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Equality and Justice Essay

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Justice and Equality in The Labor Market

The reason for choosing the topic:

It is the grace of Allah that we should make Islam inclusive of all values and good morals that people should try to abide by and apply in all matters of their lives. And because of the importance mentioned in the holy Quran and confirmed by the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Because everywhere relies on where there must be justice and equality for coexistence and continuity, in family, work, study, the organization today, the right of a person, all require justice. hence we have chosen justice and equality it helps for work to be more accurate because everywhere there is justice there was continuous successful work that achieves its goals and aspirations and develops well, and injustice will be a failure and lack of success causes. if justice is required between the manager and employees, and customers.

To what extent do we think the topic is critical:

The importance of justice and equality is great. When you demand your rights and fairness in governance, you should ask yourself first whether you have done all the rights and duties that you have. If you want justice in your life, you must first take the initiative to provide for yourself. This is important in all aspects of professional and moral life.

The Islamic standpoint:

The view of Islam (1): Islam is a religion of justice and equality, justice is the intent in matters of fairness and equality between people, which is an inquiry and similarity between the two rivals, (2): and justice from the names of Allah, (3): Justice is one of the most important characteristics of prophet Mohammed, (4): prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the great values of Islam stand justice in expressing the greatness of this religion and obliges the individual and society to adhere to it starting from the guardian to the individual people each in his responsibility small or grown .accordingly the owner of public responsibility must settle among his subordinates and amend them. the nation of Islam is responsible to raise the banner of justice and equality in its judiciary and protect the right stated by the Quran and Sunnah.

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The positive and negative consequences of justice and equality in the labor market:

On the positive side: Opportunity, in the workplace When equality and justice are present all individuals will have the same chance to go after the opportunities and develop their skills. Contribution, when opportunities are available to all employees in the workplace that means employees might be able to contribute to the company in many different ways and take advantage of everyone’s talents and abilities. For example, a worker who has some training in accounting and finance might sooner or later move to the finance department. If employers have to cancel certain positions, employees who are in those positions may apply for other jobs within the company. Therefore, the employer can maintain loyal workers and may not worry and have not put as much effort into recruitment. Lawsuit Protection, Companies that implement the justice and equality system are less likely to have lawsuits. Reputation, Companies that follow the justice and equality system and enforce its regulations can comply with the public and show their beliefs this will improve the company’s reputation which could also as a result translate to more sales.

On the negative side: The loss of Unique Culture, although equality and justice in the workplace point out under the lens of tolerance and cultural celebration, in practice means that no one culture is promoted over any other and all people interact with each other. Moreover, workers who are from different regions and backgrounds may lose traits that make them unique. Accommodation, occasionally equality and justice in the workplace mean that the employers have to make accommodations to provide everyone a fair chance and this can be expensive, such as if an employer has to purchase a costly ergonomic desk for someone who is in a wheelchair. In a bureaucracy, to seek equality and justice in the workplace legislators and employers have to define exactly what workplace equality and justice are this can be difficult. Because the perceptions of equality and justice aren’t always the same. Employers have to put formal policies about workplace equality and justice in place or they can’t implement strict action or provide incentives. Additionally, to this, employers often have to train employees based on those regulations and policies. As a result, this education may take employees away from the jobs they were hired to do.

How can we overcome this challenge in our society and eliminate it from the organization?

We must care about raising awareness and delivering the message of justice and equality to people and consolidating it and how it’s important and has an impact in many ways. The concept of proper justice and equality must be clarified for people, equality does not mean all people doing very similar work, or similar homes, or living in very similar types of families. It does not mean all people being paid the same or all schools being the same.

It means moving towards all people being respected and fairly rewarded for the work they do, the contributions they make, and the needs they have. It means respecting reciprocity and giving them their rights. With all of that, we can overcome this challenge, and the justice and equality effect can appear magical.


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