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Emotional Intelligence Essays

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Artificial Intelligence VS Emotional Intelligence

From the expansive world of technological reality delivering Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the truth of fading humanity killing Emotional Intelligence (EI), we need to respond to the ways in which the millennial’s world is shape-shifting, and what lies ahead. Formal education is not enhancing the learner’s ability to live a good life, have peace with oneself and others, and become a worthy member of society. Linking education with commercial objectives, we are only educating the left side of the head...
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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles among Management Employees

ABSTRACT Leadership styles may be of relevance to in a variety of situations where there is a requirement to manage others. The main objectives of the study is to analyse the relationship between Emotional Intelligence factors and leadership of Employees. Convenience sampling was also used to determine the sample size for the Employees. A total of 60 employees are taken as sample for this study. The study makes use of statistical techniques such as Percentage analysis, Chi Square test, T-test,...
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Creativity Styles and Emotional Intelligence

Abstract Based on a study conducted by Dr. Gilbert C. Magulod, a campus Research Coordinator in the College of Teacher Education in Cagayan State University Philippines has thoroughly examined creativity styles and emotional intelligence of Filipino student teachers in search for congruity. In others word, to determine whether creativity styles and emotional styles are appropriate for teaching and improving connection between students and teachers. In this study, well-known instructional models and questionnaires such as the Kumar and Holman were administered...
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Understanding Emotional Intelligence And Its Significance

For the past decades, emotional intelligence has been a debatable and an essential topic in understanding the different domains in human life (Drigas & Papoutsi, 2018). Emotional intelligence is the capability of understanding, identifying, using, expressing and managing the emotions (Kotsou, Mikolajczak, Heeren, Grégoire & Leys, 2018). It has an essential role in both work and relationships among people as well as in their health status. Aspects and Effects of Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is found to be equal or...
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Role of Emotional Intelligence in Performance of a Salesperson

Abstract In the mid-1990s, the traditional buyer-seller sales style began shifting to a consultative relationship based model withan emphasis is on “satisfying the customers’ needs”and “not trading goods for money’. Understanding the perspective of the potential buyer and creating a potential need to buy the product started gaining importance.This in turn made good sales “being educating, consulting, solving problems, providing answers and helping”, the pre-requisites of a successful sales person. Emotional Intelligence which is based on these competencies, plays a...
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Emotions Essay

Importance of Emotions and Emotional Intelligence Obtaining Emotional Intelligence (EI) allows a person to analyze their own feelings towards others while observing the emotions of those around them to formulate responses to both their emotions and the feelings of others. The brain is composed of two sides: the rational mind that provides justification for decisions and the emotional mind that supplies the drive behind impulsive decisions individuals make (Goleman, 2005). EI is a crucial factor in judgment because, without the...
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Emotional Intelligence and Self-Acceptance for Successful Emotional Development in Childhood

Emotional Development Emotional development is a process that a child develops from dependence to a fully functioning adult and applies to most life forms. The study of emotional development has made great strides since the 1970s. Prior to this period, emotions in infancy were viewed as diffuse responses of physiological arousal to changes in stimulation. Emotions were not necessarily linked to specific psychological states in the infant, but rather viewed for the effects they had on caregiver behavior. Theories regarding...
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