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Essays on Environment Problems

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We Must Stop Wasting Food

If we show people how much food is wasted each year does this motivate them to stop wasting food? This can probably help us a little bit from wasting food due to the fact that a lot of people would have an incentive to finally...
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Loss of the Buffalo

What really happened to the buffalo? Buffalo is one of Canada’s known animals. They play a huge part in Canadian history and why the world is the way it is today and part of why the government and the aboriginal people are where they are...
5 Pages 2113 Words

Effect of Climate Change on Polar Bears

As human activities lead to rising greenhouse gas concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere, less incoming solar energy is released back into space, causing a net energy gain that increases global temperatures. Climate change will be an important driver of biodiversity loss into the foreseeable future. Habitat...
2 Pages 708 Words

Food Waste: The Dumbest Environmental Problem

Food waste has become a contributor to climate change, energy consumption, and the growing impoverished and food-deprived population. People’s lack of consideration is the base of this issue, and if we continue, these problems will progress and eventually reach to an extent of which is...
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Food Waste as Urgent Problem in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city with a population of about 7.1 million people and a popular dining culture. With various kinds of restaurants, from different local and traditional cuisines to international special tasting, people do not only enjoy the different flavors of food but as...
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Food Waste as a Problem: Causes and Prevention

The negative externalities that arise from food waste justify government intervention to correct this market failure. Negative externalities occur when external costs of an economic transaction are not reflected in the price (Stiglitz & Rosengard, 2015). An oversupply of food leads to the inefficient use...
4 Pages 1929 Words

Food Waste as Massive Issue in Australia

Food waste is a massive issue that happens in Australia, and is continuing to grow. Over 5 million tons of food is wasted just alone in Australia. On average $3’800 per year is thrown out per household, food waste is killing wildlife believe it or...
1 Page 605 Words

Food Waste and Its Reduction

Identifying the need for a more cohesive communication channel within the food chain numerous applications like Flashfood, OLIO, Goodr etc. have emerged, providing a platform for connecting producers to consumers, retailers to charities and facilitating food sharing amongst consumers to help reduce food waste. Companies...
4 Pages 1729 Words

Food Waste and Combating It

Food plays a pivotal role in shaping society with its abundance or dearth impacting all facets of life. The first industrial revolution transformed the way economies functioned and with food being an immensely valuable commodity, for much of the mid-1800s to the early 20th century,...
4 Pages 1920 Words

Cinematic Techniques Used in 'Chasing Ice' and 'Our Planet' to Bring Attention to Climate Change and Ultimate Survival

Documentative films provide evidentiary support on information from visuals and language that are factually based on real events or individual subjects. The cognizant awareness of climate change is increasing in substantial amounts locally and universally, with the science providing evidence of the increasing temperature, melting...
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Australia's Food Waste Problem

Did you know that Australia could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool 9,000 times from just food waste? The Australian economy spends an estimated $20 billion on food waste. When you go to the supermarket one of those five bags end up in the bin...
1 Page 591 Words

Animal Extinction as Serious Threat to Mankind

Noted Irish playwright and political activist George Bernard Shaw once said: “The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them but to be indifferent to them. That is the essence of inhumanity. But each and every animal on earth has as much...
3 Pages 1468 Words

Why Should we Stop Food Waste? Essay

What did you eat for breakfast? Scrambled eggs? Cereal? Oatmeal? All that sounds appetizing. But did you know that many people all around the world people are faced with hunger every day? Right now, as you are reading this, a person dies of starvation every...
2 Pages 744 Words

Water Sanitation in the Ancient World

Modern civilization is very proud of its accomplishments. Having a good sanitation system is considered something of a “new” thing. (Angelakis et al 2005: 210) It is also very important to have a good sewer system for populations to stay healthy. However, it is interesting...
1 Page 512 Words
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