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Environmental Education Essays

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The Failed Education System in Peru and the Need to Improve It

Education should not be ignored because it is essential for growth, whether it is the development of a single person or the development of an entire nation. Peru suffers from a shortage of economic diversity, an underproductive population, and significant economic disparity, both of which are exacerbated by a woefully inadequate educational system. Public education in Peru is substandard, according to an article published by the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, because the government does not properly invest...
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Peculiarities And Components Of Environmental Education

The value of natural resources and environment for the development of an economy is clearly visible when analysing the economic thought in antiquity (eg., Adam Smith’s magnum opus on “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”, Malthus’s theory on the shortage of natural resources, Ricardo’s land rent theory and so on). Since human beings are both the creature and moulder of this environment that gives him material provisions and gives him the scope for intellectual,...
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An Education Tourism For The Students Of Environmental Studies

Introduction Most of the countries have included Environmental Education in curriculum at all levels of schooling. The subject Environmental Education is compulsory in India right from the first standard till 12th. Aligned to the choice-based Credit System, introduced by University of Mumbai, Environmental Studies/ Management is one the mandatory program for the undergraduate courses like First Year Commerce (FYBCOM). Literature Review According to Duncan (1993)), agritourism is the business conducted by a farm operator for the enjoyment and education of...
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How An Effort Of Environmental Sustainability Could Improve The Environmental Issues

Abstract Hands on activity refer to brings about change in the society as it increases space for human activities to attain environmental sustainability. The study aimed to investigate the effect of hands-on activity programme on the awareness of environmental sustainability. This was a participatory empirical research where students, teachers, and local community members participated in a hands-on activity programme of environmental sustainability to improve the environmental issues of the locality. Students (n=20), teachers (n=4), and local people (n=16) were participated...
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Environmental Education And Climate Change

We often talk about our environmental education program’s success, but we may fail to specify the outcome that defines that success. Are we successful at instilling climate literacy? At fostering self-efficacy and individual pro-environmental behaviors, or at sparking deliberation, civic engagement, and collective action? Or maybe our intended outcome relates to positive youth development, inspiring hope, or some type of resilience? Defining program outcomes is the first step in a program development cycle and works in concert with educators’ audience...
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The Role Of Church In The Development Of Policies That Promotes Care For The Environment

This paper will mainly focus on the role of church in promoting care for the environment. Environmental degradation is a global phenomenon. Human beings are the agents of the environmental degradation. People have come to depend entirely on the natural resources which then result in major impact on the environment. Population growth has effects the environmental change. Nurnenrger states clearly that global economy has impact on natural environment. He says the impact on the environment increases when the population increase...
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Ecology And Environment: Social Science

Ecology is the scientific study of the relationships between organisms and their environment. – Ernst Haeckel Ecology is a branch of biology that include interactions between organisms and their biophysical environment as well as with the members of the same and other species. It includes the relations among all the biotic and abiotic components of the environment but tends to exclude the context of human behaviour and civilization. The science of ecology has complex roots pertinent to three levels of...
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Effectiveness Of Media Utilization In Environmental Education At Secondary Level

Abstract This study was focused to know the effectiveness of media utilization in environmental education at secondary level. In this study 40 teachers of secondary level and 10 media persons were purposively selected from environmental education or its related background as sample. Questionnaire and interview schedule was used for data collection. Statistical technique mean and percentage mainly used for analyzing the comprised data. This study found that utilization of media utilization in the field of environmental education is very effective...
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