of protein hydrolysis and as anti-cold in brewing indus tri ( Buckle , 2011) .

In the research, making fish sauce with the addition of commercial papain enzymes with papain enzyme concentrations was 4%, 6% and 8%. The results of his study concluded that the use of papain by 8% which was fermented for up to 10 days had a total value of -N ie 1.63 g N / 100 ml starting to show an increase total- N. His observations showed that enzyme hydrolysis began to show an increase in total-N on day 3 and approached the maximum value on hydrolysis on the 10th day, then began to experience a decrease the next day.


The materials used in the observation are

  • a. Ingredients for making soy sauce Tutut, commercial enzyme papain, brown sugar, salt, garlic, galangal, bay leaves and lemongrass, coriander, turmeric
  • b. Ingredients for measuring protein levels Ketchup Tutut, catalyst tablet, boiling stone, concentrated H2SO4, 30% H2O2, indicator methyl red, HCL 0.2 N , boric acid solution (H 3 BO 4 ) 4%, concentrated sulfuricacid (H2SO 4 ), indicator solution 0.1% methyl red , ethanol, 0.1% bromcresol green indicator solution , Hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2 ) 30-35%, Solution sodium hydroxide ( NaOH ) -rium thiosulfate (Na 2 S 2 O 3 ).
  • c. The material for measuring pH is a buffer of pH 4 standard and pH 7


A better product is fish sauce have pH more low. With a low pH, the growth of pathogenic microbes and decay can be inhibited because the formation of hydrogen ions in high concentrations causes instability in the membrane and increases membrane permeability


Basedon results research , could concluded that from gift enzyme papain with concentration 5%, 7%, 9%, and 11%, soy sauce tutut with additions 5% papain enzyme produces soy sauce with highestamount of protein which is 2.698% which is included soy sauce fish quality number 3 inside SII provisions, with grade salt amounting to 17.453% and Ph of 6.5.


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