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Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence And Diversity

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The higher purpose is the ultimate goal of any activity, the different that company want to make in the market. I want to make my career in the automobile service sector. The higher purpose of this business is to let people move with comfort and safety. The automobile industry is dedicated to paving the road for future mobility which will directly act as a compass, influencing key strategic decisions in branding, product innovation. (Mainwaring, 2018).

There are different stakeholders, which are connected with the business such as customer, vehicle manufacturer, dealer.,investors, environmentalist, employees. According to Lennard Boogaard (2015), ‘the aim of stakeholder orientation to benefit all parties that are affected by the future success or failure of an organization’. The stakeholder needs different such as sustainability, brand image, job security and brand profitability.

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The core virtues

I have chosen the core virtue of justice and the core virtue of the interpersonal core virtue as the field is high demand cooperation, communication, leadership and social intelligence.

The interpersonal core virtue includes kindness, social and emotional intelligence.the reason of choosing this core virtue is the elements which it covers. The human is the social animal and for the cooperation in the organisation is the key to success. To maintain a healty relation between different parties it and made new contact it help me to develop business. Verbal and nonverbal communication is also one of the important parts of communication. Interpersonal is the soft skills which help to build effective transference and positive impact on the organisation. By effective listening, I can understand the issue and raising problem in stakeholders. The onther skill is the empathy which means to understand emotion and need of others, it creates the possitive attitute in the employees and customers.

The justice core virtue includes fairness, leadership and teamwork.element which includes in justice core virtue are leadership, fairness and teamwork. Any organisation success highly depends on the leadership. By using this core virtue one can become a good leader and provide leadership in the company which lead whole activities. Second is about the fairness it also about employees, customer or any other. Everyone should get their part which only possible through fairness, for example customer should get good service in return to their money. Last is teamwork if every member of the group makes their best effords which will directly impact on the company performance. By giving all member their recognition one motivates other.


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