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Epitome of a Perfect Society

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Utopia is a satire that was written by Sir Thomas More. Utopia consisted of two parts: A book one and a book two. Book one was about a journey taken by Thomas More where he is traveling through cities and meets up with an old friend named Peter Giles, whom then introduces Thomas More to Raphael Hythloday. The three men then delve deep into conversations about Raphael and his experiences with the King and the courts. Book two was all about Utopia and perfectness. It’s about its geography, the government, the social life, customs and traditions, and the people who inhabit Utopia. Many people would call Utopia a perfect society because that is what Utopia truly is and is what Utopia means. What is a perfect society in reality though? A perfect society would be a society that is well adapted, inhabited by pure-hearted people with no crimes, no homeless people or criminals, and no hunger. That society would be housed in a geographically perfect place with plenty of water and land.

First, a perfect society should have a perfect geographical location in where it is housed. Such a location where there is plenty of land and water for boats and ships to sail through and bring supplies. For example, in this quote, “Being sheltered from the wind by the surrounding land, the bay is never rough, but quiet and smooth instead, like a big lake. Thus, nearly the whole inner coast is one great harbor, across which ships pass in every direction, to the great advantage of the people.” This quote shows that Utopia has a perfect geographical condition with plenty of land which serves as a great advantage to the people because they could use it to trade materials and supplies and even use it as a traveling method. Another example, “If these landmarks were shifted about, the Utopians could easily lure to destruction an enemy fleet coming against them, however big it was.” This quote from the book shows that the geography of Utopia is also built in a way so that it will be hard for unknown invaders to navigate through the areas, incase any danger comes through. This is part of a perfect society because the geographical conditions are perfect. There’s abundance of land, water, and even protection from intruders.

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Moreover, a perfect society’s people should be well-adapted, proficient at their jobs, nice and friendly, and overall generally good people that are good at what they do. In these quotes: “They are trained in it from childhood, partly in the schools, where they learn theory, and partly through field trips”, “Each person is taught a particular trade of his own, such as wool-working, linen-making, masonry, metal-work, or carpentry.” These quotes show that the people that inhabit Utopia are well-working people that have been trained since they were kids. They are proficient at what they do and even know specific skillsets that can come in quite handy like wool-working and linen-making in that quote. This is part of a perfect society too because hard working people is what makes a society run. Utopia is a prime example of that. Hard working people that are great and efficient at what they do.

Most importantly, a good political system and government is what a perfect society should have. A government that is powerful, well balanced, but also can be kept in check by the people if need be. In this quote, “Once a year, every group of thirty households elects an official, formerly called the syphogrants. All the syphogrants, two hundred in number, elect the governor. They take an oath to choose the man they think best qualified.” This quote shows how there are many people involved in the government and election process. Another quote, “The governor holds office for life, unless he is suspected of aiming at a tyranny.” This is a prime example of how the people in Utopia can quickly elect the government and just as quickly shut down the government for being too abusive and corrupt. This is part of a perfect society because every society needs a government to keep things in check, however, with limited power, so that the government may not go corrupt. The perfect society where the government can rule but can be kept in check by the people.

In conclusion, Utopia is described as a society where literally everything is perfect. Utopia’s geography, the government, the social life, customs and traditions, and the people who inhabit Utopia, everything coordinates with each other perfectly. This is a prime example of what a perfect society is: Well adapted, inhabited by pure-hearted people with no crimes, no homeless people or criminals, geographically beneficent, and no hunger.

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