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Effects Of Social Media On Daily Life

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Effects of Social Media

Social media are computer-based applications enhancing the creation and sharing of content via virtual societies and networks. Slightly over a decade, social media have evolved from a mere entertainment platform to the sophisticated integrator of what daily life demands. Social media has quickly integrated itself into politics, religion, offices, family life, and elsewhere. It continues to evolve at whirlwind speed, making it complicated to plan for the next decade.

Since social media is ever-evolving and becoming new to us in every minute, conclusive findings on its effects on the current age are limited. A narrow focus has flawed studies on the impact in a singular aspect type above and beyond many platforms. Being a grey area of education, and interests are beginning to gather. Here are the findings of my research.

Continued technological innovations have rapidly increased use of integrated platforms. One area which has been widely impacted by these milestones is relationships. It has impacted undeniably on relationships.

Traditional family setups in years have benefited a lot on social developments. Facebook, for example, is an excellent platform for interaction. Individuals link up easily, share insights and ideologies touching on a different area of life and matters human interests. Introduction of social podia has brought people faraway geographical locations closer than ever. One cannot overlook impact of such podiums in bridging this gap. Distance relationships continue thriving. Friend once stated,' It is not only cheaper and convenient to get in touch consistently with friends and family members but also eliminates travel hustle.''

Nevertheless, social developments have negatively impacted family morals. Infidelity creeps in, destroying trust in couples. A study showed that in most marriages, cheating spouses mainly use these platforms. Dating sites are flooded by married people with their profiles, with intentions of meeting 'new love.' Such destroys household affairs further.

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It is, therefore, sensible filtering what gets into the public through amid current developments in technology. A family as a basic societal unit, accordingly, should be guided against any negative influence.

Marketing. Consumer preferences and behaviors have increasingly become the most influential marketing tool, replacing traditional mainstream broadcasting. More than two-thirds users want to set their eyes on them for as long as possible. Also, the nature of work and engagements have put the consumers on toes, leaving them with no or limited time to catch up with messages from the traditional means of advertising like newspapers and television pieces. For efficient marketing, marketers have re-structured their approaches and are adopting an all-inclusive and resourceful marketing.

Sleeping Patterns. Users involuntarily cut their sleeping time due to increased use of social media. Mainly during the night where the user plans to spend the next five minutes checking on notifications and replying to some three messages and end up scrolling up and down for more than an hour and consequently sleeping on the couch for the few available hours. Both the quality and quantity of much-needed sleep is adversely affected and has led to low productivity in other aspects of life.

Impractical Life Goals. Lack of proper authenticity of the online content and its users have created the world of unrealistic plans and expectations. Celebrities and influencers share their unending exciting lifestyles with filtered photos, making the users always question their typical ways of doing things and, in some common cases copying them. Such influence has led to depressions due to recurring debts together with integrity issues among users of the current networks.

Social media has become an ultimate news breaker and a tool of communication. Billions of people get information about what is happening around the world within seconds of occurrence. Both formal and informal sectors have shifted their attention to the present-day media for getting crucial information. United States of America presidency has increasingly used his twitter handle as a communication tool between the government agencies. The current trend is fast changing communication landscape by political class, administrations agencies across the global.

In over a decade, documentation is insufficient to draw any definite conclusions on the effects of the whirlwind evolving social podiums. However, all indicators are pointing in one direction: social media is an excellent disruptive to community behavior is successfully affecting individuals differently, depending on their environments and personal characters.

As with other social happenings like eating, gambling, drinking, and many other, excessive use of social media by some individuals, especially the young age and persons with unstable personality are possibly inappropriate. On the other, it would not be right to demonize social media when it has influenced daily lives.

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