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The right of women to gain equality in the United States has been a rather tumultuous journey. They have had to overcome many obstacles on their road to impartiality - sometimes even among themselves. During the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the United States was undergoing a number of momentous changes within its borders. Changes in ideals, beliefs, and values that would later affect the lives of both men and women; but perhaps changes that were more paramount in the...
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Alice Paul is a little known American hero who has been wrongly silenced or glossed over in many American history classes. The reason I state this is because Alice Paul is my favorite American who has ever lived. Alice Paul exemplified true patriotism in her life’s work, and quite literally suffered to bring women’s suffrage to the spotlight in American politics. Her heroism should be mentioned with the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Mandela, and Gandhi, because without Alice...
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7 a.m. on a Saturday morning is not usually the time you think of for a meeting, but when you have a political deadline, every hour counts. The Leesburg County Pavillion is buzzing with energy supplied by cup after cup of watery black coffee and pure adrenaline. From teens to seniors, activists from all over the state have shown up to canvass door to door for the Equal Rights Amendment. The sweltering summer sun is the least of their worries...
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Human rights are principles that acknowledge all human beings to live with equality, dignity, freedom, peace, and justice. Every person has these privileges clearly because they are human. They are secured to everyone without discrimination of any kind, such as color, race, dialect, gender, political opinion, creed, national or social origin, birth, property, or other status. Human rights are vital to the full growth of entity and associations. It is valuable to consider at the beginning why equality and human...
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Equal Rights Amendment For new female voters or future female voters, it is important to understand how voting rights and equal rights for women have progressed. At the age of 27, “In 1912 [Alice Paul] promptly joined the National American Woman Suffrage Association” (Baron, 1995). Suffrage means the right to vote; therefore, the NAWSA was formed to gain voting rights for women. After several years of fighting, women’s voting rights were ratified and became the Nineteenth Amendment in 1919. Although...
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I. Introduction Between the election of President Trump, the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and the Me Too movement, modern feminists are out for blood. With increasing momentum behind women’s rights movements, the proposed Equal Rights Amendment has also received heightened attention, and advocates for the ERA “have set their sights on 2020, the 100-year anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, as the year to ratify”. (1) However, when it comes to abortion, it is...
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The Second Reconstruction period marked a vital reawakening of civil rights movements, which advocated for liberty for all Americans. Under this law, Equal Rights Amendments (ERA) became an integral requirement by stipulating that: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex” (Jessiekratz). The law was reinforced by progressive social, economic, and political changes in the country, characterized by demand for fair treatment in the...
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