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Effective Anger Management Tips

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Anger is considered a part of an healthy emotion. However, if left uncontrolled, it can devastatingly affect your health and relationships at work and with your family. It can be quite tasking to control your anger, but you can use simple anger management tips to keep your anger in check.

In this article, we briefly examined ten (10) effective anger management tips that can be beneficial to you if you always lose it. There are 10 anger management tips you can use to keep your anger in check.

Think before uttering any word

Hurtful words uttered in anger are like bullets that cannot be reversed. It is common to blurt out cruel and spiteful words that you would later regret when you are in a calmer state. Ensure you gather your thoughts warily and guardedly before speaking. Also give others the opportunity to speak out.

Express mild anger in calmer state

When you are later in a calmer frame of mind, you can proceed to express your grievances, howbeit in a calmer approach that wouldn’t incite the other person to anger. Ensure you are not offensive. State your distresses and needs plainly without causing any harm to the other person.

Exercises help

Getting regular exercises and physical activities can help cut down stress that triggers anger. If your anger level begins to mount, immediately leave the aggravating scene and take a brisk walk or run. You can also engage in some other activities you consider pleasurable.

Take a timeout

Taking time out on regular basis is also among anger management tips. It would help if you take short breaks during nerve-racking times to let off some steam. You can recuperate, think better, and organize your thoughts when you get some moments of quiet time. You can better control what lies ahead without aggravation when you take a timeout when you encounter stressful circumstances.

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Identify possible solutions

You should work on recognizing possible solutions to the causal problems of your anger instead of centering on what incited you to anger. If chatting with a colleague at work always ends with him or her getting you livid, it would help to ignore such person(s).

Use the ‘I’ statements

Using statements that begins with “I” instead of “You”, would always help to curtail your anger rising disproportionately. Using the “I” statements when explaining the issue would overcome the issue of you apportioning blame and would ease tension. For instance, instead of saying “You are always late”; use “I’m not happy that you always keep me waiting.”

Avoid harboring bitterness and grudges

To forgive is divine. Forgiveness is an influential tool, don’t hold on to grudges. Don’t permit antagonism and other negative feelings to push out positive feelings. However, if you can pardon someone of any wrongdoings, forgive and totally forget, you might both learn from the situation and reinforce your relationship.

Use humor to release tension

Another effective anger management tip is to use hilarity to diffuse any mounted tension that could lead to anger. Use humor to help you confront what is responsible for your anger and curb any unrealistic outlook you have for how things should be.

Practice relaxation skills

Engage relaxation skills like listening to music or doing yoga when your temper flares. Taking a deep breath or repeating soothing phrases like “take it easy”, “I’ve got this”, or “everything’s fine” may help you relax and extinguish your anger.

Know when to seek help

It may be difficult for you to learn ways to control your anger. Seek help for anger issues if your anger appears to be uncontrollable and hurt people around you.


It is okay to get angry over issues once in a while. However, it becomes abnormal if you allow your anger get out of the borders of your control. The 10 anger management tips above are effective at helping you manage your anger. You should seek counsel if your anger is unmanageable. Always remember that anger won’t solve the issue on ground and might only aggravate an existing situation.

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