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Effects of Interpersonal and Gendered Communication Skills

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Communication is the process of passing information from one place, person or group, to another. In each communication process, there must be a sender, message, and recipient (Mills &Maura, 12). The transfer of information from the sender to the recipient can be affected by several things, which include, the medium used to communicate, location, or social condition. The act of communication must embrace accuracy and effectiveness.( p. 9). There are different ways of communication (Nahon & Rukhsana, 10). These ways include verbal communication or spoken communication, and it includes communicating through television, face-to-face, telephone, and radio. The second category of communication is non-verbal communication which entails gestures, body orientation, way of dressing, and the way of standing. (p. 203,34,211 respectively). Written communication is another means of communication, and it includes books, magazines, emails, and letters (Mills &Maura, 17).(p 225,226) Another method of communication is visualization, and this one uses charts, graphs, maps, and logos to pass information.

A Competent communicator

A competent communicator is a person who can give the right communicative behavior in a given condition and at the same time holding the urge to demonstrate this competence.(p. 21) A person must understand the rules concerned with communication and must be able to show versatility, responsiveness, and assertiveness to become a competent communicator (Nahon & Rukhsana, 16). He must also be aware that all these skills are combined to come up with a good relationship with the individuals or groups being communicated to. A competent communicator should be able to perform these skills without showing any aggression in the process of talking (Mills &Maura, 20).

In the same way, when a competent communicator is listening to another party speak, a particular listening behavior should be shown. It is also critical that a skilled communicator will know the emotions to show when communicating and that he is not going to contradict the recipient of the message. For instance, in the process of communication, non-verbal actions are essential and should be expressed in a way that is understandable to the receiver of the message (Nahon & Rukhsana, 19). In this context, a competent communicator displays an understanding of the use of non-verbal acts together with mixing the other skills of conversation in the process of interacting with other individuals. It is a fact that I am a competent communicator but not a perfect one because I need to improve in many areas of communication to ensure that I fully qualify to be one.

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Gender and communication

In the concept of the Intersection of Interpersonal and gendered communication, the issue of gender is factored in. Many societies in the past had a different perception of what communication meant towards genders. It was because a particular gender was expected to communicate in a specific way contrary to the other.(p. 51) For instance, in the 19th and 20th century, activists and scholars noted that masculinity and femininity were factors that determined how human beings, practiced communication in society (Adler, Ronald & Russell). During this time, gender was a factor that limited some people to communication, and being a female in one way or the other limited one towards communication. Men dominated this concept of the world to some extent. Hence the principle of masculinity came into existence whereby men could dominate everything. The process of communication is broad, and it touches in all the perspectives of life, for instance, authority and leadership in that when one gender is hindered from communicating vital issues of the state, it means that the gender is not able to rule the land. Women had been deprived of the right towards communication and more specifically when it came to relevant decisions of the world. Due to these, women felt discriminated. In the modern world, the principle of femininity and masculinity has been avoided, and it is evident that in different parts of the world women have the rights to communicate and give essential ideas that help in the better running of the world (Mills &Maura, 33). In the current times, because women can express themselves through communication, they can get into leadership positions, and it is evident that some women leaders have done wonders in terms of leadership and their contributions can never be underestimated. There have been women studies in communication to articulate the issue that concern challenges faced by women. These studies are aimed to teach women the importance of coming out strong and communicating when it comes to matters relating to leadership and performance (Adler, Ronald & Russell, 180). Through all these, women have gathered strong momentum in communication. Therefore, their positive contributions to the development of the world are evident in different areas.

Communication skills

One of the essential life skills is being able to communicate effectively. When one has good communication skills, he can pass information from one person to the other and can understand what is said to him without any problem (Nahon & Rukhsana, 29). For instance, a baby listens carefully to its mother and tries very hard to imitate what the mother says in the process of acquiring communication skills. There are several benefits of excellent communication skills. Learning good communication skills can aid all forms of life, from professional experience to social collections and in everything inside. The power to pass information clearly, accurately and in an intended way is a critical life skill and something that should be prioritized. Through this, one can improve his quality of life. In terms of profession, when one is looking for a job, he is required to demonstrate his communication skills. One should be able to speak to the people interviewing him with courage using expressive language that pleases the employer to ensure that he is considered for the job. When the career of a person advances, communication skills should also develop because the two go hand in hand, and one cannot do without the other (Mills &Maura, 41). In the concept of personal life, excellent communication skills enable a person to understand other people and also to be followed by others. Each personal relationship needs excellent communication skills. For people to live together in peace and harmony, excellent communication skills must exist. Good communication skills enable one to manage relationships with business and organizations. To be able to interact with organizations and companies, excellent communication skills must be embraced. This allows the smooth running of the market (Nahon & Rukhsana, 38). Many companies which have prospered in their operations have managers who practice communication skills and make it the priority in the running of the business.

Developing communication skills

Better communication skills can increase the way one acts through life, how he makes smooth relationships with the people he or she lives with. Lousy communication, on the other hand, can affect relationships. It affects the extent of business to personal and hardens one’s life (Mills &Maura, 47). It is critical to know how to communicate without any problems. One should be able to better his language, tone, and message appropriately to the audience to pass a point quickly and ensure the audience gets the point without any hardships. During the process of communication, the communicator should be able to present his information to the receiver or the audience in a transparent way. For a person to develop good communication skills, he must be able to deliver a message which is under stable to both parties. Meaning that the giver of the message should first understand the message before he presents it to the receiver to understand (Adler, Ronald & Russell, 18).(p 10)In the issue of interpersonal communication skills, one should be able to capture the attention of the receiver of the message. This is because interpersonal communication is a face to face communication. The language used should also be pleasing to the audience, and if there is any visual expression to be used, it should be in the right way (Nahon & Rukhsana, 44). Harsh language should not be used in interpersonal communication to ensure that the audience is not disrupted from getting the point being presented.


Generally, a competent communicator must adhere to the rules of communication and more importantly, ensure that the message reaches the receiver in the right manner (Mills &Maura, 51). The gender of the presenter of the message is not essential like the message in that a message can be presented by anybody provided that the message is well presented and received by the audience.

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