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Elizabethan Times: Witches Beliefs And Superstitions

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Witches have made a big impact in the time of the Elizabethan era, and all throughout time. From the beginning of time witches have been known. Healing people or cursing them; being “white” or “bad” still got them on trial for doing some magic whether being for good or bad. The first-ever sighting of a witch was many many centuries ago.

The first-ever recorded citing comes from an ancient book The Bible in Exodus 22-18 Moses wise words say “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,” in other words means “you must not allow a sorceress to live,”. People would stereotype witches to be old lady’s or widows or just females who have knowledge of potions or healing people without being a doctor. Since the beginning of time, people have always been afraid of witches. Witches were also known to have familiarity. Was a demon that has taken over any animal from a frog, mouse, spider to a bear, dog, black cat. But the worst part was the trials and their treatment.

During the time of the witch trials, and execution there, life was a living hell. Everything they went through was to prove if there were witches or not. They would have to go through one of the many tests. Were they would throw her in a river and if they floated meant they were a witch, but not the other side if they drowned it would mean that he or she is not a witch but they would be dead before living e rest of their life alive. There were many more test people who were convicted of being witch-like; walking on hot coal, and many many more test that looking back were irrelevant. There treatment on the other hand.

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The way people treated witches in the Elizabethan era was very similar to the way whites treated African Americans during the civil war. People would burn the witches alive or just kill them right there. Just like they did to African Americans, they would kill them for standing up to their masters or just making/leading a rebellion against their master lead to instant death. Throughout world history hundreds maybe a couple of hundred thousand people were treated wrongly from Native Americans, African Americans, Mexicans/Latinos, people who were thought to be witches, and everyone else except whites they have had everything so easy for them while everyone else has to suffer. How every single one of them had to ever come that situation was never easy.

All of their situations either ended with them or someone dying, someone ending up in prison, or their race being defamed. It appends every day in life where people are wrongly convicted. But if they claimed to be nonguilty their life would never be the same. hats how witches were they would always be known as a witch. Take note that before you accuse someone of something take into consideration that if it’s not true you could destroy someone’s life forever, and they will probably never forgive you.

Overall it may be said that a person accused of being a witch could indefinitely be a witch. But if they are old, widow, or have any knowledge about potions and other witch things, there is a 95% chance they are a witch. Witches have been through tough times like the trials where hundredths of people were killed in many gruesome ways like burned alive, drowned, and many more horrific ways. But some witches overcame all the tragedies and kept living with their familiars.

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