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Eid al-Fitr As Muslim Religious Holiday: Reflective Essay on Islamic Culture

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One of the Muslim religious holidays is called Eid ul Fitr. It is celebrated by Muslims around the world, which begins at end of the month of Ramadan, an Islamic holy month of fasting. There are only two Muslim holidays. Eid al fitr, and eid al adha. Each is celebrated after a holy month. Eid al fitr is celebrated after Ramadan, and exactly the day after the last day of fasting, Muslims all around the world wake up early in the morning around 7 a.m, wear the best clothes they have been saving for this day, and head to the mosque with their families. At the mosque, the sheik gives a speech, and a special prayer is performed. After, people are able to celebrate however they want. Most people go visit each other houses, while others go to an amusement park or restaurant.

Once the holiday starts in can go on for about three days, while many would just celebrate it in one day and move on. Breakfast and gifts are a main part of the celebration. During the whole month, Muslims have never eaten breakfast because their fasting would begin early in the morning, and so when everyone arrives at the mosque, a big breakfast is provided. As I also mentioned, when people go visit each other’s houses during the holiday, mainly breakfast items are only served.

When it comes to gifts, its like Christmas time for Muslim kids, because as people know, Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas. However during eid al fitr, parents spoil their kids with gifts they wanted for a long time, and parents also give gifts to their nieces, nephew, and other little kids even if its not their family, because eid al Fitr isn’t just about family, but every Muslim together. When it comes to little ones, they are usually given toys, and when it comes to teenagers, almost always get money. Also if you a kid you don’t just get gifts from your parents but by every adult your are close with, which is why kids mainly love this holiday.


Islam is a monotheistic religon, and its god is Allah. Islam means peace, and their followers are called Muslims. Is Islam, Muslims believe in Jesus and other prophets (messengers of Allah), but we only follow the words and actions of the prophet Muhammad, as instructed to by the Quran, which is the holy book that Muslims follow. Muslims believe that God created the Universe in a span of seven days, and was the ruler of the world since the beginning. Allah sent down many prophets to Earth to spread the word of Islam, the first one being Adam, accompanied by his wife Eve. As years went by, Allah sent more than a thousand prophets down on Earth to spread Islam, the last one being Muhammad.

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Muslims believe that other than humans, there are angels and Jinns roaming the world. The angles are what Muslims believe are the first spirits God created to be his servants, and that they come down to Earth from time to time to check on us and report to god. Muslims believe that there are two angels on our shoulders called kiraman katibin, whose duty is to record our good and bad deeds. Muslims also believe in the day of judgment, which is when the world will end, and the day when every human is judged for their actions during their lifetime, and if they will be accepted into heaven or burn in hell.

Muslims are obligated to pray five times a day no matter what the circumstances. The first prayer is early in the morning before sunrise, the second prayer is zuhr which is when the sun reaches its highest point, the third is asr which is in the afternoon, the fourth is maghrib which is after sunset, and the last one being isha which is before midnight. There are five pillars of Islam, all of which a Muslim is supposed to do in order to maintain their faith. As already mentioned, prayer is one of them. The first one is to believe that God exists and to have him as your lord. The next one is to give zakat, which is to give a certain amount of money to charity depending on your income. The fourth one is fast during Ramadan every single year, and the last one is to go to hajj at least once, which is a Muslim pilgrimage, attended yearly by about a million people.


Islamic clothing and appearance is very strict and straightforward when it comes to the culture of Islam. There are certain things that a woman and man can’t do when there a Mulsim, and this includes wearing appropriate clothing, especially when it comes to women and absolutely no tattoos for both genders. Clothing is also important when praying or going to a mosque for Muslims, like for instance, a woman must always wear a hijab when going to the mosque, and a man must have his knees covered.

In Islam, women are always supposed to wear a hijab every time their out in public. The Quran states this strictly and it must be followed by all Muslim women, however as time progressed, currently Muslim schoalrs and women are questioning this rule, and many women these days dont even wear one in public. Though the hijab controversy is vague, showing your legs like wearing a skirt, or wearing tank tops is prohibited and followed by most Muslims. This is a rule because Allah doesn’t want women to open themselves up to the public, and to remain covered except for their husbands, or close families, like parents and siblings.

When it comes to men, there are fewer restrictions, and wearing tank tops, or shorts that show your leg is okay and not prohibited. The only restriction when it comes to men is making sure their knees are covered when praying, and that they also don’t have any pictures of a face on their shirt when praying as well. When it comes to women, they must wear a hijab, and follow the same rules as I previously mentioned when praying too. Also both genders are restricted from getting tattoos or any permanent markings on their body because this is known to change or alter the creation of god.

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