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Entrepreneurship I Learnt From Playing Chess

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Table of contents

  1. Planning
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Value key piece
  4. Timing
  5. Mistakes are inevitable
  6. Have fun

I learnt to play chess when I was in 4-5 class. With the sight of the chess board I had understand. That I would have an affection with this chess game. It made me resonated deeply on personal level. While playing chess, it needed problem solving and deep as well as critical thinking which are the main skill needed For playing chess. From my childhood I always love the games and that needs high creativity, high strategy and enormous utilization of brain, rather than other physical games like Volleyball and football.

Other friends have strength in physical fitness but brain was my strength. I used to play chess whole day, whole week, whole month without any boarden. I hadn’t learnt that for time pass, I had learnt chess because I had adored it as my life from my inner instinct of heart. I always want to play and defeat the higher skilled chess player, normally of higher class, just to know how much I am intellectually fit and fine. Everyone’s, my nearest ones used to say “It becomes my drug.”

Later, playing chess, I realize that it was the biggest invaluable lesson that it has taught me the entrepreneurship and makes such a confident that how to win the race of business and life too. I believe, chess had taught me very important principles of entrepreneurship that today it become my life.


I learnt while playing chess, if we won’t have a long-term plan and always tries to win the race fast, it is the biggest foolishness we are ever doing, that comes with high chance of losing. Shortcut methods bears high risk of losing. Starting from short term moves will certainly helped you to move to long term goal. This principle is applied to everyone’s life. To reach to the Everest of success, we must have a long-term plan guided by short term steps in our brain. Nobody directly becomes billionaire, it includes short term steps that made possible to reach to that Everest of success. Entrepreneurship exactly runs from this.


I always remember, I used to sacrifice crucial piece, in order to have a checkmate of opponents. I become a perfect master to sacrifice small pieces like Rook or Bishop, to have a checkmate of my opponent. Today, I realize entrepreneurship also runs from same principle, we have to sacrifice small things in order to achieve high success. If you want to achieve big in your life, you have to sacrifice small things through out the way. Sacrifice doesn’t mean to lose up, it can be in the terms of venture bearing, giving out the luxuries and working hard for your achievement. You can clearly see the examples in our society, ones who are able to sacrifice in the short term are found to achieve the success in long term.

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Value key piece

While playing chess, some pieces have higher value where some has lower value. The value of the pawn is very smaller as compared to queen. The power of pawn can’t have same power as compared queen. Similarly, a pawn can’t be matched with the Rook. That concludes that in order to win the game, it is very essential to know the worth of the pieces, and effectively leverage them as much effectively as you can, while making long term plan in mind. If you neglect the queen and expect other pieces could help to win the game, then you will lose the game easily. If you won’t able to protect queen or rook, then no one can help you to save the game from losing in general term. This principle is replicable in the society of entrepreneurship as well. When I start entrepreneurship, I had struggle very much to find the right, highly skilled, highly creative team and I used to hire the people with less value, that made me lose the business race. After that I came to know, as similar to chess, I realize that the work of best employee can’t be done by the normal people. They help us to win the business by utilizing their skills, talent and creativity. Hiring people who are skilled by spending money can’t be a bad choice. And It is very essential to value those employees, as if they are satisfied, then they will do their best to win the race.


Once the opportunity is missed, it has rarely chance to return. Doing thing doesn’t matter, doing things in the right time matters the most, if you missed the time to checkmate the queen of opponent, then your opponent might win it. Similarly, in business, doing the decisions in right time and investing at right place at right time can make your business success. Would the Facebook have been so big if Zuckerberg would launch it in 2019 instead of 2004? Certainly not, you cannot launch Facebook like website in 2019 and even expect to become #1 social networking. It is the perfect example of timing, he launched when it was just beginning of the internet society and every people need it to connect with each other, that strategy and right utilization of time made him success. Right utilization in the business is like making quick good decisions, before someone took that idea or strategy before it being implemented.

Mistakes are inevitable

Making mistakes in chess is often a problem. If you repair that mistake in time, then you might have some chance to win the game. But if you made mental decisions that your goanna lose the game, majority of time, then you would lose it absolutely, even if it has a possibility of winning. Similarly, in business also same thing happens, you have to quickly realize your mistake, and fix it as soon as possible. If you learn from that mistake, and keep believing then you can eventually win the game in your business life.

Have fun

You won’t become a perfect chess player, if you are forced by someone to play it. I had played it because it was full of fun, it was full of thrilling. I had a smile on my face when my opponent falls into my trap, because it made me satisfied. Similarly, doing entrepreneurship is not as hard as doing calculus of higher class, you have to enjoy the whole game, even though you might have some percentage to lose it. People are spending their whole life by doing the things that they don’t like or hate it. Entrepreneurship must have a sole fun into the game of business, even if you lose the race, the journey have to made our happy.

Although I won’t play chess this time, but I came to realize that I had learnt the real lesson of entrepreneurship from playing chess, Controlling the game is in our own hand. We can make our business success by setting long term goals followed by short steps. Playing chess really made me an perfect entrepreneurship. Those principle that I learnt from playing chess, really made me good entrepreneur.

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