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Effects of Call of Duty to the Academic Performance of Junior High School Students

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This research report seeks to know the positive and negative effects of Call of Duty to basic education junior high school department. Whether call of duty is bad for student academic performance or not, will also be determined in this study.

The experiences of students that this game while studying will be mentioned. An interview for 10 students who plays Call of Duty is conducted almost all of the answers for the questions where the same their academic performance poor but can make them relax and relieve from stress. For them Call of Duty is one of the reasons why their grades are failing.

In half an hour of playing this game, almost the whole lesson will be missed. Instead of reviewing their lessons, they spend most of their free time in playing. A single game for them won’t be enough, at least two to three games will make them satisfy. That amount of time will be enough to review a lot of subjects.

Students’ time management in this kind of situation is not followed. If the player become addicted the person will spend all of his time in playing, and forget about their responsibilities in school. This is the reason for poor academic performance of junior high school student of CLDH.EI.

In that case mobile game called Call of Duty, completes the reason of student destruction to academics due to game addiction. It proves that a lot of time are wasted in this game and even though it is a time killer, it will destroy the student’s time management. To sum up, this game has a lot of negative effects than positive.


Internet as a source of information plays an important role in developing one’s mind and life experiences by creating productive works in schools and at home. Nowadays, this can be a person’s most strategic tool for enabling himself to take charge and keep up with the fast growing of technology.

The fact that students live in an informative lifestyle where everything is updated, Internet became one of the necessities of students regardless of age and sex in today’s society. But the influence of this useful machine on youth is undeniably questionable. In line with this development, call of duty was created to give entertainment to people.

Social media, newspaper, games, are the things that we can do using this technology. Having this kind of technology useful benefits are easy to be achieved. As for teens, games is the most relatable app to them. Call of duty can easily get attentions from people, at the interesting things that games can offer. Call of duty is made by the company Activision and released in 2003.

We researchers want to show you the negative effects of call of duty. Call of duty addiction can affect the teens physically and socially. Too much radiation coming from mobile phones can damage some of poor body parts like eyes, brain, and even bones. Just by relying on technology to remove boredom and stress, social interaction can be forgotten. It is easy to socialize on the internet than in person, that is why some of the teens today has more time on playing call of duty than hanging out with their friends in person.

Teens and even adults spend a lot of their times in mobile games. Call of Duty lets you experience soldier’s life, and the thrill that everyone wants to experience. Call of Duty can also help you improve socially, just by communicating with others, you can gain a lot of friends. Players approximately spend a half an hour just to play, but enjoyment leads them to spend a lot of time.

Teens usually play this game at school with their friends, to help them to relax from school works and makes them feel at ease. Break time is the best time to play Call of Duty but some naughty students play this game even in class hours. They secretly play while their teacher is busy discussing, and because of that kind of attitude, the whole lesson will be missed. Students who can’t resist their temptation in this game will have a hard time managing their time. Time management is important in everything we do, we need to balance our time in enjoying and studying, neither any of them will surpass each other.

When a player wins a game, that person will have a good mood, will feel happy and can share positive vibes to anyone. His/her school works will be done with full of inspiration in his mind. But what if the player loses? Will that game affect his/her day? Of course it will, disappointment is the first thing that might trouble the player. But that bad thoughts won’t last long, the player may play another game to recover from his/her loss.

Call of duty is one of the wildly used online game activities by many people. For some people it is said that playing call of duty has a number of reasons to be played, for it can be a stress reliever, challenge and competition, relaxation, enjoyment, social interaction, and even mentally escaping from the real world.

For some people, playing call of duty is one of the best past time that they acquire specially for teenagers, youngsters and students. Some people may say, students who play call of duty are just having fun.

Statement of the problem:

  1. What are the pros of playing call of duty?
  2. What are the cons of playing call of duty?
  3. Does playing call of duty substantially improves performance in a range of:
    1. 3.1. Attentional,
    2. 3.2. perceptual, and
    3. 3.3. Cognitive tasks?
  4. Does the teamwork in call of duty affects players cooperation in terms of academic performances?
  5. What inputs in academic performance of high school can call of duty affect?


Call of duty is a game enjoyed by some students. However, it has positive and negative effects in our daily lives. There are also performances that call of duty can affect every high school student like, attentional, perceptual and cognitive tasks.

The positive effects are, you can have the ability to solve problems in your own way. You could also be a fast thinker when it comes to class recitation. And lastly, you could have hand-eye coordination where in you have the ability to react much faster because of the relationship of your sense of sight and touch.

The negative effects are, you could be addicted to this game which can result to lack of sleep. Because of this you would have lack of time management. But one of the most negative effects that you could have is violence. Academic performance is affected by addiction of call of duty. Because addiction is the main reason why students can’t focus on their studies. But besides that, call of duty could help the students improve their interpretation skills and accuracy which could help in some cognitive task

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Scope and delimitation

This study explored the experiences of high school students who became the victims of call of duty. It focused on the experiences of the participants in the school during their verbal activities such as; oral presentation, reporting, recitation, and other related interactive tasks that would require them the direct use of the English Language, for them to talk to other players because this game is played around the world. The researchers first administered a survey questionnaire to the three hundred thirty- two (364) junior High school students from Central Luzon doctor’s hospital educational institution , basic education department. The said school is located at Brgy. San Pablo , Tarlac City. After finding out the results, the researchers were able to choose top twenty (20) students who had experienced the effects of playing call of duty. Then, the researchers administered the first interview questionnaire to determine the final ten (10) students who were chosen as the final participants in the study.

Furthermore, the study identified the negative effects of call of duty frequently committed by the participants through playing call of duty and an actual observation in the natural classroom set-up. Also, the reactions of the participants towards their experiences were recognized through the use of the said game which was picked by the researchers. Finally, this case study concentrated on ten (10) experiences of the victims of The effects of playing call of duty from the high school students in CLDH-EI .

Definition of Terms

These are the terms in this research report with its technical and operational definition.

  • BALANCE: ability to retain one’s balance (merriam webster) – having time management in enjoying and studying, neither any of them will surpass each other
  • CHALLENGE: to dispute especially as being unjust invalid or outmoded (Merriam Webster)
  • COMPETITION -Face tough fight(Merriam Dictionary). Its a tournament between two teams who’s fighting for there base who ever wins will get a reward Inspiration. The quality or state of being inspired (merriam Webster). Being able to do something because you’re hyperactive.
  • INFORMATIVE: imparting knowledge (merriam Webster) -students live in an educational lifestyle to be updated always
  • NAUGHTY: guilty of disobedience or misbehavior (merriam Webster) -some students disrespect the teachers in front of them just to play call of duty
  • Surpass: to become better greater or stronger than (merriam webster) –doing something that you’re not able to do before.
  • STRATEGIC: relating to or marked by strategy (merriam webster) – This can be a person’s most tactics tool for enabling himself take charge and keep up with a fast growing technology
  • STRESS RELIEVER -something that relieves pain, stress, etc. pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen. Exercise is a good stress reliever(Google dictionary)
  • TEMPTATION: something tempting a cause or occasion of enticement (merriam webster) -players attempt to use any kinds of mobile apps because of influence of other people
  • TECHNOLOGY: the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular are. (Merriam webster) -makes life easier to communicate and play any kind of mobile games -For some people who are gamers it’s a stress reliever because they can relax and enjoy their free time.
  • RADIATION -the combined processes of emission, transmission, and absorption of radiant energy (Merriam Dictionary). -It causes brain damage to those people who are getting addicted to mobile games.

Related Literature and Studies

Related Literature

  • The Effects to trust and enjoyment on intention to play online games eBy. Jiming Wu and De Liu 2007
  • Video game usage and gameplay: Call of Duty 4 case study By. Samuel Almeida, Oscar Mealha, Ana Isabel Veloso 2010
  • Digital Historicism: Archival footage, Digital interface, and historiographical effects in call of duty: World at war By. Jaimie Baron 2010
  • Exploring ideology in gaming youth playing call of duty: modern warfare 2 By. Karem DeLiz Coronel 2010

This research is different because this seeks to portray all the effects that call of duty delivers to high school students. This research report also explains the positive and negative effects of playing call of duty. On the other hand, other researches are focused in improving the game and showing all the specs that call of duty game has. To sum it all up, our research only aims on high school students that are playing call of duty to enlighten them about the effects of playing call of duty and how it can instantly change their academic performances.

The similarities are that this research is also about call of duty. It also shows the cause of playing call of duty because of technical advancements. And how this game attracts high school students.

Related studies

  • Invading your hearts and minds: Call of Duty and (re)writing of militarism in US digital games and popular culture By. Frederick Gagnon 2010
  • Respond to the call of duty’ By. Austin Riddell 2019
  • ‘A modern mathematical adventure in call of duty:Black ops’ By. Heidi Hulsizer 2018
  • ‘answering the call of duty:the phenomenology of justice in twenty-first-century video games’ By. Craig John Newberry – Jones 20153


Short Explanation

This research report is composed of two inputs, which are Call of Duty and academic performance. these inputs are also classified in two types, dependent and independent variables. In this research report, the independent variable is Call of Duty, because whatever the cause is it will never change. Even if the academic performance changes, the game itself will still remain the same. Unlike academic performance, Call of Duty can affect this matter. The academic performance will become good or poor depending on the given effect. Therefore, in this research report, the dependent variable is the student’s academic performance

Significance of Study

This study aims to guide the student through their mobile game activities. The experiences of the students who’s grades are affected due to this game will be exposed in this study.

To Basic Education Faculty this study will serve as a guide for the reasons of poor performance of the mobile game players in your class. Also, it will add some knowledge on how you can properly handle this kind of student, by teaching them the proper time management. This study will also give you a background that can help you deal with the student’s failing grades, and what appropriate advise can you give to them.

To Mobile game players the discovery of the pros and cons of this mobile game called Call of Duty will lead you to expanding your knowledge on the possibilities that this game will bring in your academic performance. This study will also give you some tips on how you can perfectly manage your time. The importance of balancing your time in games and studies will be mentioned in this study.

To Parents this research will serve as a guide on the things that is happening in your child physically, and mentally. This study will also help you decide on what you can do to prevent your child from the negative effects of Call of Duty. Also, you can also know the negative and positive effects of your child’s time killer.

To the other researchers this study will serve as a manual to the future researchers that will likewise wants to study about this mobile game, and has a good intention to inform everyone about the consequences of this game. The outcome of our study will be a foundation for the other researchers, and make their works easy in gathering some informations, thoughts and facts.


Tested hypothesis

As the respondents assessed, it can be inferred that playing call of duty may result to a negative effect in the academic performances in school. Even if the respondents play call of duty still the personal interaction with others are not affected. They still do love there friends personally and are able to socialize effectively.

There is a significant relationship between the academic performances of the respondents and playing Call of Duty during weekends. Which result to having an equal grade while playing Call of Duty. Weekends are the days when respondents have their pleasure time for recreational activities.

The academic performance of the respondents change a lot because of this game. But their grades are still good enough even if they spent a lot of their time playing. To sum up all the result, the respondents have a stable academic performance despite their involvement in playing Call of Duty.

Population And Sampling

This research report seeks to show the effects of Call of Duty to academic performance of junior high school students of CLDH.EI. There are 274 respondents in the Basic Education Junior High School Department, and 94 students are playing this game. We had chosen 10 respondents to answer our questions why they play Call of Duty. Each respondents had answered almost the same thought. They agreed that Call of Duty has a lot of negative effects to student’s a academic performance. But the respondents also said that Call of Duty is a great time killer, and stress reliever.

Purposive sampling is the type of sampling we used. Purposive sampling also known as judgmental, selective or subjective sampling, is a form of non-probability sampling in which researchers rely on their own judgement when choosing respondents of the population to participate in their research report

This sampling method requires researchers to have prior knowledge about the purpose of their studies so that they can properly choose and approach eligible participants. Researchers use purposive sampling when they want to access a particular subset of people, as all participants of a study are selected because they fit a particular profile.


Playing call of duty is pervasive in the lives of junior High school students. Opportunities for gaming are everywhere, and students are playing call of duty frequently. When asked, half of all High-school students reported playing call of duty “every day.” Those who play daily typically play for an hour or more. Fully 97% of High-school students ages 12-17 play call of duty. Additionally: 30% of high school students play call of duty for fun. 17% play call of duty in school. 13% play call of duty because of stress. 31% play call of duty because they’re bored and 9% play call of duty because they want to.

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