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Effective Team Communication Ways

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Recently, a myriad of setbacks have emerged in organization’s workforce due to changes caused by industrialization, economy shift and technological advancement (Ilgen,1994), as a result, organizations seek to annul the effect of this dynamic conditions by utilizing teams in their work mechanism (Lawler, Mohrman, & Benson, 2001), and as such, a team is seen to have a higher ability in handling complex tasks than individuals towards the attainment of the organization’s goal and competitive advantage (Campbell, 1988; Sundstrom, De Meuse, & Futrell, 1990).

Due to these changes, research has verified the factors that supports the effectiveness of teams’ rapid development (Wang, Waldman, & Zhang, 2014). A dominant finding within teams’ literature is the indispensable nature of team communication towards the attainment of an effective team performance (Marks, Zaccaro, & Mathieu, 2000; Warkentin & Beranek, 1999).

Mesmer-Magnus and colleagues carried out two analysis pertaining to the extent to which information is being shared by a team member to another, as well as, the extent to which teams members share information among themselves irrespective of the amount of information each team member possess (Mesmer-Magnus & DeChurch, 2009; Mesmer-Magnus, DeChurch, Jimenez-Rodriguez, Wildman, & Shuffler, 2011). However, these two ways of sharing information turned out to significantly and positively correlate to team performance.

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Even though several team communication methods have been used in making teams perform effectively, but it is yet to be affirmed whether these methods affect team performance. However, this research gap can be addressed by seeking more understanding pertaining to the connection between team effective communication and team performance (Marlow, Lacerenza, Paoletti, Burke, & Salas, 2018).

Team communication can be defined as an exchange of information, through verbal and nonverbal among the members of a team (Adams, 2007; Mesmer- Magnus & DeChurch, 2009). Specifically, effective communication is posited to enhance team performance by facilitating and enhancing critical team processes, such as coordination and strategy formulation (Marks, Mathieu, & Zaccaro, 2001).

There is a huge need for a team to establish a common understanding and effectively communicate information concerning the tasks to be performed as well as what the team expectation (Mathieu, Heffner, Goodwin, Salas, & Cannon- Bowers, 2000).

Following the attendance of class sessions, our team figured out that there’s an urgent need to improve on the pattern of communication within the group. This has also helped team members communicate their ideas effectively without hold back ideas and information that would serve a core recipe towards the team performance and the accomplishment of the team’s objective.


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