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Emerging Trends of Social Networking: Analytical Essay

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Introduction to Social Networking

Social networking is an internet-based social media platform where users interact with each other for different purposes (Kenton, 2019). Social media sites allow its users to stay connected with their family, friends, customers or clients which can be both social and business purposes.

Nowadays, people cannot imagine their life without social media becoming as essential part of their everyday life. It connected the people around the world even when they are thousands of miles apart. The evolution of social networking has changed lifestyle of the 21st century. The history of social networking goes back to the early 20th century. However, the first evident social media site was developed in 1997 known as Six Degrees. Later, in 2002 Friendster was introduced. Both sites allowed its users to make profile, upload photos, and interact with each other (Terrel, 2019).

Some of the most popular social networking sites include Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. This was the beginning of a new era in social networking.

Emerging trends of Social networking

Increase demand for influencers

Organizations of all sizes are making deals with the influencers of social media for promoting their products or services (Garcia, 2019). Influencer marketing is extremely cost effective and can reach a larger group of people in a few amounts of time.

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Live video is thriving

Live video content is another popular trend that has been using to share people’s special moments like birthday celebrations, weddings etc on social media through live video or self-recording . When looking into business prospective, the companies live their events of launching a new products or service which can be witnessed by a lot of potential customers. Live videos are most popular in Facebook and Instagram. Video apps like Tiktok is also extremely popular among the younger generation (Patel, 2018).

Businesses and their brands depend on paid advertisements on social media

Social networking platforms helps business or even small self-made entrepreneur to advertise about their product or service. Mainly this ad helps small business as this process is highly cost effective and less time consumed.

Social networking related issues

Privacy, Security, and information access issues

A major concern of social network users and administrators face every day is security issues. Since the probability of a cyber-attack through viruses, spywares etc are extremely high, it has become the first priority to maintain the privacy of its users. Some websites allow people to access other user’s information without prior conformation from the account owner which may result in misuse of information and can expose personal data, identity theft etc. Additionally, the digital foot print left when accessed to a network also can be used against the user. Even though data accessing issues can be restrained by the user authorisation. This kind of complications arises with new users and the people who are unaware of the rules and policy of different networks (Exforsys, 2010).

Protection for Children

As most of the websites allow access including minors, where they might become a victim of cyber bulling or sexual predators. Cyber bullying can cause serious health problems like depression, anxiety etc. Hence, parents are advised to monitor the activities of their child daily (Exforsys, 2010).

Concerns regarding the social media and health issues

According to the American college of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists (2016), social networks causes severe amount of health issues in minor and young adults. Firstly, cyber bullying can reduce self-esteem in minors and cause anxiety and depression among young adults. The victim usually gets low grades, shows suicidal and violent behaviours. Moreover, internet addiction results over consumption of time which results in sleep deprivation. It also can cause depression and obesity. Additionally, increase rate of sexting, pornography and internet dating some of the main concerns found by the research committee.

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