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Environmental Essay: Importance of Environment Protection and Sustainability

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Environment protection is the process to conserve the natural environment by Society which includes individuals, different organizations, and laws and acts. The main purpose of environmental protection firstly does not to interfere with the natural environment, to keep it as it is, and conserve natural resources of water, air, and energy. Moreover, to repair and protect against damages that human activities have done to the environment. As we know that overuse of sources and the increase in population and technology is decreasing the value of the environment. That`s why, to protect the environment people do initiatives by themselves, as a part of organizations, and with the help of the government. They are making people aware of the importance of the environment globally and locally.

Like environmental protection, sustainability has the same value to us. Sustainability tells us about the fulfillment of needs by keeping in mind the needs of coming generations. Sustainability is approached through the conservation of the environment, social responsibility, and by development economically. In ancient times, it is said that water is our father, the air is mentor and earth is mother to us. The whole environment means a to us. We exist in different aspects of the environment. We need to take care of this environment. Without a healthy environment, neither our present nor our future will be pleasant. If human activities do not happen, then nature can progress within itself. But human activities have been damaging a lot of ecosystems. American Forests is doing a great job to preserve the environment and maintain its sustainability.

To protect the environment, American Forests are focusing on climate, social equity, water, and wildlife. These all are the main things to protect in this Era for better environmental sustainability.

Climate- The organization is focusing on climate solutions because the climate is a crucial part of the environment and it also helps to sustain the environment. To maintain climate change, they are focusing on forests. Because trees help to reduce carbon emissions, which are harmful to the environment. They are not only focusing on the big forest but also protecting trees in urban and rural areas,

Social equity- For a better environment social value is important. Because a healthy environment reflects healthy life and wealth in society. Fresh air never takes birth to fatal decease like asthma. Trees around us protect people from the blistering heat. A good environment provides us better life and society to live. Economically, environmental sustainability helps us because forests create jobs for local people as people take care of them.

Water- It is an integral part of environmental sustainability. Freshwater, is needed for the universe. To get fresh water, trees play the role of a filter. Together trees and Soil attract rainfall, which is important to environment. Trees control floods.

Wildlife- A forest is a home to a lot of different animals and bird species. These species are also a part of our nature and its environment. Animals live on Soil, birds in the sky, and water animals in the water. These creatures on their basis help nature to maintain its sustainability. Birds and animals are like people and these lovers help their creatures to main the environment for them and as well for the whole generation.

America Forests association:-

America Forests association was founded in the year 1875 by John Aston Warder. This association is a volunteer organization that was established to preserve the natural environment and the Woodlands of America. This organization was established after a decade of World war second. The main reason behind the formation of this organization was that after the industrial revolution, people started cutting more and more trees which enormously changed the climate. So, John Aston warder founded this organization to save the environment and individuals. This association mainly focused on the plantation of more and more trees in America and also to reduce the climate effects. It is one of the oldest organizations, founded in America after the world war. The main reason behind setting up their goal is to solve some problems like the problem of climatic change and imbalance in societies which they faced during the consumption of natural resources.


The mission of the American forest's association is to cultivate sound woodlands by planting more and more trees. It also conveys fundamental advantages to the environment, individuals, and to other resources. The organization is driving forward its goals by establishing location-based partnerships and by taking some other steps.


The vision of this association is to create an environment that is well sustained and everyone has equal rights to all natural resources. This association promotes equality among environmental resources in every community in America.


This association has a plethora of goals that they wanted to complete until the year 2030. Some of their goals are listed below which they want to complete.

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  • Their prominent goal is to plant 4 million trees in a vast area of North America which will ultimately cover 16 million acres of property.
  • The second goal is to install some indicators in nearly about a hundred cities in America which will tell the number of trees is enough or not for that particular state or city.
  • To employ more and more people from the communities which do not have access to many resources in forest.


John Aston warder is the founder of the American forest's association. He had a great love for nature and forestry from his childhood. He completed his graduation in the year 1836 in the medical stream and he also pursue his interest in nature and horticulture aside. He has a great love for nature so after practicing for 20 years in the medical field he left that and joined a horticulture organization after that in 1875 he founded this organization. He was a very good leader with having influential personality and he tried his best to preserve the environment and make every positive step to make changes in the Woodlands in America.


American Forests is an age-old organization that focuses on safeguarding forests. It works on propaganda that If we will take care of our forests, Forests will take care of us. In order to protect the environment, the organization has adopted various projects with a revolutionized view of American forests by the end of 2030.

Project 1: Restoration of large forests in America

This project focuses preservation of forests in North America. The aim of this project is to conserve the existing forests and restore them with reforestation techniques. For reforestation, the organization has delegated work to locals of that area.

The project focuses on safeguarding forests from various threats. One of the major threats is deforestation. Deforestation is done in many ways in American Forests. These can be summed up as under:

  • a) The increasing population is leading due to reduced forest area. A large forest area is being converted into a residential area.
  • b) The forest trees are catching diseases entering American forests through different parts of countries which makes them weak and vulnerable.
  • c) Climatic changes and natural fires are making trees weak, unhealthy, and dead.

The need of the hour is to implement this project with dedication so as gain the following benefits:

  • a) Getting a healthy environment for human survival
  • b) Getting a healthy environment for the survival of wildlife
  • c) Getting pure air, cleaner water, and an accurate climate.

Project: 2: Urban Forestry and Tree equality

Urban forestry may be defined as doing and taking care of the trees although it helps us to tell the exact location of the trees and where we should have to plant a tree as planting a tree in an accurate place gives us benefits and protects our climate.

Trees Equity is defined as everyone should have to get proper and balanced benefits from trees. Everyone should have to plant a tree to get the benefits of trees because trees play a crucial role in humans' life as it gives a lot of benefits to humans and our climate.

If we do not plant trees then are a lot of disadvantages that are discussed below.

  1. The first disadvantage is that in the area where there is the efficiency of trees then there is a chance to get a flood in that particular area.
  2. The level of pollution will be increased in that area where the numbers of trees are fewer and it also disturbs the environment.
  3. Chances to get heat in the homes due to fewer trees near the home.

Now talking about the advantages.

  1. The advantage of planting trees is that the chances of flood will be reduced in that areas where there are huge trees.
  2. The pollution will be controlled in the area where there are ample trees although it makes our environment clean and green.
  3. Planting trees protect our homes from heat and trees also provide us shelter which is essential for human survival.

Both projects should be followed by American people with full dedication to protecting the environments and forests of America too.


Although sufficient challenges may prove fruitful, difficult battles can come into plight situations that may put a bad impact on mankind. American Forest Organization has faced many problems related environment, to keep it clean but they are suffering from not having sufficient water, bushfires, rising sea levels, and others. Due to rising global warming at an alarming rate, Forestry in the US planned to grow more trees as possible; nevertheless, it's becoming a challenge for forestry to seedling trees on a billion ratio and nurseries of the nation have to seed doubled their normal output, yet to grow plants at doubled amount, nurseries have requirement of more land and seeds as well. In addition, it is mandatory to prevent the loss of trees that already exist in the ground and to plant more trees as plants make the air clean, convert detrimental variants of gases that are in the air into good ones, and assist to stop getting temperature warm which is the major cause of forest fires and rising sea levels. Despite this, there are possible approaches that can be adopted by both public and law enforcement agencies such as planting trees on personal property or in their neighborhood, to convey to people this policy forestries got to face up-hill battle owing to American citizens were not ready to grow trees at their yards, it has become mentality of individuals to keep gardens spic and span. Furthermore, people were less aware of the environmental issues; rather concerning about the environment, they kept themselves busy buying materialistic Stuff to make their lifestyle better, however, people didn`t know that making the environment better makes mankind`s lifestyle better as well. Therefore, forest firms finalize to rise awareness of this phenomenon is immense. Fundamental, using social media platforms that can draw public attention to the issues of climate and how communities can confront it.

Along with this, the budget of the President of America is particularly notable for preparing the forest for threats such as Wildfires, droughts, and conservation or restoration, yet it is extremely disappointing because this budget is not helping to render any enhancement to the community or forestry. AS, it can see easily the higher rates of illness and deaths of species, dirtier air, and water, even under the surface of the earth, by dint of not having many trees. The situation is the same after the budget of JOE BIDEN and before as well. Hence, there are a plethora of Challenges that are faced by the American Forest Organization and will have to cope with in a very gentle and serviceable way in the future.

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