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Benefits Of Electric Vehicle

Rather than a gas tank an electric vehicle has an on-board battery that gets charged by means of a weight effectively and in some time stores and uses that ability to control an electric fueled oversaw engine and set the wheels moving. It construes the motors have no essential for a keep and gearbox or a fume channel and it makes them abundance extra settled and many state smoother to control. There are different idea techniques why everybody could need...
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Design And Development Of Electric Vehicle

Abstract Electric Vehicles can be seen as the cars of the future as they are free from carbon emission, noise pollution and very low running cost as compared to the internal combustion engine vehicles. The main challenges for electrical engineers are the selection of propulsion source i.e. an electric machine, the design and manufacturing of electric machine drive and implementation of real control system. Three phase squirrel cage induction motor has been selected for propulsion because of its cheaper and...
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Electric Vehicle Lcd. Display Sytem Based On Can

Abstract The proposed display system has a great reliability and stability in addition to it’s given function in an Electric vehicle. To transmit a message signal in practical conditions under poor environment is difficult, so reliability and stability are most important factors. This system mainly concentrates on the design of hardware of the display system for the pure electric vehicle and the interface system designing is also done taking the features of embedded systems. This can be made used to...
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Electric Vehicle Sound

Sound is a huge part of a vehicle’s personality, especially when it comes to motorcycles. As electric bikes and cars become bigger parts of the transportation ecosystem, figuring out what they’ll sound like is a big deal. Not only do electric vehicles have to be distinctive, there are safety and regulatory factors surrounding noise, too. Both the European Union and the NHTSA in the U.S. have regulations shortly coming into effect which will require hybrid and electric vehicles—cars and motorcycles—to...
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Techniques To Optimise The Range Of Electric Car

Abstarct As we know, with the great development in the sector of Smart Grids, the adoption of Electric Vehicles is proved out to be great boon in the environment sector, as it is seen that the amount of carbon-di-oxide emission is drastically reduced as the people nowadays started using electric vehicle. In EVs augment the grid with the ability to store energy at some points in the network and give it back at others and therefore help optimise the use...
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To What Extent are Electric Vehicles a Solution to Global Pollution

Our society has long considered what we can do to improve the society we live in, to make it better for future generations to come. One aspect that must be considered is the level of pollution that occurs throughout our country and the world through ways in which that pollution level can be reduced. The most popular method that is presented to reduce pollution is by increasing the number of electric cars on the road in hope to reduce the...
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Trolley Problem Essay

Technological advancements often bring many changes to our society and it often challenges and forces us to adapt to new ethics, morality, and social constructs. This paper intends to explore one of the emerging technologies – self-driving cars, and its application to one of the ethical dilemmas – the trolley problem. This paper/ I will start with background information on the trolley problem and self-driving cars. Then, I will provide justifications as to why it is potentially necessary to implement...
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Electric Cars Essay

Abstract Electric cars are the latest development in the automotive industry. The cars are made in a manner that positively contributes toward a stable and healthy environment. Electric cars have both a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with them, but clearly, the advantages overshadow the disadvantages. Advantages include: No gas required Cost No emissions Popularity Safety Low maintenance Reduce noise pollution Disadvantages include: Availability of gas stations Cost of electricity Short driving range Longer recharge range and speed Silence,...
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Are Electric Vehicles Better for the Environment Essay

Electric vehicles (EV) and their production have recently emerged as the latest trend in the automobile industry with various acclaimed and known automobile companies such as Tesla, Nissan, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, and many more plummeting straight onto the bandwagon. Even luxury brands like Audi, Porsche as well as BMW have embraced the trend and have positioned electric models on sale recently. Considering the growing preference for electric vehicles, can it be a possibility that in a few decades gas or...
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Are Electric Cars Better for the Environment Essay

The Electric Wave Modern electric cars are detrimental to our environment and our modern society through the many negative effects they pose that many people are simply unaware of. Our society is being taught that electric cars are the way of the future in terms of helping the environment, but in reality, they are the opposite of what is believed. Recent studies are predicting and proving electric cars are having more negative effects in comparison to gasoline-powered cars or internal...
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The Use Of Hybrid Electric Vehicles For Military Purpose

There are several motivations, both indirect and direct for hybrid electric vehicles for number of military application. Military application can include the use of direct vehicular application which are related to the vehicular propulsion and indirect application of this technology in the form of using electrically operated arms. The cost of fuel is important factors that foster the use of hybrid electric vehicles for military purpose. Transporting fuel to the cites which are risky to reach over a long distance...
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